How Sourcing Companies Help Manufacture New Products in China



Now China is considered to be the cheapest and the best place for marketers and big businesses of the world. Chinese manufacturers are now able to meet the demands of different outsourcing clients thanks to their low cost of labour and high-quality technologies.

But in order to get the desired product with the required quality and benefit from direct sourcing in China, businesses need to be aware of a number of elements linked to the manufacturing process available over there.

You can follow these tips:

  • Before 6 months of processing your goods, develop a solid plan of action and establish positive relationships with Chinese producers. This helps you to develop a beautiful business structure and better understand the Chinese manufacturers.

  • Go with certain trustworthy agents in China.

  • Don’t forget to check the capabilities of the Chinese manufacturer you are going to deal with for your manufacturing process.

  • Only if they are giving you priority, follow the company for your production process. Due to the fact that many businesses used to accept bulk purchases, hence some may not give enough priority to certain items if your order is too low in comparison. Therefore, it is preferable to work with a manufacturer who can offer your order more importance.

  • It is always better to make a trip to China for your new business to start with, before sending your employees.

  • Have a better understanding on the management of logistics focusing the Chinese manufacturers who helps your manufacturing in China.

  • Estimate your cost of manufacturing before and also enquire if any other extra costs needed in the processing.

  • Don’t bargain too much on cost because it may influence on your quality.

  • Choose certain better manufacturing service provider who may report you from time to time about the progress and quality checks.

Going it alone will be a difficult task if any business that wants to develop or produce any new products in China. Any foreigner, especially one from the West, cannot comprehend the intricate nature of Chinese business culture.

Choosing a reliable sourcing agent in China with knowledge of Chinese business culture and the country's demographics is one of the best methods any international company can use.

There are a few multicultural sourcing teams available in China that work closely with Chinese companies to produce your goods. These teams are made up of British, American, Swedish, and Chinese nationals.

To ensure that factory workers grasp your product requirements and quality expectations, members of such a team can speak with them. Additionally, they carry out quality checks while the product is being produced to make sure that any issues are discovered early on and not at the very end, when they would be too expensive to rectify.

Western enterprises can benefit greatly from manufacturing in China and other low-cost nations, but there are hazards involved that could jeopardise your profits and reputation. Why attempt to negotiate this minefield alone when there are sourcing professionals in China who can handle it for you?

These sourcing firms assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, small, medium, and large organisations in finding a greatest deal for the quality they require.


These sourcing firms frequently work with global major enterprises and multinational corporations as clients. By locating Chinese manufacturers more suited to their needs for manufacturing outsourcing, these sourcing firms can assist them in resolving problems.

These sourcing firms have built up a sizable network of reliable suppliers over the years. They have the contacts, practical knowledge, and depth of understanding necessary to collaborate with Chinese producers.

There are numerous such sourcing firms in China, and thanks to their wide-ranging connections in the manufacturing sector, they can offer you anything you require to safeguard your new product while you decided to customize product in China.

The services provided by these China Sourcing companies include the following:

  • Complete Management and Consulting of a project for OEM/ODM.

  • Auditing and sourcing of factories to make sure that these companies are supporting ethical work practices, maintain high-quality standards, and are able to manufacture what they are stating that they can.

  • CAD drawings and also 3D modelling with product engineering recommendations.

  • Implementing procedures to protect your design patents. These sourcing businesses can offer you anything you require for bespoke manufacturing in China and to safeguard your new product while it is being developed.

  • They will also help protect your intellectual property.

  • They will communicate the specification of your product and vision to the Chinese factory. Then they will supervise the process so that they get it right.

  • These sourcing companies are experts in negotiating on product quality, costs, and delivery times, etc.

  • They will work with you and also with the factory for product sampling, tooling, prototyping, and moulding.

  • They will also organize pre-shipment inspection so that you will have the best quality control.

  • They will conduct testing during the initial process of manufacturing in Chinese factory and on all subsequent stages to ensure consistent quality throughout.

  • They will also organize testing during the consolidating and packaging.

  • They will offer supplier consolidation service and storehouse to pull together small consignments from a few suppliers in the area and then merge them into bigger package, for more economical, shipping loads to be shipped to the same area.

  • All the paperwork for logistics will be done by them.

  • Manage all the logistics for shipping.

  • Take product photography and videography.

  • Renegotiating with the factory on terms, and better pricing for your future orders.

  • Support along the way for any other extra things that you may need!

  • Finally, helping with logistics in packaging, transporting, and shipping your custom products out of China in safest possible manner.

Are you a start-up company?

If you are a start-up company and looking for manufacturing certain new products in China then the special talent available with these sourcing companies can make your life easier.

Startup and success concept .jpg

They can introduce you with several companies in China who can manufacture your product as per your specification and quality requirement. They can also offer:

  • Creative design support

  • Suggestions for producing a much better-quality product

  • Experience in similar industry to help you lower the costs.

These sourcing companies have the top rated experts who have the connections to connect you with the appropriate China manufacturing companies if you need assistance with contract manufacturing services for plastics, wood, metal, ceramics, electronics, toys, or any other types of wholesale products that are made in China.

Do you want to manufacture custom made products in China from concept to market?

You will want a sophisticated professional with years of experience and well-established networks across China if you want to buy wholesale custom-made products created in China.

These sourcing organisations can locate the ideal China manufacturing company that can help you increase your bottom line, regardless of whether your business is new or established. They can assist with the following as well.

  • Achieving big savings in manufacturing while marketing your new product.

  • Create a product with better quality by using a right manufacturing company that can help you find much better materials and also save money.

  • Refine the design of your new product with the various resources available with the China manufacturing company.

  • Help you to find a manufacturing company that can build a working model of your new product before it is commercialized for production.

  • Work with various China manufacturing companies that can protect your idea from your competitors.

We hope this post have given you the right input to develop your new products in China.

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