Order Monitoring

Maple Sourcing provides hassle-free product sourcing. Right from helping you find a China factory for your custom product to shipping your order to an Amazon warehouse (FBA) or to your premises, we provide end-to-end service.

Order Fulfillment

We have a proven e-commerce order fulfillment process that provides us full visibility into every order, from the first sales inquiry to the delivery of your shipment. We follow best practices to optimize our order fulfilment processes, manage resources efficiently and integrate with our manufacturer partners to stay on top of your order.

Quality is a priority at Maple Sourcing. We fulfil your order to your specifications and deliver your products as promised at the time of sale.

Schedule and Order Status Reporting

You never have to deal with uncertain order processing times. We source factories that have a proper schedule based on inventory, resources and orders. Depending on your requirements, the factory may be able to move your order ahead and give you priority.

When your order reaches important milestones, we notify you. We follow a streamlined workflow process to keep you in the loop and alert you if we anticipate a delay to ship dates, if any.

Shipment Arrangement

The importing process can be confusing and complex. Regulations, customs fees, transit costs and times impact your shipping strategy. With us, you can explore different options and have your order shipped where you want, when you want it.

Shipping to Amazon

You can have your shipment forwarded directly to an Amazon warehouse from the port of destination in the USA, UK or another country. There are different shipping methods to Amazon FBA. An understanding of shipping costs, customs clearance and duties is necessary. We pack your shipment based on Amazon packaging requirements and help you find a good FBA freight forwarder.

Are you a new Amazon seller looking to manufacture in China?

Efficient order monitoring is a critical aspect of successful sourcing from a Chinese factory. The process begins when we accept your order and concludes once your shipment has reached its destination. Between the first and final leg of the process, there are other steps:

- Managing your order at the factory
- Using an experienced freight forwarder
- Tracking your order till it reaches destination
- Providing you updates on your order status

Our account manager handles all aspects of order monitoring. We understand that managing your order can get stressful due to the geographical distance and language barrier. If you’re a recent seller on Amazon, then the process may take a little bit of getting used to. With us, you can sit back and focus on strategy and marketing. We act like an extension of your team business, ensuring that delivery timelines are met.

Customs and fees

You may have checked the estimated duties and taxes for your product. But Customs will ultimately decide which category the goods will fall in, which means that the duties can be underestimated.

Correct labelling of products is a critical aspect of shipping. Your product labelling must indicate the place of origin and have appropriate information for the buyer and for Customs to determine your category. The United States Customs and Border Protection has to ensure the safety and compliance of all products imported to the US. They randomly select cargo based on different criteria to conduct a formal customs examination.

There’s always a chance that your shipment will be chosen for the random check. It can be a simple X-ray exam or a comprehensive check by Customs officials. The fees involved in the exam are charged to the buyer (you). So, you want to make sure that your shipment is not held up due to a fault from your supplier’s end.

Then there are duties and taxes. If you’re shipping to the US, then anti-dumping fees and compliance can add to additional tax burden on goods coming from China. Compliance requirements also differ by state, so you will need to take care of your obligations and any associated costs right from the beginning. With Maple Sourcing, you can offload shipping and customs burden to a knowledgeable partner.

How we help

It bears repeating, but sourcing from China or any foreign country for that matter, is complex. Costly mistakes can strain your finances, and leave a sour taste in your mouth as far as your early sourcing experience is concerned. You want to get off to a great start, and the way to do it is to simply partner up with Maple Sourcing, an experienced sourcing company that has worked and continues serving importers from western countries and around the world.

1. We handle the full sourcing process. Whether you want to build a long-term relationship with a contract manufacturer or work with two different suppliers for different products or business subsidiaries, we've got you covered. Our resilient order monitoring processes keep a tab on your orders.

2. In the case of logistics, we keep a check on deliveries so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. This includes getting or switching to better shipment terms. When you need to cut costs or scale up, we can help you tweak terms with minimum fuss.

3. We insist on quality at every stage of the sourcing lifecycle. Whether it is in the selection of raw materials or freight forwarders, we work with a laser focus on quality to ensure that you're getting your money's worth of service.

Why choose us as your fulfillment partner?

We have a robust order monitoring process designed to manage and track orders in a systematic manner. Here are some reasons why you want to make us your local fulfillment partner.


Maple Sourcing has been in business since 2012, and over the years we have continually improved our full sourcing process. On any single day, we handle multiple orders across multiple clients. Generally, a higher level of efficiency can be attained after years of order processing. As an experienced sourcing company, we're familiar with the nuances of global shipping. We can overcome any last minute or unforeseen issues with shipments in an efficient and timely manner.

Technical strength

We use systems and software that make order management streamlined and seamless. Our technical infrastructure saves time, allows timely updates to go out to you, and enables us to maintain precise records. As we have perfected our systems, we're able to meet our role in the fulfillment process to the highest client satisfaction. We share details that you can use to track the product units you have in inventory at Amazon's fulfilment centres.


For safe, on time delivery of cargo to the shipping port, it is important to partner with a reliable freight-forwarder. You can arrange for shipping agents at your end or leave it to us to handle this aspect of China product sourcing. Many leading international freight forwarding companies have a presence in Asia. Advantages of hiring local freight forwarders include cost-effectiveness, and linguistic and cultural familiarity.

Always in control

Maple Sourcing team stays on top of your order thanks to our efficient monitoring, management and shipping processes and resources. Whether you want to know how your products are coming along, or need an ETA for your shipment closer to the delivery date, we can provide correct, honest information. This is a huge advantage as lapses in communication are commonplace when working directly with a Chinese manufacturer.

Important points to keep in mind:

- The original Bill of Lading is the most important document in the entire shipping process. Losing or misplacing them will most certainly result in delays. So, it is best to have the Bill of Lading couriered or plan a Telex Release with your supplier.

- Damage to cargo is likely when it isn't secured correctly insider the container at origin. Proper packing and an understanding around loading a container are imperative to address the risk of cargo damage. And although damage can also be sustained from mishandling by the carrier or terminal, this is rare.

- Always account for unforeseen events. For example, the vessel may leave late due to unpleasant weather. There's nothing you can do about it. However, we can notify you and try our best to have the shipment reach you without too much delay.

- Chinese holidays don't have much effect on shipping. But you should account for long and major holidays: the 1-week national holiday (Oct 1 – Oct 7) and the 3-week holiday for the Chinese New Year. During these periods, you may encounter some delays contacting your supplier or freight forwarder. While the folks at Maple Sourcing enjoy a good work-life balance, we can attend to your requests during the holiday breaks as well.

- Pandemics and trade tensions inevitably disrupt international supply chains. Our team proactively assists you in sailing through periods of uncertainty.

We're here to help you scale your business to great heights

Maple Sourcing is committed to the success of your business. Our efficient order monitoring system ensures predictability and control. Talk to us about your requirements today.

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