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As recognized as the leading manufacturing control company in China, we apply good practices to ensure the schedule, quality and reliability of the products manufactured in China. With years of experience, we can source and monitor legit and reliable manufacturers to help you accomplish your organizational goals with quality products. 

By hiring us as your preferred manufacturing control partner, you get the opportunity to leverage our industry know-how and successful practices. To ensure the utmost quality of your products, we abide by the following manufacturing control process.

Our Manufacturing Control Process

Manufacturing control sounds different for various clients, for leading organizations it is important to prepare the checklist for quality control, it provides the manufacturer with a clear understanding of the production and also enables them to produce the goods according to the given specifications. However, you cannot be in the factory to check this every time, therefore, you need a China agent for manufacturing control. 

1) Pre-production Inspection

This step has to be taken in the earlier production state. If you have signed a bond with a manufacturer whom you think will meet your expectations, you must inspect them thoroughly prior to production. We check the raw materials, components and incoming parts used by the manufacturer, try to detect potential issues and provide improvement recommendations before mass production.

2) On-line Inspection

Also referred to during production inspection, on-line inspection is an essential part of manufacturing control because it saves time by preventing potential issues that may arise later in manufacturing. With an experienced team, we do this to ensure that the manufacturers strictly follow manufacturing standards, and the products are aligned to your demands. 

3) Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment is one of the crucial parts in manufacturing control process, our professional team inspects every product thoroughly before shipment to ensure the quality goods will be delivered at your doorstep. We carefully execute the inspection guideline to ensure that the batch is consisting of high quality as per given by the customer. In case the production does not meet the checklists, we will put the manufacturing on-hold and report in full to you immediately.

Why Choose Us for Manufacturing Control?

Being a leading manufacturing control company in China, we can give you dozens of reasons to choose us as your preferred manufacturing control partner, but apart from the aforementioned benefits, we are the best China manufacturing company offering quality control services. 

1) All our inspectors have over 5-year experience in manufacturing control in China.
2) Our manufacturing process is based on industry know-how and proven practices.
3) Our experts help you focus on your core business values by providing complete quality assurance.
4) We are fine to work on weekends and work overtime to fulfil your tasks.
5) We can help you to reduce manufacturing cost by preventing production errors and minimizing the need for additional resources.

What We Offer

  • Product Sourcing

    Supplier verification, due diligence check, product search, price negotiation, sample preparation.

  • Order Monitoring

    Sampling process, order validation, merchandizing control, schedule follow-up, daily communication.

  • Manufacturing Control

    Prototype development, trial run control, mass production control, online monitoring.

  • Quality Inspection

    First article evaluation, in process quality check, pre-shipment inspection, container loading check, lab testing.

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