Best Ways to Find Factories for Purchasing Products from China


插图1.jpgThe concept of buying customized product in China is ideal for companies who wish to take advantage of low pricing and decent quality for the products they buy.

When it comes to electric appliances, consumer electronics, metal and plastics, the majority of things we see on the market today are made in China, which can make perfect sense in case you are a businessman looking to directly source from China to avoid the middleman.

For those in the retail or e-commerce industries, purchasing goods from China is already a tried-and-tested technique. Obtaining contact information for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers is simple because they can be reached through their websites and are only a Google or Alibaba search away.

The difficult aspect is determining whether the goods you are purchasing are of the highest quality, genuine, and customizable. The fact that you are purchasing products from China directly does not ensure that you will receive what you purchased. Make sure you are knowledgeable about typical trading problems and strategies.

If you have been considering opening an online business, you may have come up with some of your own concepts, such as leveraging one of the many of such in-demand products already available on the market. You probably still have questions, though.

When it will come to actually source things, many business owners encounter a brick wall. Good products are not always simple to find, whether you intend to manufacture your own products or locate wholesale vendors.

In this article, we will examine the fundamentals of finding a supplier for your next project. When creating a product for your e-commerce firm, we will discuss where to look, how to approach suppliers, and what questions to ask them.

How to Buy Direct from China?

Once you have made the decision of purchasing products from China, you must educate yourself on every aspect of the procedure. You should buy products from China in bulk as the Chinese markets can provide you with a large choice of goods at reasonable costs.

It will enable you to earn a sizable profit, which may be quite beneficial for the expansion of your company.

1. Find a good product for importing

Selecting the best, most in-demand goods is essential for a successful business because it will enable you to make a significant profit.

It is strongly advised that you purchase the proper product if you want to make a profit. Unfortunately, if you choose the incorrect product, it will negate all of your work and you risk losing every penny.

Finding the ideal product is challenging, but once you do, you can start making money. The creation and sale of a product can be a labour-intensive operation. Consequently, you ought to take your time and come to a sensible selection.

2. Find reliable Chinese suppliers

The success of your business is greatly influenced by the supplier. Similar to your company partner, the supplier has the power to determine your success or failure. Decide on a source carefully.

You can find factories in China from a variety of sources, including directories, wholesale markets, trade events, and Google. Always keep in mind how important it is for the products to be produced and delivered.

You must place the order as soon as you have the supplier. The delivery of the goods could take 45~60 days. Therefore, it would be a great idea to order your products ahead of time or on schedule so that the clients do not have to wait and can receive them as soon as feasible.

插图2.jpg3. Request for a sample and confirm

The next step is to obtain the goods after locating and speaking with the supplier. But it would be best to request a sample before sealing the transaction.

The success of your business is significantly influenced by the quality of the items, which is a vital aspect. As a result, request a sample at all times before placing an order.

The majority of suppliers send pictures of the goods. You would not, however, be able to determine the products from the catalogue. As a result, you should request a sample rather than a picture or catalogue.

To assess the quality of the products, you can obtain samples, albeit you might have to pay for them. However, the sample will be your greatest bet for determining the true quality of the goods.

4. Place your order after negotiating price and MOQ

Order booking comes next after the quality check. To start selling them and earning money, you can ask the supplier to provide you all the necessary goods.

However, since the price is important, you must bargain before confirming the order. When dealing with Chinese suppliers or manufacturers, there is always room for pricing negotiations. And negotiation of MOQ is important as well when your business is at the beginning stage.

5. Preparing for your shipment

The shipping method is important in a number of aspects, including how it will impact the price and delivery time. Although sea shipping is less expensive than other options, it will take a while to deliver the goods.

In contrast, air freight can deliver the goods quickly but would be quite expensive. In addition, other documents like business invoices, packaging lists, and bills are needed for product transportation.

Additionally, importers pay a bond, which functions as insurance in the event that you fail to pay your customs duties. Above all, keep in mind that there are some products that are illegal to import, so bear that in mind while making a direct purchase from China.

6. Shipping your products from China

Only when you have all the necessary documentation will shipping your items be simple and problem-free. You may have a number of problems if a document is missing.

Given that the supplier will require time to prepare the goods, shipment could take some time. Therefore, in the event of a delayed delivery, always be prepared to handle all of these problems and please the clients.

Few mistakes to avoid

When purchasing products from China, you need also be aware of several typical pitfalls to avoid. These techniques will strengthen your commercial trade and ensure that you only buy products that are genuine and meet quality criteria.

插图3.jpg1. Don’t be enticed by trends

For the majority of firms today, making money out of trendy items and fads is always a choice. Many companies have been successful overnight just by selling the correct items, and this was primarily due to this right time.

Many companies capitalized on the trend and were profitable just selling such things, but many gradually moved into other similar products and established stable positions in the market.

The choice of things to sell when the in-vogue item stops being a fad, however, is the main problem. Simply because the vape market was new and there was no specific niche to target, it was challenging to grow the business by selling additional products in the case of vape products.

When the product lost its appeal, so did the buyers, but the supply kept on rising. Avoid letting a trend determine what to buy when making direct purchases from Chinese manufacturing firms. Always aim for long-term success in business and customer retention with your items.

2. Embrace low-value products

When purchasing in bulk from China, low-value products are frequently disregarded due to factors like fierce competition, little additional value, and having a negligible profit after shipping and import duties.

Based on our prior experience, one of our clients created a business selling food containers that they purchased directly from China at a very low cost per piece. Overall, it was an excellent business plan because, after importing these things from China, they could sell them for more money.

Even the most commonplace, inexpensive goods can be sold if you serve the correct niche, make a few minor customizations that no one else may have, and promote it effectively.

3. Consumer products can be difficult

Fast-moving consumer products, often referred to as highly consumed items, are said to always have a position in the market because of customers' constant demand for them.

However, if you choose to sell these frequently used products, competition may prevent you from doing so consistently profitably.

Always keep in mind that purchasing products from China is a no-brainer. If you continue to offer them, don't be shocked if a thousand other businesses make the same decision.

4. Large products may take longer to ship

When purchasing directly from Chinese companies, avoid selecting large-sized items because you will wind up spending more on shipping and transportation fees than the actual market value of these items.

Just consider getting Chinese-made wooden cabinets and selling them abroad. Eventually, consumers will find it too expensive to buy since the costs of moving and delivering these things will be too high to add to their selling price.


When looking for a reputable white/private label manufacturer and purchasing products from China wholesale the aforementioned advice will assist you to avoid common slip-ups most importers make.

Look for activities that few people engage in. It adds a lot of value if you can identify a trend or a genuine niche that is more challenging to get into.

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