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Customer Reviews

Zak Maqsood
Rise Traveller Ltd

I first met Aaron several years ago at my first business trip to China. He shared as much knowledges as he could with me, and that was when I first realized that Aaron really takes long-term view on his client partnerships. 

I found his team to be very professional, very reliable and everyone in his team speaks great English. I highly recommend Aaron and his team. So, if you get a chance, pls have a chat with him.

Aurelio Sablone
Rock Dreamer Music Products LLC

I’ve been working with Maple Sourcing for about a year and a half now. They were able to find the ideal factory to manufacture my new guitar assist device and at a good price. 

I’m very happy with their ability to chat with me via WeChat or WhatsApp. They respond quickly and they provide good customer service. I would highly recommend choosing Maple Sourcing as your sourcing partner for all your product sourcing needs in China. 

John Owens
AMN Group

Maple Sourcing swift delivery schedule has ensured we have achieved our project goals, contributing to our business growth. The quality of products is excellent and always in pristine condition. The team members of Maple Sourcing have excellent communication skills. They are friendly, professional and are quick to respond. We would recommend Maple Sourcing.

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