Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are one of the most popular categories of goods imported from China. As a professional sourcing company, Maple Sourcing has rich experience in manufacturing and quality control. You can rely on us for quality sourcing of various electronic products.

We have helped hundreds of clients transform their concepts into reality. Whether you require innovative electronics or custom gadgets, we can create the exact product you are looking for. We find the right manufacturer, conduct pre and post-production quality checks and ship your order to you in a timely manner.

Pet Deodorizier
Vacuum Cleaner
Gaming Headset
Smart Selfie Stick
Folding Fan
Home Camera
Mobile Lens
Smart Bracelet
Soap Dispenser
Wrist Massager
Dog Walker
Mouse & Keyboard
Garment Steamer
Desk Lamp

In addition to these products, we have developed a number of custom products with IP protection. Our focus is to make sure the products you order through us meet your quality and safety specifications at affordable rates.

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