Assured Quality

Assured Quality

Maple Sourcing is the market leader in the China product sourcing industry. One of the reasons behind our success is that we prioritize quality and ensure that only high-quality items reach our clients.

As your sourcing partner, we guarantee that you receive complete assurance of quality. We can give you this guarantee because we follow strict quality measures at every step of the manufacturing process.

How can we guarantee product quality?

Effective communication

We believe communication is key to successful sourcing. We communicate in great detail with our customers to understand their product concepts and expectations. Understanding the product idea and expectations is extremely important to ensure that we meet those expectations at every step of the production process.

We understand your product idea, pay attention to your prototype sketches and create accurate engineering drawings that are necessary for the molding process. Proper planning and documentation help us identify potential defects and work out ways to eliminate the defects.

Meeting expectations

Our endeavor to meet client expectations helps us to set a high-quality benchmark. Many years of working in the China sourcing industry have taught us that the only road to success is through the quality of products that we deliver.

We ensure that the items you receive are of the highest quality. We also believe in transparency and will never push you to increase your production budget unless it is necessary to improve quality.

Professional checks deployed during the manufacturing process help us ensure that we meet your expectations regarding product quality. We use process plans and quality checklists to streamline the process.

Selecting the right manufacturer

Maple Sourcing conducts audits to select factories that meet the specifications of clients. We look at factory's certifications, production capability, technical background and quality system. Only if a factory meets our specified criteria do we recommend them to our valued clients.

Quality inspection

We establish guidelines for quality inspection with our shortlisted factories, where they are held responsible for product quality. The defect severity and the acceptance level are well-defined in our guidelines before manufacturing starts.

Our quality inspection professionals regularly inspect factories at different stages of production to ensure that they deliver high-quality products. If the quality level dips, production is put on hold temporarily to take corrective action. The manufacturing process only commences after our quality control professionals inspect the factory and ensure that corrective measures have been implemented.

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