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Finding the ideal supplier in China is crucial because it can make or break the launch of your e-commerce business. Having a trustworthy supplier can guarantee that your product is of the highest quality, minimising customer complaints that could result in an unintended loss for the company either in the form of refunds or brand reputation. Hence, choosing your provider is not as simple as buying online, but it is highly advised to have a strong plan, a thorough understanding of the procedures, and a wealth of research to support your choice.

You need the plan to contact Chinese factories that are reliable and trustworthy. This plan will include information, awareness, and a substantial amount of education. Here are some helpful tips for finding a Chinese supplier who is right for you.

Learn Chinese

China is growing stronger and stronger. Many people choose to learn Chinese because they want to go to China to develop business or have business relations with Chinese companies. If you decided to do business with Chinese factories, it will be a great start.

Now Chinese becomes a popular language in Western countries and is frequently provided as an additional subject in institutions. One thing to keep in mind is that a growing number of young Chinese people are enrolling in English language courses, which can boost your chances of talking with Chinese manufacturers with the help of a Chinese translator.

Keep emails crisp and precise

If you are trying to find the best technique to contact Chinese factories, we advise you to communicate using brief emails that include the necessary illustrations. You can translate the content of your email into Chinese using the variety of technological tools that the Internet and Google translator has to offer to make it more adaptable and easily available to Chinese manufacturers. 

Your email should be brief and precise. You shouldn't write lengthy tales that seem to distract from the actual content and goal of sending an email. Chinese manufacturers don't have enough time to sit down and read lengthy emails. 

B2B marketplace or online directories

Searching for manufacturers on online directories or through an online B2B marketplace is an additional method of contacting them. It is simpler to contact China factories online for product procurement. However, if you want to make custom products from China, then this isn't the best way of looking for a manufacturer. The reason is that locations like online directories may include outdated information, which could put you in a difficult situation because you also lack any implicit leads for contacting Chinese manufacturers.


There is a similar issue with a B2B marketplace, like Alibaba, in that it primarily comprises merchandisers or resellers. The chances of finding genuine Chinese manufacturers that aren't suppliers, resellers, or even wholesalers are incredibly low.

Hire a sourcing company

The best way you can avoid worrying about how you can contact Chinese factories or manufacturers is by using a sourcing company. This sourcing partner, in exchange for a little fee for it services, can handle the complete product sourcing procedure. Most of you may be reluctant to the concept of importing from China due to all the barriers (language, culture) given the amount of effort and difficulty involved in getting to a Chinese factory. 

But with a reliable sourcing solution, you can avoid all those problems in one go. These sourcing agents in China know their culture and language well which makes it convenient to communicate with Chinese suppliers and instruct them about the products. 

Chinese holidays 

The three-week Chinese New Year holiday (CNY), which can fall anywhere between late January and late February, provides a considerable break from work. The workers leave for their hometowns to celebrate with their families during this break. Thus, industries are shut down in large numbers. Chinese New Year can have a detrimental effect on your supply chain and cost you thousands of dollars in delayed shipments.

Manufacturing costs as well as transportation fees are likely to increase as everyone rushes to place orders right before the holiday starts. Do an inventory inspection to determine what you have enough of and what you need to acquire before CNY to prevent these price increases.

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China has several additional holidays besides the CNY throughout the year. Contact Chinese factories and suppliers regularly to learn about any anticipated delays during any holidays.

Visit Chinese factory in person

The better and more reliable method of communication is to go visit Chinese manufacturers. When you go to a Chinese factory, you can examine the facility and the manufacturing area in addition to speaking with the owners in person. It provides you with a general understanding of how the factory will produce your product and what quality standards are being upheld.

Things to ask Chinese manufacturer

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ). Your cost per unit will decrease if you order more units of the product. There is a minimum order quantity for each factory. Maintain a balance between not disbursing too much money to get more than you require and not aiming for such a small quantity that you are forced to utilize an alternate plant.

  • Sample price. Get a sample of your product manufactured so you may evaluate its quality before selecting a Chinese manufacturer. Samples can be purchased for a wide range of costs, from nothing to a substantial discount off the typical cost of production.

  • Production pricing. Request a breakdown of costs, such as the cost of the product, the cost of shipping, the cost of tariffs, and any other costs that the manufacturer may have not mentioned in the price. This will give you a heads-up about the overall pricing or production.

  • Production stipulated time. How long will it take for your order to be made? This might make or break the provider you choose because you don't want to wait too long to receive your goods.

  • Terms of payment. When and how will the maker get paid? As a new customer, you might be required to pay the full amount of your first order upfront. If you are a frequent customer, make sure to inquire about future payment terms.

Getting in touch with Chinese factories may seem a daunting task. However, little effort and research can help you contact Chinese Factories or manufacturers, that are reliable and get things done in your favour. 

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