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Do you have a product idea but struggle to find a China supplier online? Do you need a cheaper source but worry about product quality?

As a professional China sourcing agent, we help you get qualified manufacturers, guaranteed quality and competitive prices, as we are great in:

Product Sourcing

Quality Control

Inquire now to learn how Maple Sourcing helped Ooni and 300+ startups achieve success!

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As a reliable Chinese sourcing company, Maple Sourcing swift delivery schedule has ensured we have achieved our project goals, contributing to our business growth. The quality of products is excellent and always in pristine condition. The team members of Maple Sourcing have excellent communication skills. They are friendly, professional and are quick to respond. If you are looking for an ideal Chinese sourcing agent, we'd recommend Maple Sourcing.

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Effective Supply Process

We handle supplier selection, production, quality control, and logistics. Our team ensures a smooth supply chain process for you.

Risk-Free Assurance

Our rigorous quality inspection practices guarantee that you receive products that meet your expectations. 

Cost Efficiency

Our experts use their industry knowledge and experience to negotiate the best prices for you from China wholesale markets, while ensuring the quality and performance of the products.

Your Partner for Manufacturing in China

A to Z Service

We source products, negotiate prices, inspect goods, and ensure timely delivery from China product suppliers. Our services of sourcing Chinese suppliers ensure an effective supply chain.


We believe in open communication. You'll have real-time visibility into production, make decisions and track progress effortlessly.


Every business is unique, we tailor our services to your needs, so you receive global sourcing solutions that align with your goals. 

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