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插图1.jpgAs we are now living in the age of the internet, it has become very convenient to connect with any part of the world easily, which was not possible before. The entire world has now turned into a global village, where you can import and export various products as easily as was ever before.

China is a country with a huge population where the labour cost is extremely cheap as compared to anywhere else in the world. Therefore, manufacturing in that country can help you save a great amount of money as compared to doing the same in your own country.

You can increase your profitability and can become very competitive if you decide to manufacture a few outdoor products from China and then sell them anywhere in the world. Digital marketing has given us the power to do business anywhere in the world and improve our economy.

The following are a few outdoor products that you can consider manufacturing in China:

  • Backpacks

  • Navigation tools

  • First aid kit

  • Multi-tool knife

  • Camping tent

  • Sleeping bag

  • Warm jacket

  • Rain gear

  • Hiking boots

What you must do before deciding to outsource your product?

Before your procurement in China, you must plan it well. The following are a few steps that you must follow.

1. Getting your product design ready

You need a standout design before going through the total process of having any outdoor products from China. When your product goes on sale, it does not instantly become popular. In reality, that begins with the design stage.

You have undoubtedly done some research by this time. You are aware of comparable products and how to improve them. You recognize the issue and have a fix. You must now translate that concept into a practical design. Each product designer will employ a unique step:

  • Sketch it out. You can examine a variety of options by creating a few 2D drawings of your own design ideas in various iterations. Before moving on to the next level, you may quickly modify colours, swap out materials, and experiment with features.

  • 3D design. You can view the product from every angle using a CAD design. You can clearly visualize the product's final appearance after its setup and measurements are established. By using augmented reality tools, you may digitally position the object in space to get a greater idea of its magnitude.

  • 3D printed prototype. A CAD design has the advantage of being printable. It is one thing to see the product on a screen. You may get a better understanding of the shape and size of the finished product by holding it just in your hand.

Once the design is complete, the designer will produce all the measurements required by a factory to make the finished product.

2. Learn the nitty-gritty of working with any Chinese factories

Once your prototype is finished, the next step is to find a Chinese factory and customize product in China. China currently has plenty of factories available. There are marketplaces like Alibaba that can connect with manufacturers everywhere. However, it is challenging to determine whether they are capable.

Although they come with a few own hazards, sourcing agents can ease the work. Often in many cases, they are not actually finding you the best producer instead, they may be secretly working for the factory. They are rarely open about their mark-up and costs.

One aspect of the equation is finding the factory. You must understand how to collaborate with producers if you want your production to function successfully.插图2.jpg

3. Managing production

You have found your factory, then? You approved the production after receiving an impeccable production sample. Do you wait impatiently for a shipment of products to arrive in a shipping container? Although doing so can lose you your whole business. You need to consider the following:

  • Quality control. You will need inspectors to check out your products that have just rolled off the production line and use them. You can either go to the manufacturer on your own or use a China inspection company. It is critical to remember that the inspector you employ will only be checking for errors within a certain scope you establish with them in advance.

    You can ask the firm to change its procedures and replace all the faulty stock if an excessive number of your outdoor products are being produced with defects. The worst-case situation would be to await your shipment's arrival at your warehouse, realize you cannot sell a sizable chunk of your goods and then wait for your factory to make replacements and ship fresh ones.

    Otherwise, you risk selling defective goods and damaging your brand through unfavourable reviews.

  • AQL standards. Your AQL (Accepted Quality Limit) is the accepted benchmark for the permissible quantity of flawed goods in each run of production. You can, of course, strive for a better standard. You can always ask your China factory to make amends if it fails to achieve that standard rate of failure.

4. Compliance, shipping logistics

You are on the verge of winning. Your outdoor products from China are expertly constructed, attractively packaged, and wonderfully designed. Now, how are you going to get it to your country so you can sell it to all those adoring fans?

  • Compliance: You must be certain that customs will allow your product into your country before you import it. Before your product may be sold domestically, there are several consumer protection regulations in place and obstacles to overcome. No matter where in the globe you import from, including China, these rules apply.

  • Shipping your product: It takes more than just arranging a trip to ship your goods to your country. Your items can be transported from A point to B point using a variety of ports and transportation methods. You will require one of the these in any case:

  1. A freight forwarder: An individual or business that arranges the transportation of goods from your manufacturer to the market, client, or point of distribution at the end is known as a freight forwarder.

  2. Importing bond: A financial assurance between the insurance/surety business issuing your customs bond, the importer of record, as well as Customs and Border Protection is known as a "importing bond" (CBP).

Pros and cons of manufacturing outdoor products in China

You undoubtedly already know that China has the capacity to manufacture a huge range of goods at the most affordable prices. However, you should be informed of the benefits and drawbacks before embarking on your protracted manufacturing experience of outdoor products from China.


Lower Costs

The key factor driving many businesses to select China is the country's propensity for offering much lower manufacturing costs. Depending on the complexity of your design, labour cost could be reduced by up to 80%.

High output and also fast turnover

Many manufacturers in China are able to fulfil large orders quickly due to their enormous capacity and rapid turnaround times. If your manufacturer says they can execute your order in four weeks, they will probably do so.

Better customer service

Most Chinese manufacturers frequently go above and beyond to get your business.

Market expansion opportunities

If you have your products manufactured in China, there is a strong possibility you can sell them locally as well. With more than 1.3 billion potential customers, it is a sizable market with the prospect of significant returns.

Multiple shipping ports

All these make maritime logistics readily available so that the supply chain can continue to run smoothly.


Intellectual property risks

IP enforcement and protection in China come with real costs and risks. You must safeguard yourself from the manufacturer when you are selling your goods in China.

Finding your factory

You can be sure that you will obtain proper service because this will need work and devotion. Building a relationship with your manufacturer in China, which is in other parts of the world is challenging.

Language barriers

Even while China has been more open to foreign trade, not all Chinese people are fluent in English. A translator may make the process go much more smoothly.

Higher minimum order

Lower profit margins are typical in Chinese factories, which leads to greater minimum order needs. If your organisation is unable to meet these minimums, you might need to go elsewhere.


Depending on the option you select, shipping is a major hassle and take a while. When comparing the manufacturing costs in China, you must consider the cost of shipping as well as charges and customs.

Quality control

Despite the negative reputation China has, it actually depends on your manufacturer and also the product(s) you order. Always going with the cheapest choice will probably yield low-quality goods.


Global sourcing is currently a common practice among businesses because it is the least expensive method of purchasing. Gaining some experience in the industry and recognising the complexity of the manufacturing line are the two best ways to successfully manage global sourcing in countries like China. Create strategies for overcoming the difficulties you will encounter while sourcing outdoor products from China.

Create a plan that will enable you to repeatedly execute the same operating line without experiencing any significant delays. Success with any kind of global sourcing depends on clear communication and a commitment to quality.

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