Manufacturing Control

Manufacturing Control

The production process used by Chinese factories can have a direct impact on product quality and delivery times. At Maple Sourcing, we ensure that your products get manufactured at factories that have stringent process controls in place. Also, our quality inspection service ensures that we maintain oversight of your products at all stages of production.

Overview of manufacturing control

All production processes are executed according to a plan in a manufacturing control system. We ensure that the factory manufacturing your products:

Has a mechanism to control production inputs
Has the quality and capability to meet your product sourcing needs
Has process evaluation and improvement plans to minimize discrepancies and downtime in performance.

Our Services

We offer complete assistance, helping you turn your idea into a successful product, including the below services:

Product prototyping

We make sure that the Chinese factories understand your requirements completely. After you give us your initial drawings, we can not only create the prototype but also improve it based on your feedback before moving it to production.

Sample preparation

The factory will create an initial sample of the product, and once you sign off on the molding, we can move it to production.

Compliance check

Factories with a strong manufacturing control system in place can mass produce items with consistent quality and a low defect rate. We perform regular compliance checks to ensure that your order is ready on time and is made to the specified order quantity.

Production follow-up

We maintain regular follow-ups to ensure that there are no problems with production or product quality.

Quality checks

We have our own quality control professionals who perform in-process inspections, pre-shipment inspections, and container loading checks. We ensure that the product quality you get meets your expectations.

Package customization

Our customization services are not limited to the product alone but also extend to the packaging and boxing of the products.

Manufacturing agreement

We can help you register your intellectual property to protect your patented idea in China. If you plan to work with a single manufacturer, we can also help you with the NDA.

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