Maple Sourcing is a verified China sourcing company, dedicated to help buyers source from China. Based in Shenzhen, China, we provide product sourcing and quality inspection service at a cost effective price.

Importing from China offers numerous benefits however one of the biggest problems facing importers is locating a reliable supplier and this is where we can help:

* We guarantee quality of product & delivery
* We ensure you receive a priority service
* We make certain competitive prices
* We offer a complete set of resources to meet your needs.

We provide ongoing effective communication, which is extremely important, and we work with you to achieve your goals without putting a strain on your budget.

We ensure that the products you ordered are manufactured and delivered on time and in the manner you expect. In reality one of the principle problems is that many Chinese factories cannot be relied upon to produce dependable orders, and the need to mass-produce products can result in a lack of quality control. That is exactly what makes Maple Sourcing different: we have QC experts there who take all the steps necessary to guarantee that your product orders are manufactured to the desired standards.

There are several China sourcing companies available, but we feel that Maple Sourcing offers a superior service. This is evident from the fact that instead of your company adjusting to the needs of a buying agent China, we will comply with your demands so everything you want comes to fruition. We take care of everything including:

* Product Sourcing
* Order Processing
* Quality Control
* Logistics.

We are a reliable sourcing agent, not a trading company, we do not charge suppliers’ fees and there are no hidden costs. EVERYTHING IS TRANSPARENT, this ensures that you not only get the best service but at the lowest possible price. Should you have any questions, pls enquire now!

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