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As a leading quality inspection company in China, we offer complete quality inspection services including factory audit and product inspection. Our goal is to improve the quality of overall production, increase work efficiency, reduce overheads, resolve customer complaints, and increase brand reputation. Our only job is to make sure that the customers are getting what they paid for. Here are some major parts of our China inspection services.

1) Factory Audit
2) Pre-production Inspection 
3) During Production Inspection
4) Pre-shipment Inspection 
5) Container Loading Inspection.

We have a team of qualified QC inspectors having expertise in quality inspection services in various fields. As a leading China quality inspection service provider, we aim to ensure that the product manufacturing reaches your specifications, quality standards and international safety standards. 

Quality Inspection Process at Maple Sourcing

Our well-defined step-by-step quality-inspection process enables us to arrange everything professionally, perform quality inspections, provide detailed reports, and follow up with you to meet your requirements thoroughly. 

1) Gather primary information about your products and required services.
2) Prepare a plan of quality inspection type, sample size, cost, and schedule.
3) Then, you will be asked to provide the supplier information and pay the invoice.
4) Assign a professional QC team and arrange a quality inspection for your production.
5) Provide inspection reports within 24 hrs after inspection.

Why Choose Us for Quality Inspection in China?

As a China quality inspection company established in 2012, we have a professional team of experienced quality inspectors, striving to assist you in receiving high-quality products. Our professionals will ensure that the manufacturer is abiding by the specification given by you and minimize your company’s overall sourcing risk to secure your products. You get the following advantages by choosing your preferred quality inspection partner when sourcing products from China.

1) Your Eyes on Manufacturers

We work on your side to safeguard your business interests in product sourcing from China. We monitor your Chinese manufacturers, assist you in ensuring that all the products are meeting quality standards, safety regulations, and your expectations.

2) Personalized Services

Our qualified quality inspection team provides tailor-made services to clients. We assign a dedicated key account manager for each client, maintain daily communications with the client, prepare inspection checklists for client’s approval, and provide customized inspection reports.

3) Good Integrity

By availing our quality inspection services, you get the opportunity to collaborate with a professional team that abides by specific measures to prevent bribery and other terms of corruption that may hamper the quality of your products. With high integrity, we ensure that your inspection results are highly precise and unbiased.

4) High Efficiency

We are reputable for quick and open communication, inspection and reporting. We promise to reply inquiries within 24 hours and arrange inspection schedule within 48 hours. Our QC inspection team can work on Saturdays and work overtime if necessary, without extra charges, just to do our best to satisfy our clients.

What We Offer

  • Product Sourcing

    Supplier verification, due diligence check, product search, price negotiation, sample preparation.

  • Order Monitoring

    Sampling process, order validation, merchandizing control, schedule follow-up, daily communication.

  • Manufacturing Control

    Prototype development, trial run control, mass production control, online monitoring.

  • Quality Inspection

    First article evaluation, in process quality check, pre-shipment inspection, container loading check, lab testing.

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