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Over the years, China has developed into a significant economic country. Since the government decided to permit international trade and comply with global demands, significant changes have occurred in the nation. China is currently enormous, both in terms of its manufacturing capacity and its purchasing power. It is thus not unexpected that many of the most prestigious brands in the world have long since moved their manufacturing to Chinese factories. 

They profit from reduced product prices and, in many cases, direct contact with Asian customers.

The reduced production costs are almost always the key justification for considering manufacturing in China. Low product costs, particularly for outdoor products with high demand, indicate that you have the necessary resources to remain competitive. To streamline the distribution process to other nations, several businesses also opt to outsource to outdoor product suppliers and facilities in China. Once the production process is properly handled, your business can focus its resources on research and development for future items.

Selling outdoor products from China has been more and more common in recent years. A wide variety of outdoor products, including camping gears, flashlights, tents, baking ovens are incredibly popular right now. If your business is thinking of outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing to China, there are several things you need to know. It's critical to understand the business protocols for outsourcing manufacturing of good outdoor products as well as Chinese manufacturing and legal procedures. Additionally, you should consider how Chinese corporate culture and structure differ from foreign values and potential hazards.

How to find factories in China?


Most importers think of Alibaba while looking for potential Chinese outdoor products suppliers. It is, after all, China's largest B2B website. Many people often experience confusion when visiting industries. The number of vendors is excessive. You must be qualified to recognise producers and distributors of outdoor equipment when searching through Alibaba.

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There are some guidelines you should be aware of when searching for a supplier of outdoor equipment. Typically, many manufacturers only create one type of product, which causes them to specialise and stop producing various products. Several manufacturers not only create their goods, but also purchase goods from outside sources to sell alongside their goods. 

Hence, the products made by the company may be inexpensive, but the product purchased from other manufacturers may cost higher as they have to keep the profit earned. Hence, you need to do a price comparison with other factories as well.

There are other websites with a similar pattern like Global Source,, etc. choose wisely when dealing with China factories online as you are unable to visit them or meet in person to identify their manufacturing process. 

Trade events and fairs

Canton Fair, Guangzhou, and Yiwu wholesale markets are undoubtedly the best choices for those who can travel overseas to China anytime to find a supplier. These suppliers are authentic, and they are available to talk and describe their products in real. If any supplier is uneasy or unable to explain in detail about their products, you can surely skip them and look for another.

Don’t worry, the kind of product you’re looking for is abundant in China. Moreover, the advantage of hiring Chinese suppliers is that some of them are ready to customize the product based on their client’s needs. 

Places where outdoor products are manufactured in China 

Guangzhou and Quanzhou

The primary manufacturing location for clothing, bags, and wallets is Guangzhou. Outdoor skinsuits and quick-drying clothing of a certain quality and affordability are also well-liked by foreign customers. Clothing from Quanzhou is heavily influenced by outdoor leisure fashion. It serves as a distribution hub for items like hiking boots, quick-drying trousers, and outdoor jackets.

Ningbo and Shenzhen

However, Ningbo is the best location if you're seeking boarding equipment or camp kitchens. It is China's largest distribution centre for outdoor clothing. Whereas Shenzhen serves as a warehouse for tools and outdoor lights.



You can buy many camping gear products in Yiwu, which has the largest non-commercial market in the entire world. The non-profit outdoor products suppliers for the Yiwu market are from China's vibrant cities. Therefore, you can purchase canopies, sleeping bags, trekking poles, and other outdoor clothing made in various regions of China.

Famous outdoor products 

  • Outdoor clothes and footwear

  • Backpacks

  • Baking ovens

  • Outdoor utensils 

  • Trekking poles

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bags

  • Lights 

  • Antiseptic creams and lotions. 

Important things about China manufacturing of outdoor products 

Chinese government regulations

It's crucial to comprehend the legal system and administrative rules of any foreign country before conducting business there. Western nations are accustomed to adhering to an excess of regulations governing working hours, health and safety, and minimum pay, so they may be shocked to learn that China has much fewer of these regulations. Chinese manufacturers usually have much cheaper overall product costs because they are subject to fewer restrictions from the government. 

Unfortunately, this lack of oversight extends to the rules governing intellectual property in Western countries. Companies frequently experience IP infringement from Chinese rivals, and there are few legal remedies available in China when this occurs. Thus, before making any legal activity in China, you should speak with your attorney.

Chinese economy 

Manufacturing plays a significant role in the Chinese economy. The Western manufacturing industry and consumer demands are greatly influenced by the Chinese economy. The price of products made in China is also influenced by the value of the Chinese yuan. Chinese exports are more alluring to corporations employing Chinese outdoor products suppliers when the yuan is weak relative to the U.S. dollar.

Chinese business culture

The corporate culture in China is very different from that in Western nations. It is rather complex yet built on relationships and respect. Be aware that Chinese businesses prefer to collaborate with people they can trust. It's best to build long-lasting, amicable connections rather than clinging to contracts, laws, and plutocrats.

Additionally, it's crucial to address individuals formally in meetings and other communications, and you should be aware that Chinese businesses prefer face-to-face interactions over written correspondence or phone calls.

Many startups are unable to travel overseas now and then. However, face time is also important to build trust and monitor product quality. Hence, most of them hire sourcing agents that bridge the gap between businessmen and outdoor products suppliers. Doing business with Chinese suppliers is cheap, but slight negligence can also make you suffer for a long time. 

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