Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Maple Sourcing helps importers find the right manufacturers to make products from scratch. We handle all aspects of sourcing and have established a reputation for high quality and low cost over the years. 

We have been delivering superior services consistently, earning the trust and loyalty of clients all over the world. By choosing us, you get top-quality products that can compete effectively in your markets.

We understand the work culture of both Chinese and Western businesses, allowing us to move through both cultures with ease. We grasp the finer details of your concept spanning various industries, helping to create a differentiated, high-quality product that you will be proud of, at affordable rates.

We care about your financial interests. We will give you 100% refund if you are unhappy with your shipment due to quality issues.

Supplier verification: We verify every factory for the capacity and specialization to manufacture your products. 

Request for quote: We collect quotes from different suppliers to help you pick the right one.

Price negotiation: We help you negotiate the best deals at the agreed quality standard.

Cost evaluation: We do a final evaluation before zeroing in on a supplier. 

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