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Supplier Verification

Supplier Verification

We conduct thorough supplier verification to ensure their credibility and reliability. Our process includes checking their business licenses, production capabilities, and business performance to guarantee a trustworthy supply chain.

Concerns about the manufacturing scams are the biggest fear among the importers, but we shield our clients from all such attempts. To ensure reliability of the factories, we directly collaborate with all the verified suppliers. It helps to secure long-term deals and eliminates the risk of business setbacks due to fraud.

Before entering a contract, we do the due diligence after obtaining a copy of the supplier's business license. We conduct online checks in the Chinese national database to verify business registration and its validity, providing peace of mind and confidence in your sourcing endeavours. We also do other background checks to verify the legitimacy and financial situation of the supplier.

How to verify Chinese company is a common challenge for overseas importers, this is what we can help, so our clients can do business with confidence. We are professional in the following verification process.

Online Background Check

We will visit the website of the supplier, note down their addresses and contact numbers and verify if they are legit. We will also check and verify their company registration, financial condition, ownership status, production capacity, and market reputation.  

Phone Call Conversation

To evade detection by law enforcement, many scammers refrain from providing genuine online registration details. Therefore, we will make a call to the supplier's landline and briefly check the business scope, product category and request for a product catalog. Sometimes, we detect a scammer as we easily find out that the landline is fake.

Business License Check

Chinese companies are required to register with the government authorities and obtain a unique registration number. We will verify this registration number by visiting the website of local administrative government. On the website, we can learn the ownership of the company, registered capital, quantity of staff, and find out if the company is in lawsuits, or on the blacklist of Social Credit Information System.

Regulation Compliance

We will endeavour to confirm the company's adherence to pertinent international regulations, encompassing import and export laws. We will request for all certifications the supplier owns, discuss with their management, and do documentary checks.

Payment Terms

We will discuss with the suppliers to confirm their willingness to the ways of being paid, TT, L/C, PayPal are common payment methods. Legitimate companies typically agree to general payment terms like 30% upfront + 70% at copy of BL. It’s a risk point if the supplier insists 100% advance payment.

Factory Visit

Our expert will conduct a visit to the factory to engage in face-to-face discussions regarding their product categories, pricing, capability, quality system, and lead time expectations. Additionally, we will perform an on-site factory audit to gain insights into their production facility, quality inspections, workforce availability, production capacity, and more. We follow a standard operation procedure to do the supplier evaluation in China and provide an official report.

Social Responsibility

Evaluating the supplier's dedication to ethical and social responsibility aspects, including labor conditions, environmental impact, and ethical sourcing of materials, is crucial. We conduct all these verifications during our factory visit.

Ask for References

Moreover, we will seek the supplier's provision of reference letters that can aid in our evaluation of them. Reviews from prior clents can offer valuable perspectives on the supplier's capability to deliver top-quality products.

Get Samples

We will request the supplier to provide product samples for our professionals to assess their quality. If the company is unwilling to offer free samples, we will proceed to purchase some samples for safety and function checks, either in our office, or through a laboratory if necessary.

Business Reputation Check

We will assess the company's business reputation by online check, Google, Baidu, and customs databases are good sources for obtaining such information. Also, we will discuss with partners and friends in the industry to learn more in-depth knowledge.

Supplier verification services offered by Maple Sourcing can be valuable for your import businesses to establish safe and reliable partnerships with verified suppliers in China. It also helps to mitigate the risks associated with fraud and low-quality products.


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Conducting Supplier Verification: Key Steps and Considerations

Supplier verification is a critical process in supply chain management, ensuring that the suppliers you work with are reliable, trustworthy, and capable of meeting your business needs. It involves a series of steps and considerations to ensure that the supplier is legitimate, financially stable, and can deliver quality products or services on time. Here are four key steps and considerations in conducting supplier verification.

Supplier Verification
Supplier Identification

The first step in supplier verification is identifying potential suppliers. This involves researching and compiling a list of potential suppliers that can meet your business needs. Consider factors such as the supplier’s reputation, product or service offerings, pricing, and delivery capabilities.

Supplier Verification Program
Supplier Evaluation

Once you have identified potential suppliers, the next step is to evaluate them. This involves assessing the supplier’s financial stability, operational capacity, quality control processes, and compliance with relevant regulations and standards. You may need to conduct site visits, review financial statements, and check references to gather this information.

Verified Suppliers
Supplier Verification

The third step is the actual verification of the supplier. This involves verifying the information provided by the supplier, such as their business registration, licenses, and certifications. You may also need to verify the supplier’s production capabilities, quality control processes, and delivery timelines. This step may involve third-party verification services.

Verified Suppliers China
Supplier Relationship Management

After verifying a supplier, the final step is to manage the relationship with the supplier. This involves regular communication, performance monitoring, and ongoing evaluation. It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers to ensure a steady supply of quality products or services.

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