Increase Your Profits by Purchasing Promotional Products from China



If you are in the market to directly source from China, then you will either soon realize or you would already have realized the importance of a sourcing agent. If you are looking to buy some promotional products from China then getting a sourcing agent like Maple Sourcing is the best move that you can take to ensure the quality of products.

One of the great ways to expand your business and move ahead of your competitors is to use promotional products from China. This is a time-tested formula to get the loyalty of your customers. It not only helps you in advertising your brand, but also acts as a token of appreciation for your customers. 

Even though digital marketing has taken the world by storm, there is no replacement for the person-to-person touch of appreciation.

Promotional product is one such item which the companies share with their targeted audience as a token of appreciation and gratification towards the loyalty of their customers. 

These items are usually the necessities like a pen, writing pads, etc. the idea is to keep the name of the brand in front of your customers at almost all times so that ultimately the customer purchases from you.

These promotional items must be of some necessity otherwise they will soon make their journey to the garbage bin. 

These promotional items are a reflection of how much a company cares for its customers and how much they would love to do business with them again. 

Promotional items 

As per the case study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, a customer is likely to think positively about a branded item 2.5 times more than generic intangible ads.

One of the reasons for this is that the promotional items will remain in the possession of the recipient for as long as they will serve the utility, as opposed to the ads, which wither away in thin air and go unnoticed. 

Why your customer base wants promotional items?

One of the unique things that make the promotional items stand out from the conventional advertising strategies is that these items are loved by the customers as compared to the ads, which irritate the customers quite often. The psychological implication of these products is much more than you can even imagine. 

Freebies have the effect of creating a sense of achievement in the brain. Once the customer has made a purchase and as a token, receives a freebie from you. Their brain starts thinking that they have done something right in making this purchase. Although the products are free, it gives a sense of accomplishment to the customers by making them think that they have earned the items. 

Such an effect will make your business flourish by cementing the feelings of loyalty in the psyche of your customer. Another important factor which is at play here is the principle of reciprocity. Once we receive something, we are bound to feel like we must reciprocate. The only way in which a customer can reciprocate is by purchasing from the company whenever possible. 


Benefits of using the promotional products 

Here is a list of a few benefits of using promotional products:

1. Leaving a lasting impression- getting your promotional products from China is a great way because Chinese markets have a host of promotional gifting items. These items include key chains, rings, crystals, artwork, etc. the aim of these promotional items is to create an interest in the customers and to leave a lasting impression on them. 

The corporate promotional items in China are designed with the company name inscribed on it. Some of them also add other details like phone numbers, websites, logos, etc. some of the commonly used promotional items include glasses, mugs, cup holders, bangles, etc. some other unique items include mouse pads, 3D cups, paintings, etc.

2. Cutting the cost- when you compare the cost of promotional products from China, you will realize that the cost of these products will be substantially low. Manufacturing companies keep the jobs local within the country. Thus, outsourcing is done only in cases of tearing necessity. 

Chinese sourcing agency can help you outsource your promotional products. They will help you procure your promotional products at a low cost. There is an infinite number of manufacturing jobs, which are outsourced to China. 

3. Maintaining the quality of the products- even though the cost of the products from China is substantially low, nobody is willing to sacrifice the quality and understandably so. If you sacrifice quality, then the whole activity of getting promotional products from China becomes counterproductive. It is very important to hire a third party to arrange China inspection.


4. Catering to the different requirements- This is very important. Different companies have different priorities and similarly they have different reasons for outsourcing the production of their products. The companies must undertake the right decision so that they benefit from such decisions at the right time. If you can find the best sourcing agent in China, then you will be immensely benefitted because he will help you get the best deal on the product without sacrificing the quality. The sourcing agents deal only with trustworthy and reliable businesses. 

With this product sourcing strategy, you will make more profit and the salaries will be transferred on time. It will also take care of the overhead costs. 

Picking up the right promotional business product

If you want the promotional products to carry the desired impact on your customers, then you must carefully pick up the items. You must choose the right promotional items, which match the customer base. If your customer base is comprised of small children, then you cannot be distributing envelopes and pens as promotional items as it would be a futile exercise. 

Defining your targeted audience, thus, becomes the preliminary step of selecting promotional items. The next step is to agree on a budget which you are willing to spend on such items. In normal circumstances, businesses allocate somewhere between 5-10% of their total revenue generation to the production of promotional items. This budget is inclusive of the brand merchandise. 

It differs among the companies how much they are willing to spend on their products. also, there are different factors which must be adhered to like the occasion, the type of customer base, the effect that you are expecting, etc. overall, you must have a strategy which is beneficial in the long term as well. 

Narrowing down the list of items to a few is beneficial as it will save from the confusion that mires such decisions. The final step is to choose among the different distributors. Determining the number of products that you will be distributing is critical, but what is equally if not more critical is whether the product fits the occasion of your choice. 

One of the great occasions to showcase and circulate your freebies are business events. However, other events like holiday parties and picnics are also ideal for the distribution of your promotional products. You can also strategize and organize contests and distribute the items as a way of the prize to the customers. 

Coupling this strategy with the help of social media promotions will enable you to unlock the hidden potential of the promotional outcomes. Persuading the customers and contestants to like, share and follow is a great way to enlarge your exposure to the customer base and expand your horizons of targeted audience. Doing all of this will deliver you the outcomes that you desire. 

Besides that, you can also generate more buzz around your products by assigning a famous person as the brand ambassador. The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to advertise the products of the company, use them and persuade others to use them as well. You can even turn your employees into brand ambassadors to reap the most of them. 


Finding the right sourcing agent in china will help you because such an agent will help you find the right companies and the best quality promotional items.

They will help you in getting the best price, which is a bang for the buck. The right sourcing agent will also allow you to get different promotional items every month. 

By looking at the right places, you will be able to find the best outsourcing agent.

This will also allow you to get ahead of the competition in the market and give you an edge in the bloodthirsty market. In this way, you will be able to survive for the long term in the market. 

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