Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Quality control is an important aspect of ensuring that you source high-quality products from China. We include quality inspection as part of our overall service. We conduct manufacturing control and ensure strict quality at every step of the sourcing process because it eliminates the risk of unworkable problems with your products.

What are the different quality checks that we conduct?

We implement multi-point quality checks so that we can catch problems early and fix them, including:

Sample inspection

The samples should meet your design and quality requirements. If not, we use your feedback to refine and improve the molding and prototype samples to your satisfaction.

Raw material check

The right raw material should not only be suitable but should also improve the durability and safety of your product. By conducting quality checks on raw materials, we can identify and fix problems before production begins.

In-process inspection

We work with Chinese manufacturers that deliver high levels of quality. However, there are still chances that could be a few defective products in a batch. That is why our quality inspectors perform random checks on each batch to ensure that you only get high-quality products.

Pre-shipment inspection

Checking the quality and quantity of your products before shipping is necessary to ensure that they comply with your product specifications and order terms. If we identify issues, they are promptly brought to the notice of the factory manager to rectify. We will never ship faulty products to you.

Quality improvement

We share your feedback on quality with the factory, ensuring that they understand what you expect. We also explain how quality issues are viewed in your market and how they could impact your business.

What if you are unhappy with the product quality?

It is quite rare for our clients to be dissatisfied with the quality of the products delivered. However, if it does happen:

We offer free replacements.
If you receive a few defective products, you could reject those and get a discount on the payment.
If you feel that the quality of the products is okay, but it does not achieve the premium quality, we convey your expectations to the factory. For future orders, the factory upgrades the product specifications.

Maple Sourcing ensures that the manufactured products match your quality expectations and safety standards.

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