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The global economy is highly competitive. With globalization, companies across the globe are competing with each other for dominance. Expansion beyond the domestic market is becoming a necessity for survival. But, what is the Holy Grail for becoming a business leader? Due to the emergence of technology, there is a level playing field for both small and big businesses. Then, how does a company differentiate itself from the pack? Growth experts suggest that sourcing is the ultimate game-changer for a company.

Sourcing high-quality products at a low cost are a dream for any company. The domestic markets are saturated and have limited capacity. At this juncture, global sourcing is becoming a viable option for companies. China is the best country for sourcing any category of products. It has numerous manufacturing hubs with excellent logistics support. But there are language barriers and other challenges when you source from China. By choosing a manufacturing consultant in China, you can mitigate these issues.

In this blog, let us explore the best manufacturing hubs in China for fulfilling your sourcing requirements.

Advantages of Choosing China as your Manufacturing Destination 

China is often known as the world’s factory. The country has always focused on upgrading its manufacturing capabilities. Continuous government support in terms of favorable policies and tax regimes are the reasons for this. In China, there is a cluster-based approach for promoting manufacturing facilities. Each cluster caters to a particular product segment. Additionally, each region conducts annual product exhibitions that attract buyers from across the world. This creates a favorable business ecosystem that is ripe for conducting global business. Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on quality production too. This has created interest among global companies for manufacturing in China. The advantages of manufacturing in China are:

  • Low cost of production

  • Quick delivery due to excellent logistics 

  • Cheap cost of labor

  • Bulk production capacity 

  • High efficiency in production 

  • Focus on quality

  • High level of customization

  • Opportunity for growth in the future


Top 17 Cities that are Gaining Fame for Being the Best Manufacturing Hubs in China

China is still the most preferred sourcing destination in the world. It has a strong manufacturing ecosystem capable of producing bulk quantities of materials. Now the focus is on innovation and smart manufacturing. This is going to elevate the quality of products manufactured in China. In China, the manufacturing hubs are scattered across different provinces. The location corresponds to access to ports and railways for easy logistics. Over the years, each cluster started focusing on a single product. This has led to the development of the entire supply chain for that product.

Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, etc. are the provinces with numerous manufacturing hubs. Let us explore the 17 cities that are becoming the best manufacturing hubs in China.

1. Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a favorite sourcing destination for many global companies. It is a manufacturing hub that specializes in electronics. A large chunk of global consumer products is manufactured here. Shenzhen is among the top special economic zones (SEZ) in China for product manufacturing. Due to the high level of competition, it is a hub of constant technology innovation.

Shenzhen cluster is strategically located near the port. Due to this, the logistics are much easier compared to other places. Within the electronics sector, most companies manufacture mobile phones and computers. Most global brands cite Shenzhen as their favorite destination for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). If you want to know more tips for finding sourcing agent in Shenzhen, feel free to check here.

2. Foshan

Foshan belongs to the Guangdong province and is a part of the economic zone of the Pearl River delta. From ancient times, it was a producer of ceramic tiles. Now, it is a fast-growing production zone that specializes in furniture manufacturing. More than 2000 furniture manufacturers operate in this region. There are numerous furniture malls with a large collection of furniture designs. 

Shunde district in Foshan is often hailed as the largest furniture wholesale market in the world. Apart from furniture, Foshan is also famous for cooling appliances such as ACs and refrigerators. It is well-connected with Guangzhou offering faster logistics.

3. Guangzhou 

Guangzhou has an active economy with high-end manufacturing capabilities. It is the capital city of Guangdong province. The strategic location allows Guangzhou to be a major center of innovation. The government is promoting free trade zones and exhibition centers in the city. Guangzhou city is famous for the automobile and textile industries. 

If you are a brand working on textiles, Guangzhou is the ultimate place for sourcing. You can select from a variety of fabric materials based on your requirement. Guangzhou cluster has a lot of emphasis on quality and innovation. These industries constantly update fabric designs based on global trends. It is advisable to take the help of a China manufacturing consultant for successful procurement. 

4. Zengcheng

The city of Zengcheng is a part of Guangzhou province. It is also known as the ‘jeans capital of the world'. The textile clusters in this region export more than 40% of the world’s denim clothes. Are you searching for sourcing premium quality denim jeans? Look no further, Zengcheng is the perfect place. Numerous textile manufacturers in Zengcheng offer good quality jeans at low prices. They also produce designs according to the changing trends in the global market. But direct dealing with production houses might be challenging due to language issues. However, a China manufacturing consultant can work on your behalf for negotiations.

5. Shantou 

The global toy sales are around US$ 90 billion. It is among the most lucrative businesses in the world. Shantou city in the Guangdong province is a major center of toy manufacturing. You can find both traditional and high-end toys in this area. From a network of cottage industries, toy manufacturing has come a long way here. Now the region boasts of nearly 5000 factories working on toy making. Chenghai is an apt place for sourcing toys for your business in bulk quantities. Most manufacturers offer customization as per your requirements. But you would require the services of manufacturing consultants in China for effective communication with these units. 

6. Zhongshan 

Zhongshan is a major port city with easy access to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The city lies to the south of the famous Pearl River Delta. The city is well-known for its factory cluster manufacturing lighting products. It is the biggest LED light manufacturing base in China. Within Zhongshan, Guzhen town has numerous lighting enterprises. These companies produce different varieties including LED strips, garden lights, emergency lights, etc. The town also hosts an annual global lighting fair. With the help of a China manufacturing agent, you can negotiate attractive deals with manufacturers.  

7. Dalang 

Dalang town, situated in Guangdong province is home to a booming textile industry. The industrial cluster focuses on wool processing. It is China’s largest manufacturer of sweaters and woollen wares. The factories in Dalang use high-end machinery for precision knitting. Due to this, they are also able to deliver bulk quantities faster. This makes it a preferred destination for global companies.  

Dalang textile cluster exports sweaters to multiple countries across the world. The product cost is comparatively low due to the availability of cheap labor in this region. You can procure custom-made sweaters with embroidery works. If you are looking for sourcing knitwear, China manufacturing consultants can help you find the best deals. 

8. Yangjiang 

Yangjiang is a coastal town in the Guangdong province. Traditionally, the place has been a prominent fishing hub. But across the globe, it is known for the production of knives and scissors.  

The stainless steel knives from Yangjiang enjoy high demand in the global market. The craftsmanship of traditional knife makers combined with precision technology makes them truly valuable. Around 2000 manufacturers work in this manufacturing hub. 

More than 75% of knife and scissor export are from the Yangjiang and adjoining areas. Every year, the city hosts the International Hardware Knives & Scissors Fair. The fair attracts clients from various countries. Are you looking for a manufacturer of stainless steel knives and scissors? Then, consult a China manufacturing agent for shortlisting companies for you. 

9. Ningbo 

Ningbo is a highly developed manufacturing hub in the Zhejiang province. It is a major port with a clear advantage in faster logistics. The place is internally well-connected with the adjoining manufacturing clusters. The city focuses on the export of industrial tools, textiles and, electrical appliances. Nowadays, they are keen on manufacturing small electrical appliances due to high demand. Most factories in Ningbo are OEMs for global home appliance brands. Ningbo manufacturing cluster lays a lot of emphasis on quality. Currently, all the factories are moving to smart manufacturing. This would help them in adhering to global quality standards and offer better customization. 

10. Yiwu 

Yiwu city is a buyer’s paradise for small commodities. The place is bustling with trade activity and is like a permanent trade fair. Yiwu city is a part of Zhejiang and the largest wholesale market in China. Traders from all over the world regularly visit Yiwu for procurement. The market consists of jewelry, small appliances, and decorative products. The cluster consists of a network of small manufacturers. 

Due to the scattered nature of these manufacturers, choosing a quality manufacturing partner can be challenging. Multiple China manufacturing consultants can help you in tackling this situation. But ensure that you select an expert consultant with experience in this domain. So be careful while choosing a manufacturing consultant in China. 

11. Shangyu 

Shangyu is a part of the Zhejiang industrial promotion area. The area promotes innovation and technology partnerships among companies. Favorable government policies are also a prominent factor in the rise of multiple industries in this region. This has led to the formation of world-class manufacturing facilities in various segments. However, Shangyu is known as the ‘umbrella city' of China. The city has more than 2000 umbrella manufacturers. They produce multiple varieties of umbrellas. This includes folding umbrellas, beach shack umbrellas, and industrial purposes. They also offer a high level of customization in terms of design and colors. For bulk sourcing, you can contact high-quality umbrella manufacturers through a China manufacturing agent. 

12. Huzhou 

Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang has a long history of weaving. With the advent of industrial production, it specializes in children’s garments. It is probably China’s largest market for kidswear. The garment factories produce garments for all types of markets. They have a huge collection of low-cost as well as high-end kidswear. The area has a well-developed industrial base with manufacturing, storage, and logistics. More than 10,000 companies operate in this region, producing around 1 billion clothes annually. Huzhou has a garment exhibition complex where the companies showcase their product varieties. If you are planning to source kidswear for your company, Huzhou is the best choice. 

13. Wenzhou 

Wenzhou region in the south-eastern part of Zhejiang is famous for small electrical appliances and auto parts. But over the years, the major export item from Wenzhou is shoes. More than 2000 companies are involved in the shoe business. The area has developed an entire supply chain for shoe manufacturing. Lucheng and Yongjia are the two clusters in the Wenzhou region that house shoe factories.  

The companies here follow the latest trends in shoe design. They produce a wide range of products such as boots, industrial shoes, sandals, etc. It is now the favorite sourcing destination for shoe brands across the globe. While you are dealing with shoe manufacturers in Wenzhou, language can be a huge barrier. Do take the help of manufacturing consultants in China for striking a deal.

14. Keqiao 

Keqiao is a part of Shaoxing in Zhejiang province. The place is famous for its fabric markets. The China textile city has more than 10,000 textile trading companies. There are around 10 major fabric markets in the Keqiao region. This is a major fabric sourcing destination for companies from both domestic and international markets. The textile industry in Keqiao produces different varieties of fabric. You can buy linen, cotton, satin, chiffon, etc. from this market. The market area has designated areas for traders dealing with various fabric materials. Direct negotiations with the traders are a difficult affair. Without proper due diligence, you might end up with low-quality fabric dealers. To avoid this, always approach them through manufacturing consultants in China. 

15. Jinjiang

Jinjiang is the south-eastern part of Fujian province. The economy in Jinjiang revolves around the production of sporting accessories. The manufacturing hub produces fabrics and shoes for sporting events. It produces more than 25% of the world’s sports shoe supply. There is the availability of cheap labor help companies to make low-cost shoes. The entire supply chain for shoemaking is very developed in this region. Now the focus is on creating innovative designs that capture global attention. Every year the Jinjiang footwear and sports industry expo attract visitors from all over the world. The expo showcases sports shoes, footwear machinery, etc. 

16. Donghai 

The Donghai County belongs to the Jiangsu province in East China. It is known as the crystal county of China. The area is rich in mineral resources and has huge crystal reserves. Numerous facilities process these crystals. With the use of high-end machinery, they can produce high-quality crystals. The crystal prices from Donghai are well known for their purity. It is a major exporting hub dealing with clients in more than 30 countries. The county hosts the annual Donghai crustal festival every year. It is a meeting place for traders from across the globe. If you are planning to source crystals from Donghai, do approach a China manufacturing consultant. They can help you source high-quality crystals from a trustworthy manufacturing partner in Donghai.

17. Huqiu 

Huqiu is an urban district in the Jiangsu province. The Huqiu region is well known for its wedding dress market. The tiger hill wedding market is the most prominent area for purchasing wedding dresses. There are more than 500 shops and 1000 production facilities here. The availability of contemporary designs at affordable prices attracts people from all over the world. Almost all the manufacturing facilities in this area have in-house designers. They are capable of providing custom designs based on consumer preferences. For international clients, direct communication with the factories can be difficult. A China manufacturing agent can communicate with the factory on your behalf. 


How Maple Sourcing can Help you Get the Best Contract

Global sourcing is a true blessing to any company. But there are multiple challenges while sourcing from a foreign country. Especially while sourcing from China, language and cultural barriers are a real problem. Apart from this, you need thorough due diligence and license verifications. In some cases, actual factory visits are also necessary. Without this, you might end up in trouble.  

A China manufacturing consultant can help you in successful sourcing from China. They act as your representative in China while striking deals with a manufacturing partner. Maple sourcing is a pioneer in product sourcing services from China. With more than nine years of experience, the company provides end-to-end services in sourcing. They provide services such as:

  • Product sourcing

  • Manufacturing control

  • Quality inspection

  • Order monitoring

If you are looking for sourcing from China, do contact Maple Sourcing today.

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