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We at have been offering end-to-end solutions to international businesses for getting the best product sourcing deals in China since 2012. Over the years, we have grown as a trusted sourcing partner by offering professional sourcing services, backed with well-organized inspection services

We are currently working with multiple clients from the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, and other regions. We have developed long-term business relationships with most of our clients because we always strive to get them the best product sourcing and manufacturing resources in China for the lowest possible costs. 

Now we have taken one step forward to add value to our clients by offering them the right solutions for developing custom products. We will clear all the way to make it possible for you to procure custom manufactured products from China.

We Turn Your New Product Concept to Reality

Many international sellers procure private label products from China and then sell them on E-Commerce stores with their brand names. By looking at the market transformation trends in the past couple of years, we see a clear increase in demand for the sellers offering custom-developed products.

Your business can create more value for customers by creating custom products that are better than the ones that are presently available. If you can add new and improved features to your products, you will catch the attention of your prospective buyers.

If you are planning to develop a new product by starting from scratch, then we can help you in transforming your product concept into reality. 

If you have a good product concept which you think will become a big hit with your customers, you can go for crowdfunding by using platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Your product concept will be new, and not something that can be found on the shelves. Therefore, you will need to collaborate with a reliable manufacturing company to produce it in bulk quantity.

Your product will require a unique design, for which you will require a new set of moulds for the manufacturing of parts. You might start with making sketches of the prototype, but your design will have to be converted into engineering drawings to create the precision moulds. Maple Sourcing is your number one choice to develop new custom products and get them manufactured in China for the lowest cost possible. 

Steps involved in new product development

Customized new products are gaining a lot of popularity among buyers. You can seize this opportunity to lead the way by developing new products for your target market.


You can start with a rough draft and then focus on finer points related to its functionality, durability, performance and appearance. This part is mostly done by our clients to show us their idea of the product concept. Some of our clients also request help from us to create prototype designs for their ideas. 

The next stage of the design is to convert the designs into engineering drawings. We can help you find the right engineers to develop the drawings as per your design requirements. You could also get this part done on your end, as we have the capability and expertise to execute the manufacturing process.


For new product development, we will need to develop the parts from scratch. Each part will require a new mould because your concept may not be compatible with the available parts. If you are conceptualizing a complex product, you may need more than 50 moulds. We have the right supply chain to ensure precise moulding development for your new product.


You will be able to check your actual product before deciding to go ahead with mass production. That will also allow you to check the quality and features of the product that you had conceptualized. 

Sampling is an important part of any production, as it will help in preventing huge losses if the product is not up to the mark. You could also suggest changes to be done before proceeding with mass production. Only after you are completely satisfied with the samples, will we start production.


Once all the moulds are in place and you are happy with the samples, we can proceed with manufacturing process. We will identify the right manufacturer which usually has over 10-year experience in the industry and good quality control history.

Before mass production, we usually arrange a trial run with small quantity like 200 pcs, the QC inspectors from Maple Sourcing will stay on production line and conduct 100% inspection to the small batch of products. If any defectives are found, we push the manufacturer to take immediate corrective actions.

Customized Packaging

Presentation of any product is as important as ensuring the quality of products. Quality packaging does have its way to dazzle the customers. It will make them feel excited about the product before they start un-boxing them. 

You could choose premium or standard packaging options as per your custom requirements and budgets. We will connect you with the suitable factories for package designing, package printing, and production of color boxes and cartons.

Why Choose Us for Custom Product Manufacturing in China?

The best part about consulting with Maple Sourcing for the manufacturing of custom products is that we provide end-to-end solutions to our valued clients. You will not have to keep searching for different companies to meet your engineering, manufacturing and shipping requirements. 

We have many years of experience in the international product sourcing industry. You get complete solutions under one roof. Our key account managers will be more than glad to guide you with each step to turn your new product idea into reality.

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