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Order Monitoring Service in China

Our staff have in-depth knowledge and expertise to monitor your sourcing process. With our order monitoring services, we establish regular communication to allow you to focus on your business without worrying about your orders.

Order monitoring process at Maple Sourcing

We have a professional team to monitor your order status to detect potential issues and speed up the manufacturing in case it is running slow. We maintain transparency in day-to-day operations. Here is our process that brings value to your business.

1. Pre-production review

In this stage, we brief and review all the orders, including the product's technical parameters, manufacturing plans, and overall lead time. The main motive is to ensure that no information is left unseen, and the manufacturer has a clear view of product specs, quality, and potential issues.

2. Order monitoring

Our experienced project management team follows good practices to make sure that the key information is delivered to the manufacturing team in a precise manner. If needed, our experts offer support and suggestions to detect potential pitfalls and minimize interruptions to the production to boost the overall process.

3. Post-production management

Before the shipment of goods, we inspect all aspects of the production process to ensure seamless shipment of goods. We formulate a plan to speed up the production to make sure everything will be settled by the delivery date. Our team manages constant communication between manufacturers and clients to minimize any delays.

4. Shipment monitoring

Our order monitoring team acts as a mediator between manufacturers, clients, shipping forwarders, and other parties involved in the process. We bring all the essential things together and provide you with easy access to track shipments remotely.

Benefits of using our order monitoring services 

Maple Sourcing has been a leading provider of order monitoring and quality control services since 2012. We have been serving some global clients to ensure responsive, affordable, and timely order monitoring services with the following benefits:

1) An easy and effective order monitoring process for managing manufacturing to provide complete support in quality assurance and schedule follow-up.

2) Improved productivity and minimized downtime along with reduced costs by organizing a dedicated team to resolve all your issues.

3) Our excellent experience and industry know-how enable us to provide professional services.

4) A proven process to ensure the best outcomes and cost-effective business operations.

Why choose us for order monitoring in China?

Over the years, we have gained a competitive edge to provide world-class order monitoring services to ensure a highly scalable, stable and healthy business for our clients around the globe. From project assessment to delivering your products at your premises, our qualified team ensures everything is correct.

At Maple Sourcing, we analyze the supply chain, resources, manufacturing process, and shipment process to produce quality products. By choosing us as your order monitoring partner, you get the opportunity to leverage our industry expertise when monitoring your manufacturing in China.

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