How to Build a Brand from Scratch?

After working on online B2C business for a while, the sales trend is good and turnovers grow steadily, then, many business owners will think about creating a brand, as at end of day, the brand is proven crucial for long-term business. However, it seems daunting to build a brand from scratch, are there any tips? The answer is yes, see what I have learned and want to share.


1. Prepare and Start Market Research

When you decide to start an online business, prepare and do market research first and foremost. You have to prepare and do something to lay a solid foundation for your branding. When you prepare your business, you get to know yourself. This means you have to know your SWOT, your skills and credentials, passion, interests, core values, etc. Figure out who you are and what’s your passion.

Besides, you get to know the market. You have to know the market of the industry, the major players of the industry on the market, the business performance of your competitors, and what they are struggling with, the feedback from your competitors’ customers about their products or services. Get all these info, and decide your business position on the market. This is crucial to prepare yourself and get to know the market, and then find how your brand can position on the market among various competitors.


2. Determine the Target Customer

When you do the market search, you get to know the demand which part of the market still hasn’t met. And you can segment it and choose these people as your target customer. Remember your business can’t be everything to everyone. Make it specific and think who you are trying to reach. You are allowed to create your perfect customer profile including their age, gender, location, income, education level, motivation, goals, pain points, influencers. Draft the right buyer persona, and then get to know the commons of your target customer and what you can do for them. Get to know difficulty your perfect customers are facing, figure out your business can help them out.


3. Identify Market Positioning

At this part, you have to position your brand on the market. This means that you have to zero in on the established market with a unique idea and value to fit the needs of your target customers. It may include the choices about who are your target customers, how you want to feel about you, and how you will reach these people, etc. It seems complicated, but you can break down it and make it.

You need to identify the opportunities in the market for your target customers. You are allowed to analyze your market research, and figure out the best tips to fill the gaps of needs which haven’t been met by established brands or niches that people may get interested in.


4. Define Your Value

When you start to create your brand, you have to figure out your business value. Normally, it should be the uniqueness which distinguishes yourself from other brands and helps you stand out among competitors. From the buyers’ perspective, value means that your products or services are valuable since it delivers a more fantastic shopping experience or help customers to enhance their reputation. Your products or services should be a more preferable option for target audiences because it is known for a reasonable price.


5. Figure out Brand Personality

Similar to a person, your brand personality is the psychic manifestation of your brand identity. It is closely linked to your brand values. Try to express like a person when you deliver your brand values, and let your customers feel like they are talking to a real person when they inquire something about your products or services. Try to deliver your meaning fun but not childish, powerful but not complicated, cool but not alienating, informal but not sloppy, helpful but not overbearing. Keep it align with your brand value. Change your voice with a different context.


6. Create Visual Identity

You will find tangible elements of a brand including the logo, tagline, slogan, images, etc. These elements will determine how the brand is perceived visually. It is the first impression on the customers and an everlasting consumer association. Powerful brand identity will deliver as much info about the brand as possible in less than a second. How can you create a comprehensively strong brand identity?

(1) Choose your brand name
(2) Design your logo
(3) Write a slogan
(4) Create a website


7. Build Your Community

When you start your branding, remember to build a community to grow your business followers. This is a great way to marketing your products and services. There are a wide variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also advocate your products and services on your social media platforms.


8. Keep Consistent

A successful brand should be focused and consistent that always delivers its values. It will consistently present its images and messaging to customers on each market platforms, be it on the website, marketing emails, advertising, or social media platforms. Consistency is the key to a good brand. How to keep consistent when branding your business? Firstly, you have to present your brand name, logo, slogan, business value, products, services, marketing material, and website consistently. This means you have to integrate your brand into every aspect of your business.


9. Market Your Brand

Now it’s time for you to marketing brand. Marketing is to promote your brand to reach more and more customers to reach your business goal.


10. Monitor Brand Marketing

You will never get to know what you are doing in the marketing right or wrong if you never track the key performance indicators. To build a brand online, there are many ways for you to know your brand performance. Google Analytics, surveys, comments, social media discussions are all available for you to monitor your brand and get to know what you can do to correct your previous marketing measures. You get to know how people talk about you and interact with you. This is a great way for you to figure out the right measures to improve your brand identity. In a nutshell, branding is the most powerful way to grow your business. Customers will instantly recognize your brand based on a logo. If you are a new beginner, it’s the best time for you to get started.