Order Monitoring

Order monitoring

Maple Sourcing is your ideal partner for all your product sourcing needs. We provide end-to-end service from finding the right factory in China to shipping your orders to an Amazon Warehouse (FBA).

Order fulfillment

We have an efficient order fulfillment process that offers complete visibility into every order, from sales inquiry to delivery. Quality is our priority, and so we follow industry best practices to manage and optimize our order fulfillment processes. We ensure that you are notified of all important milestones in the delivery process, including potential delays if any.

Sourcing from China can be confusing with several regulations, custom fees, and transit costs that may impact your shipping strategy. However, we take care of all that, shipping your order where you want, when you want.

Are you a new Amazon seller looking to source from China?

Efficient order monitoring is essential to successfully source from China. We understand that order monitoring can be stressful due to geographical distances and language barriers. With us, you don’t need to worry because the account manager will take care of everything.

You can think of Maple Sourcing as an extension of your team in China. Let us handle the product sourcing while you focus on strategy, marketing, and other important aspects of your business.

How can we help?

Maple Sourcing is an experienced sourcing company serving importers in western countries. We handle the entire product sourcing process for you. Our efficient order monitoring process will keep track of all your orders, whether you work with one supplier or more.

We take care of logistics too. Whether you need to cut costs, scale up, tweak contract terms or look for better shipment options, we can help with all.

We insist on quality at every step, right from selecting the raw materials to freight forwarders. We are committed to quality, ensuring that you get your money’s worth of service.

Why choose Maple Sourcing as your fulfillment partner?

We have been in the sourcing business since 2012, continuously improving our sourcing process over the years. Our extensive sourcing experience has made us familiar with the nuances of global shipping, helping us attain a high level of efficiency.

We use the latest systems and software to streamline our order monitoring process, maintain precise records, and save time. Thanks to our efficient monitoring system, Maple Sourcing is always on top of your orders. Whether you want to know about your products or an ETA about the delivery, we always provide accurate and honest information. This is a huge advantage considering that communication lapses are common when you work directly with a China manufacturer.

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