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Product Development

Product Development

Over 12 years working in the industry, we have emerged as a viable solution in the competitive landscape of product development in China, where speed, agility, accuracy, and costs are the primary concerns. We therefore offer a comprehensive suite of services:

- Industrial design

- Product design

- Prototyping

- Engineering

- Evaluation and testing.

By leveraging cutting-edge facilities and a skilled team of engineers, we can provide effective and efficient solutions for creating your new projects. We oversee the entire product development business under one roof.

The process of product development and sourcing is a complex and multi-layered journey. From the initial consultation to the production phase, there are a series of well-defined steps, and will require collaborative efforts.  

1. Initial Consultation:

The journey begins with the initial consultation. Clients can expect an in-depth discussion about your product idea, goals, and requirements. It is a crucial phase where you share your vision and expectations with our team, so you will need to discuss your product concept in detail.


2. Feasibility Evaluation:


After the initial consultation, our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your product concept. We will assess its technical feasibility, manufacturing complexity, and market potential. It will help to determine if your concept can be transformed into a viable product.


3. Design and Development:


Once the feasibility is established, the product development function and phase will follow. Our experts will have collaborative brainstorming sessions with you to discuss design iterations. This is where your product takes shape, and then you will receive design proposals and updates.


4. Prototyping and Testing:


Our engineers will create prototypes for sampling, testing, and validation. The samples will be sent to you for review and testing. It is essential to ensure that they meet your specifications and quality standards. It is also the right time to make changes to the final product development types before the mass production commences.


5. Cost Estimation and Budgeting:


Clients can expect detailed cost estimation for materials, manufacturing, labour, and other expenses from product development manufacturers. We will work with you to establish a realistic budget for your project. Our team ensures transparency and open communication.


6. Production Planning:


Production planning involves determining the production timeline, setting up manufacturing processes, and optimizing efficiency. You can expect detailed production schedules and progress updates.


7. Mass Production:


In this phase, you can expect continuous monitoring to ensure the production aligns with the approved design and specifications. We will share status report with you weekly or on demand.


8. Quality Inspections: 


Rigorous quality testing and checks are conducted to identify and rectify any defects or issues. We will provide detailed QC reports on the quality of your product.


9. Regulatory Compliance: 


If your product is subject to regulatory requirements, we will help you ensure compliance, including certifications and documentation necessary for your markets.


10. Packaging and Labelling: 


We can also handle packaging design and logistics coordination. It includes choosing suitable packaging materials, die-cut design, labelling, and all necessary marking.


11. Final Delivery: 


Upon successful product development quality assurance, your products will be delivered to your designated location. Our team will manage the shipping process and provide the tracking information.


12. Post-Production Support:


Even after delivery, you can expect ongoing support from us. It includes addressing any issues that arise, assisting with warranty claims, and maintaining a long-term relationship for future product iterations.


We are committed for all product development and sourcing processes, so our clients can navigate this complex process and bring their innovative products to market successfully.


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Product Development Capabilities

Product Concept Development
Concept Development

Our product development business team will work closely with you to understand your vision and goals for the product. We will conduct market research and brainstorm the ideas to develop a solid concept that addresses the needs of your target market.

Product Industrial Design
Industrial Design

Our talented designers will bring your concept to life by creating visually appealing and ergonomic product designs. We will focus on usability, aesthetics, and manufacturability to ensure a successful end product.

Product Prototyping

We will create prototypes to test and refine your product design. This will allow you to make improvements and validate the functionality and feasibility of your product before proceeding to manufacturing.

Product Manufacturing Support
Manufacturing Support

We can provide support during manufacturing process. We will work with reliable product development factories to ensure that your product is produced accurately, meets quality standards, and is delivered on time.

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