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Maple Sourcing is a trusted product sourcing company helping overseas sellers make the most of Chinese manufacturing capabilities. Since our inception in 2012, we've established a reputation for top quality at a low cost. As your sourcing agent, we handle all aspects of sourcing, which are complex and time-consuming for you to handle on your own due to the geographical distance, language barrier and legal challenges.

There are two types of sourcing companies. The first type is good at picking products from the wholesale markets of Yiwu, Saige and Foshan. The second type is good at sourcing custom products based clients' concepts. Maple Sourcing offers professional product sourcing that doesn't involve buying products wholesale from the markets. We help you find a China factory that can mass produce your product from scratch.

In other words, we work like your product development team in China and follow a solid product development process. We find the right factory that can make your product, conduct pre- and post-production checks, and ship your order to your destination.

Benefits of Choosing Us

We have maintained the trust and loyalty of our clients by providing consistently superior services. Our interactions and experiences working with hundreds of clients over the years have strengthened our product sourcing capabilities.

We get you!

Europe and the US are known for their high quality standards. We understand that you want products of acceptable quality for your market. When you choose us, you receive top quality products that compete effectively in your market.

We're experienced

There are stark differences between working with Chinese and Western businesses. With nearly a decade of experience serving the sourcing needs of Western sellers, we're able to move in both cultures with ease. This ability is a huge reason why we're respected by overseas clients and local factories alike.

We customize

To stand out in your market, you need a differentiated product. Across prototyping and molding, we grasp all the finer details of your concept. You will be proud of how the final products turned out! 

We're versatile

Our product sourcing capabilities span nine different industries. Whether you're in the consumer electronics, sports equipment, beauty & healthcare, or daily hardgoods industry, we've got you covered. We can also help you source kitchenware, bottles and promotional items at a low cost.

We're all about quality

When you hire us, you don't have to hire a quality inspector separately to confirm whether products have been made to the specified quality standard. Not only do we find a reputed factory for your products but also carry our quality checks during production. We bring defective products to the factory's notice and have them remade.

We're quick

Experience counts when you need your products out in the market as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. We work to your deadline, getting started immediately on sample making, giving your order priority, and expediting shipping.

We care

We protect your financial interests. If you're unhappy with your shipment due to quality issues, we will provide you 100% refund.

Our Services

With our China product sourcing services, taking your idea from concept to manufacturing is both smooth and affordable.

Request for Information

Custom manufacturing requires appropriate expertise and experience. We help you find a China factory that has the knowledge and tools to manufacture your products. Ideally, this is a factory that specializes in your products.

We send out inquiries to factories and review them to select the ideal supplier for your requirements. We work only with factories that practice stringent quality control and have experience making the products you sell.

With our comprehensive assistance, finding a trustworthy China factory is easy, quick, and cost-effective.

Supplier Screening

We review each supplier for their specific product experience, certifications, reputation, capacity, and existing client base, and inquire whether there is any legal action against them.

Request for Quote

After we have shortlisted suppliers, we ask for quotes. We ask for the Bill of Materials and itemized breakdown pricing.

Price Negotiation

We are aware of what a fair or average price for the product and order quantity is. Based on our knowledge, we weed out suppliers who’re quoting unreasonably high prices. We are also wary of those who quote rock bottom prices below the floor price.

Cost Evaluation

After a final cost evaluation, we zero in on a supplier. If there’s any scope to drive the price down further, we pursue it.

The Full Sourcing Journey

We're committed to helping you bring out high-quality custom products that boost your profits and business growth.

The step-by-step sourcing process

1. Receive your concept or drawing

Your product blueprint is the starting point for manufacturing. If you have a concept or drawing ready, we can use it for the next step: prototyping. If you need assistance to further develop the blueprint, we can provide our experience-backed inputs.

2. Make prototypes

Laser cutting is ideal for rapid prototyping. 3D printing can model your design to identify flaws and improvements before it is ready for manufacturing. Generally, laser cutting is faster and cheaper than 3D printing.

3. Send prototypes to you for review

We deliver the prototype to you and make note of the feedback you provide. Because of the prototyping processes we use, we can go through multiple design iterations till you're satisfied with the prototype.

4. Improve prototype based on feedback

We use your feedback to craft a better prototype that meets your requirements with a high degree of precision. If we have any questions, we get back to you quickly for clarifications. We're proactive and on our feet throughout the sourcing process.

5. Send quotation

After you have approved the prototype, we send you a quote for the mould cost, and product cost which includes material cost, labor cost, and processing cost.

6. Cut moulds

We cut the moulds in accordance with your specifications. The best machinery and measurement equipment are used to create high precision moulds.

7. Provide samples for review

We don't keep you waiting to receive the moulding samples. Before we send out samples, we do thorough quality check, and take clear pictures and videos for you.

Based on your findings, we modify the moulds and make the next round of samples until you are satisfied with them..

8. Receive purchase order

Once you're happy with the final samples, you can send us your purchase order. Usually, we request a 30% deposit to validate the purchase order.

9. Start mass production

Finally, the factory begins to manufacture your products. Our QC inspectors will visit factory prior to production, during production, and when all products are finished, and conduct quality inspections to make sure the products meet your standard and expectation.

What to Expect

Maple Sourcing is a reliable product sourcing partner for start-ups selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Here's what you can expect when you engage our services.

Clear understanding of your product sourcing needs

The first step of project initiation is to get understanding of your requirements and business objectives. Our professionals ask you about your product and quality needs and any issues you may have faced previously. We explain how the sourcing process works with us, which is especially useful if you're a start-up venturing into China for the first time.

Undivided attention in prototyping stage

We invite you to share design blueprints and product expectations so that we can get started on prototyping. You can send us a sample product that you wish to customize to a unique product.

As we connect you to a reliable factory with experience in your industry, we will make sure to understand your instructions clearly. Our account manager will explain your requirements to factory and address you any questions the factory may have.

Ongoing quality checks during production

Once you have confidence in everything, we start mass production. Our quality inspectors monitor quality throughout the production, to make sure every detail is controlled as per specifications.

Quality control involves check of raw materials, function test of first article, and comprehensive inspection for trial run. Once production begins, our inspectors visit the factory to conduct quality checks of products picked randomly from each completed batch.

If your products require certain certifications to make them suitable for your market, we can arrange for a testing at a recognized laboratory.

Fast deliveries

After a final pre-shipment inspection, your order is ready to reach you. The importing process can be quite confusing and costly. Choosing a good freight forwarding partner can make delivery faster and costs more manageable.

At Maple Sourcing, we provide door to door delivery at your request, by incorporating forwarders to pick up and deliver the products. Along with this, we manage product declaration, documentation, and customs clearance. Once the pickup is done, we track the shipping process and provide you with updates.

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