Strategic Steps for China Sourcing Process Control



In recent decades, China has emerged as the global centre of manufacturing. This will stay the way it is for many years to come. With technological developments, production became quick in China which rose the demand in various industries for products made in China. Its quick production turnaround time ensured that customers had endless options. 

Currently, everyone is aware of e-commerce. In the past ten years, China has used it to its benefit. Many businesses are using sourcing methods to get products sourced from China. With China's low prices, it is not unexpected that many professionals source there. 

If the business wishes to save money when purchasing goods, sourcing from China is the apt choice. China offers low-cost materials, which are why it's popular in the trade assiduity. For foreign buyers, however, barriers related to language and other business processes can be problematic. When this occurs, foreign purchasers often turn to a Chinese sourcing agency for assistance. 

China sourcing process control makes their lives easier because everything is systemic and managed under strict regulations. They are no longer required to engage in face-to-face negotiations with China suppliers or manufacturers. If you're interested in China product sourcing, you must be aware of several strategies to succeed. See the useful strategies provided below.

Identify product

The initial step is to identify the product you wish to sell, and the current and future costs involved with sourcing it. Your sourcing process control management should be influenced by the product's size, shape, design, grade, specification, and other factors, as well as by how much it will cost to make and ship the item to your country. Make a note of this information before you start your search for a China supplier.

Know the product specifications 

Before contacting suppliers, be careful to compile all the requirements of the product. Most product development companies have a standard product specification sheet that they complete with all the information about the product. By doing this, you can submit a request for quotes to a manufacturing plant without worrying about uncertainty. 


If you provide a thorough and detailed product specification, then there are more chances of a problem-free product. A minor product adjustment necessitates that the process begins again. Thus, when submitting your product specifications, be certain that they are accurate because any changes will result in detentions.

Identify your market of suppliers

Surveying China market for importers who have never conducted business in China can be a tough job. Internet supplier directories like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China can simplify the hunt for vendors. Everyone who you believe has the least chance of producing your goods should be included. The likelihood of finding the ideal supplier decreases as the sample size decreases.

Another method is by exploring the fair and markets in person. Canton Fair, and other wholesale markets are full of Chinese suppliers. It is the best place for China sourcing activities. All these suppliers know how to deal with foreign buyers, and they also understand the protocol.

Request for samples

Now is the moment to evaluate the level of quality of every supplier that you have chosen. Request samples from each vendor you have spoken with. Request them shipped to you and start finding the key distinctions. At this stage of your product sourcing strategy, you can start taking price into account as well.

If possible, it's crucial to order more than one sample from each supplier. This makes it more likely that they won't send you the best sample they have in their warehouse.


Start bargaining with your suppliers today. To achieve your goals, first, decide what factors are crucial to you. Then, explain these aspects to your provider. Remember that your product quality will always degrade if low price is your top priority. On your first order, rather than the price, pay attention to the conditions of payment, fresh units to cover faults, customised labelling, packaging, and other preparations. If you pressure suppliers to cut prices too much, they will find a method to make up for that lost profit by using poorer-quality raw materials, and your product will end up being of lower quality than the sample you authorised.

Know their country’s laws 

Regulations and laws vary by country and product type. To avoid legal issues, it is essential to comply with applicable norms and labelling requirements. This is crucial when your products are being imported overseas since your shipment can be randomly selected for an audit. But, if there are any problems, your shipment can be stopped resulting in further delays. 

Prepare digital files and label printing, then send them to your supplier. Choose a Chinese-accredited product testing firm that will provide you with a lab report. You'll require this if you're asked to provide proof of compliance.

Sign a contract

The contract with your supplier serves as a safety in case things don't turn out as planned. For example, defective items, unmet requirements, and delayed delivery. Prepare for anything that can disrupt your business.

sign contract.png

The supplier will need to make the necessary changes to the contract for you to demonstrate what was agreed upon. 

Clear communication

Keep the culture and language barrier in mind while purchasing products from China. A lot of problems between buyers and suppliers can be attributed due to improper communication. That leads to misunderstandings and ultimately has an impact on their relationship. Protect yourself against expensive defects and delays in shipment.

China sourcing strategy should also include clear and precise communication between buyer and supplier. Make sure there is no room for the vendor to make any hypothetical statements. Encourage them to ask you questions and get any doubts answered as well.


This is a serious issue because often foreign buyers don’t understand that Chinese suppliers despise online or third-party payment services like PayPal. This is because a lot of their funds are deducted as fees by PayPal.

Therefore, when setting up price quotations and signing a contract, do also confirm their payment method. Banking details will be preferable because that will assure you if you’re paying a supplier or a vendor.

China sourcing process control helps in avoiding fraud and negligence in work. However, the biggest role that plays in any business is relationships. clear communication and social interaction can help in building a strong relationship with the supplier. Utilizing services initially may seem expensive but it helps in the long run. 

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