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China has become a ‘world factory’ where international players are able to source quality products at considerably low costs. However, most companies do not have the resources to set up their own offices and infrastructure in China. They rely on China sourcing consultant services to get the job done.

You might come across many sourcing agencies, but what sets Maple Sourcing apart from the rest is the high level of professionalism that we bring to the table. We have built strong credibility and reputation with our valued clients with our quick response and proactive approach.

Why Maple Sourcing Is Preferred Over Other Sourcing Services?

Even though sourcing of products makes way for multiplying business profits, it is not easy for complete outsiders to source products on their own, especially if they don’t have an office in China.  

Social and language barriers make it really tough for them to find the right resources to manufacture their products. Many new international importers are even unable to communicate directly with manufacturing companies in China.

We have been in the international product sourcing industry since 2012, and have helped innumerable companies is finding the best manufacturing and sourcing solutions in China. Many of our clients have been working with us for many years, and they always keep coming back to us for repeat orders. 

In most cases, the cycle of production in China takes around 3-6 months. It is simply not possible for you to handle the production, packaging, shipping, and importing process over phones and emails. You will lose control over the project and are more likely to face losses and delays.

You need professional help from Maple Sourcing to represent your company and to oversee the entire manufacturing process. 

Quick Response - Our Guarantee! 

No other country in the world has the kind of manufacturing capabilities as China. Many nations depend on them to meet the growing demands of their local customers. The cost of sourcing products from China is simply unbeatable, even after calculating the warehousing and shipping expenses.   

We have seen the evolution of manufacturing in the country, and have developed strong networks with the most reliable factories. Our key account managers will analyze your product sourcing needs very closely and suggest the best manufacturers that meet the customized requirements of your imports. 

We understand the anxiety of our clients to keep track of the progress on the manufacturing end since they are in some different country. Let us help, you don’t have to worry about a thing when you have Maple Sourcing as your sourcing partner. Our priority is to ease your anxiety by taking care of every sourcing need in a systematic manner.

Highly Approachable and Proactive Communication

We will efficiently help in filling the gap so that you have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled in a professional manner. We are highly approachable and are available for all our clients on emails, text messages, and phone calls. We can also arrange for video calls with our inspectors from the factory locations, so you are able to check the production with your own eyes. 

One of the main reasons why we have built close business relationships with many importers is because we provide quick response to their communication. As a rule, we reply to emails within 24 hours. We make all efforts to ensure that the clients are fully aware of manufacturing progress, and are always on the same page with the factory.

We make a firm promise to become your eyes and ears in China so that you will not miss out on any stage of production. We have an excellent track record of completing the projects within the proposed deadlines.

Let Us Help You Develop Your New Products

By partnering with Maple Sourcing, you get the services of professional negotiators to find the right manufacturers at the lowest possible costs. Our dependable supplier verification services will ensure risk-free sourcing success for your business.

In addition to providing stringent quality checking and inspection services, we also help our clients in reducing the payment risks. Maple Sourcing will stand firmly with you if there are any legal issues. We have partnership with professional legal firms that specialize in global sourcing issues. 

You will need a trusted sourcing consultancy that is China-based. We can also help you with procuring the certifications and license rights if it is needed for selling in your distribution countries. 

End-to-End China Sourcing Services

  • Qualification of manufacturers

  • Factory audit

  • Management the quotations

  • Sample preparation

  • Product development and engineering

  • Compliance testing

  • Production management

  • Quality inspection

  • Logistics management 

Sourcing Products from China Was Never This Easy

Maple Sourcing provides all the services under one single roof. We will integrate the entire process in such a way that our clients will have a complete picture of what exactly is going on without being there in person. 

We are open to ideas and discussions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any type of product sourcing needs from China. We always ensure quick response to emails, usually within 24 hours. 

We are your one-stop shop to identify trusted partners for manufacturing your products in China. Our staff are familiar with the local languages and will make all efforts to negotiate the best price from the suppliers. At the same time, we make sure that the quality of products will not be compromised in any manner.

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