Quality Inspection

China sourcing companies include quality inspection as part of their overall service. It is better to get quality confirmations from sourcing companies rather than an independent quality control service that isn't keenly involved in getting your product made.

We ensure strict quality control right from the beginning, eliminating the risk of serious, unworkable issues with your final product.

Checks at every point

Multi-point quality checks help pinpoint issues proactively. This way we can catch the problem at its source and fix it quickly.

1. Sample inspection

The sample that will be replicated for mass production is among the first things we check for quality and adherence to your design drawings. As we select factories after due diligence, the samples generally boast excellent quality. We get your feedback to refine and improve the prototype and moulding samples till you're satisfied.

2. Raw material check

Is the chosen raw material suitable for your product? Will the raw materials affect the durability of the product? Is there a product safety issue from using the raw material? A raw material check identifies and rectifies problems before production has begun, saving money and time down the line.

3. In-process inspection

The best Chinese factories aim to bring productivity and precision to their factory floor by using the right assembly tools and workflows. Any inconsistencies in quality can be kept to a minimum, promising customers nothing but top quality. However, quality can sometimes slip through the cracks, leading to a few defective products in a batch. Our quality inspectors do a random check of each product batch. If issues are identified, we bring the matter up to the factory manager and get replacement products made.

4. Pre-shipment inspection

We check the quantity and quality of your goods before they are shipped. This is to ensure that the factory has complied with your specifications and the terms of purchase order. If issues are found, then they're immediately brought to the notice of the factory manager and rectified promptly. No faulty products will be shipped.

5. Quality improvement

It is important that the factory receives feedback on quality so that they can be more diligent about the next order. We share your feedback with them, making sure that they understand what you expect, and how quality issues are viewed by your market as well as how they affect your business.

How the Process Works

1) Gather primary information about your products

We understand your business and sourcing requirements thoroughly. We're proactive in reaching out to you with questions and clarifications, to make sure we are on the same page.

2) Prepare quality inspection plan

We specialize in making custom products, turning your concept into reality. We can begin prototyping soon after we receive your drawings. We then provide moulding samples, and upon your approval, begin mass production.

We understand that the quality of your custom product is paramount, so we prepare detailed quality inspection plan to monitor the whole process.

3) Arrange QC inspector stationed at factory

During in-process checks, our quality inspector remains at factory to check units from product batches. It is crucial that defects are quickly resolved so that subsequent batches are not similarly affected. We maintain strict oversight as far as quality is concerned and ensure that products match your expectations.

4) Provide inspection reports

We can set up an inspection schedule within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation and send you an inspection report within 24 hours.

What if you're unhappy with product quality after you receive your shipment?

It's rare for clients to be dissatisfied with their shipment if they have chosen a reliable factory. But if the situation arises, there are a few possible turnarounds:

·  Produce free replacements

In the unfortunate scenario that your shipment contains mostly defective products that your customers won't accept, then the factory will make new products at their cost.

Our quality inspectors perform random checks of every batch. There is a very small chance that a few items may not be up to the mark. If they're not caught during pre-shipment inspection and discovered only when they reach you, then we will produce new products in place of the defective units and ship them as quickly as possible.

·  Accept a few faulty pieces and get a discount

Depending on the type of product, some buyers are flexible to receiving a few defective items so long as they don't have a big impact on their cash flow. You can reject the defective pieces and receive a discount on payment.

·  Upgrade product specifications to avoid mistakes in future

If you feel that the quality of your shipment is OK but does not match the high quality of your samples, we convey your expectations firmly to the factory. You may also upgrade your product specifications after getting customer feedback.

Why may quality issues occur?

1. Due to ineffective communication

Quality problems usually occur when the seller and factory can't communicate effectively due to the language barrier or geographical distance. The time difference may also pose a problem.

2. Due to poor decision-making  

An obvious reason is when you choose a bad supplier who may actually be an intermediary not a factory. Third parties are good for making introductions to wholesale suppliers, they help overseas buyers looking to buy ready-made goods. But quality assurance isn't a part of their job. There are dishonest intermediaries that claim to be product manufacturers.

3. Due to corruption in the QC process

Sometimes, the freelance quality inspectors you hire may be hand in glove with factories. They may receive gifts or be wined and dined by factories for favorable reports of product quality. Inspectors may themselves be corrupt, demanding kickbacks from factories in exchange for not reporting quality issues in the reports. Whether bribery or extortion, you pay the ultimate price.

What to look for in choosing a quality inspection service?

When identifying a quality inspection service for your custom product, pay attention to these aspects:

  • Reputation: Is the company information readily available online?

  • Ethics: What do online reviews about the company suggest?

  • Years in business: Can you trust the company to meet your quality standards?

  • Areas of expertise: Does the company understand your industry and product?

  • Communication: Are they responsive? Do they sound sincere?

Maple Sourcing ticks all the boxes: we're your one-stop product sourcing and quality inspection company.

Find the right factory for your custom product

Choosing a factory is the most important decision you will make when you source custom products from China. As your need is custom manufacturing, you want to partner with a factory that has the appropriate assembly lines.

Say your custom product – perhaps an invention – requires a blend of hand-crafted process and an assembly line. Then, looking for a factory that has an automated assembly line producing thousands of products a day is not suitable. So, you should identify manufacturers that have the relevant experience and production facility to make custom products suitable for your order QTY.

Put quality assurance procedures in place

Chinese factories are capable of manufacturing products to the highest standards. But consistent quality is a challenge, which makes enforcing quality necessary. Consistently high quality is more easily achievable if you involve yourself in the quality control process. As this isn't possible due to the geographical distance, our QC inspectors step in to monitor the quality of your products.

Quality inspection is integrated into our product sourcing service. It occurs successively, across raw material selection, production and pre-shipment. We maintain close oversight over your products as they come off the assembly line, catching defects and requesting rework in the quickest possible time.

Enjoy peace of mind

A presence on the factory floor is necessary to understand whether the factory is giving your order sufficient attention regardless of whether you've ordered the MOQ or thousands of products. The dedicated account manager assigned to you keeps everything in check and works with the QC inspectors to plan product checks at the factory. The account manager shares inspection checklists and reports, and serve as a single point of contact for smooth communications.

Eliminate quality problems

We value honesty and integrity as much as you do. Our QC inspectors are chosen for their capability and nature. We have hand-picked our inspectors based on their knowledge, skills and experience. They have knowledge of your industry and are able to understand the design, utility and application of your product quickly.

We offer personalized services

Maple Sourcing is a trusted China sourcing partner with a global client base. We're keenly familiar with the intricacies of working with local manufacturers and have a proven quality inspection process designed to ensure that your product turns out exactly how you envisioned.

We're proud to have helped over 100 start-up clients convert their product ideas into commercially successful products. Our start-ups clients rely on the personalized sourcing service we offer to make a strong entry into the market.

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