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If you order goods or materials from anywhere, you need to be sure before you pay for them and ship them to their destination that they are fit for purpose. That’s the reason for a final pre-shipment inspection. You or your quality inspection team visit the factory site and verify the finished products’ quality and packaging. Final pre-shipment inspection, for obvious reasons, take place at the end of the manufacturing process when between 80% and 100% of the order is complete and packaged for shipping. 

Supply chain management in China

The definition of a modern market is not a place where buyers and sellers get together to sell modern or Hi-tech products. in the 21st century, a current market means a global market where one can buy and sell products and services from any part of the world. Still, minimal systems and streams should work properly to keep the system active and healthy. In Supply Chain Management (CSM), the term is generally related to FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods).

A global marketplace

When we say global market, we indirectly state that the online market operates online. To buy or sell a product or service, one needs to visit a website( generally termed an E-commerce website)  and choose the light. As there is no physical boundary of this market system, it slowly becomes essential to be monitored. People started adopting many secure forms to card and transaction systems, the payment becomes safe and secure, but there was always a question: Are you buying appropriate and suitable quality products? Long time this was the reason why people feared buying a product online. But like every problem, this also had a solution. There were many companies and much more emerging that of quality inspection services in China so that one can buy products with the quality assurance.

Services for the manufacturing sector

There are many manufacturing hubs in China, where you can find the best products at reasonable prices. To control the overall quality of products, we need to follow a good quality control system. Let us have a closer look abour various quality inspection types and their relevance to the manufacturing sector.

1. Sample performance evaluation:

Sample performance evaluation service allows a company to confirm the quality and relevance of the product that they wish to buy. for the use in case of manufacturing sector it is obvious that a manufacturing company will buy the product (their raw material) in bulk, to decrease expense and enhance the output with the best quality. Therefore, a company can use the services and confirm their product before buying it in bulk.

2. Pre-shipment Inspection:

Manufacturing industries and other commercial establishments require the service to save time and money. The company can ensure that their order has been dispatched in exact quantity from the concerned provider with this service. In this way, the companies will be able to shorten the proximity of replacement and will be able to save that time and money. 

There are many other subcategories of supply chain management services that need to be taken care of, but sample performance evaluation and pre-shipment inspection are most essential.


What is pre-shipment inspection?

Many of us do not understand the pre-shipment inspection. There are standards for final pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL (Acceptable Quality level) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard, Which ensure that the sample size drawn from any given shipment is significant and represents the whole shipment.

What is inspected during a final pre-shipment inspection?

·Product Safety

·Conformity to Destination Country’s Requirements

·Product Quantity

·Product Quality

·Product Color Conformity

·Product Size

·Packaging Conformity

·Packaging Safety

The value of a final inspection reduces the need for quality control at the receiving and supply chain.  You know that you are good to confirm the required standards before they are shipped, Giving you peace of mind and preventing costly records and repair.

Suppose you have any doubt before embarking on the final processing of an inspection or outsourcing the whole process. In that case,  you can talk about your requirements with the quality testing specialist if that is more convenient or cost-effective.

At the testing stage, it is written that turnaround times from inspection to reporting are minimal, and you have all the information you need. Critical decisions are significant that reduce delays in receiving high-quality finished products. Final pre-shipment inspections are an essential part of any quality control process.

Enjoy peace of mind with quality inspection in China

Quality inspection has great importance to any manufacturer. This inspection process includes measuring, testing, gauging, examining several product characteristics, and comparing achieved results with specific requirements to achieve each characteristic’s conformality. The inspection products can be components used in production, finished goods, inventory, or every work in process. 

Inspection includes measurements, estimates, and examination to decide whether the uniqueness of a particular object or any activity is up to its predecessor it standard or not.  Inspection is a must at every stage and level of society to ensure that laws and regulations are enforced as reasonably and efficiently as possible to ensure the safety and security of every production batch. 

There are many types of goods inspection but let’s talk about the most popular one.

Pre-shipment inspection services

This instruction is done for goods once they are packed for export and before leaving the factory.

1. Pre-production inspection

Pre-production inspection is an inspection type that is done during the initial stage of production. It can involve the inspection of finished goods on behalf of the buyer, whereby samples are taken into a laboratory for testing to match the given specification.  With the results, the buyer can then go ahead with the production

2. Production inspection

This kind of inspection can be done at different stages of product production, and to take care of any defect long for the production is over, the production process is also followed during this inspection to ensure that the hygiene And safety standards are adhered to,  no underage individuals are used and also to ensure that the local labor laws have adhered for the sake of protecting the company and brand.  It also ensures that the production will be done in time to avoid shipment delays.

3. During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection, the process is specific, packaging, pack, and label on the product floor within the manufacturing process.

4. Initial Production Check

 this type of inspection is carried out during the stage of production startup to check for defects or problems in the process, the components, the material, packaging, and overall product quality.

5. Product inspection

After the product is finished, other inspections can check for hazards or substances: heavy metals, veterinary drugs residue, and pesticide residue in food. The food containers can also be checked for harmful elements, and the smell and taste are also inspected for quality.

6. Pre-shipment inspection

 This inspection takes place after the production stage and right before the finished Product and Shipping to the buyers. Random sampling is done to ensure that the right batch size is shipped. It simply ensures that all the wires’ technical specifications meet with an approved sample.

7. Container Loading Check  

The inspector checks quality, content, product, and packaging specifications before loading into the container as the name tells the story. It also includes monitoring or low loading process, making sure goods are properly loaded in the container.

Loading check is another important fraction done during the finished goods’ loading process. It helps ensure that the packing list given is followed and ensure that the containers are in good condition to avoid damages during the shipment of the product.  It is done to maintain the quality and quantity of the finished product during the shipping process. Container loading check is a significant factor of quality inspection.


The inspection team

The inspectors are well-trained guys who are interested in the job of assessing and generating reports. This type of inspection forces everyone to abide by the rules and regulations. Hence inspection in the time produces a lot of unnecessary expenses.  

The main reason behind carrying inspection of every product is to make sure that its safety standard remains high both at the public and personal level. At the time of investigation, if the inspection finds that quality standards are low, preventive measures are taken immediately. Therefore a good inspection guarantees public safety in every aspect.

The advantages of pre-production Inspection

In the following, we are discussing why pre-production is important.

·Quality control inspection helps in preventing defective batch shipment. Quality control inspection is done by quantifying and sorting out the defects before the goods are shipped. They reduce the number of defective products receiving the customer.

·When done before and during production, the inspiration investigates the different sources and feeds the information to the right channels to implement corrective action to reduce the rate of defects.

·Source inspection also helps prevent errors and catches from before they turn into serious side effects

·same time and resources on products that are bound to be rejected after production for not meeting the even specification.  It is an advantage for the manufacturer and the buyers.

The growth of export in china 

Thanks to the liberalization policy, Export business in China is now highly progressive and has contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth in the last year. China was included in the world trade organization back in 2001, which opened the door to Global trade. The figure can speak well for itself. In the last 30 years, the average close domestic product was at 8%,  a very significant growth rate.  Overall, China now stands as the second largest economy after the USA.  Expert predicts that China could very well overtake the USA after a few more years.  

The significant economic growth in China is recognized worldwide. So this shows that it is very beneficial for China’s export businesses to be distributed to other exports in Asia,  Europe, and America.  

China mostly exports its main industrial products and consumer products.  China is steadily surging forward and making economic reforms to further its name in international trade. You can become an expert export-import China business to still move ahead and beyond another major player after a few more years.

China is an essential factor for exportint worldwide, it also understands that in order to keep good name in a global market, China has to improve the quality control for a better result.

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