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The Whole Process about Product Development in Shenzhen



In recent years, global sourcing has become a popular approach for companies to reduce cost and increase efficiency. China, with its abundant resources and low labor costs, has become a major destination for global sourcing. Importing product from China in bulk can be a profitable venture, given the country's manufacturing capabilities and competitive prices. However, it is crucial to approach this process with caution to ensure a successful and smooth transaction.

The whole process of product development is much accelerated because you are in the space where most of the products, especially electronics products such as electronic toothbrush, are manufactured and designed. If you are where things have been manufactured, you know how things need to be prepared for manufacturing, but this is often a big disconnect if you stay remotely. Western industrial designers, especially those who don't have much experience in making products, will construct something that has to be translated later by someone else, and it usually cause mistakes.

Product development and design companies in Shenzhen know how to turn an idea into a product suited for manufacturing. So, the whole process is accelerated several times. "China product development" is a majestic place with abundant opportunities for industrial designers. Now, Shenzhen is the hub of new technology. The thing about this place is you've got manufacturing at your doorstep, great designers, and everything happens here very quickly. Designing and building something is slow for us, but you can do it quickly here. It results in outstanding production, excellent quality, and good results. 

The strength of product development in Shenzhen and the design industry is its comprehensive and rich manufacturing. The industrial system is complete, and people can test their ideas quickly. It is an incredible advantage unique to Shenzhen at present. Shenzhen has become the hub for industrial design in China because of the scale of development and the design atmosphere. Shenzhen has been developing at lightning speed for more than 30 years. What is the key to this long-lasting sustainability? A creative atmosphere attracts more highly talented designers who recognize that Shenzhen provides the tools they need to reach their occupational dreams.

Overview of product development in Shenzhen

The city Shenzhen has got talented people. It's all about the process. The Chinese industry designers and the factories doing business are not just factories anymore. 10%, 20% of those factories that have studios where they have industrial designers’ people that over the last decade perfecting the act of working you take everything that is being produced today. It's not just being designed outside of China anymore. Eighty percent of the work is done in Shenzhen inside the country, while twenty percent represents sending the product abroad. That's the main challenge now, so we have very talented designers that are out there in the ecosystem. 

So, China product development is the most famous industry all over the world. There are some important factors. One of the integral factors driving Shenzhen's rapid growth is the highly developed industrial design industry. Shenzhen has been named the city of design by UNESCO since 2008. The three words which describe product development China and industrial design precisely are:

1. Scale
2. Speed
3. Sustainability.

Shenzhen has a lot of companies doing so many things because they are eager to do business. It makes showcasing medical and design products easier. There's a lot of technology, there is a lot of innovation, and it's one of the areas where we can contribute. Support from the government is unprecedented, and winners of international design awards are getting bonuses ranging from 50,000 to 50,0000. As a result of the country's aspiration to narrow the gap between international and local design quality, the country's design industry continues to dream big and deliver quality products.

Process of product development in Shenzhen

Product development in Shenzhen is a complex process that requires a concerted effort to manage a project through various stages of development. China is often associated with cheaper production. However, it is more important to design and manufacture custom products in China. As a result, you benefit from cost-effective production that help reduce your unit costs. But to do that, you need expert engineers to design the product. And that's where we excel. 

In addition to design and product development, Shenzhen offers graphic design, logo and packaging customization, catalog, and website layout. While innovation and ergonomics are critical to making a product marketable, they do not guarantee success. The experienced and expert developers and engineers provide design, product solutions, technical designs on a consultancy basis, where you can enjoy the full rights and ownership of the invention. 

Shenzhen's electronic product development and design services are closely linked to the experience in electronics manufacturing. Collaboration between the designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts allows them to consider design effects during the very early stages of the manufacturing phase. As a result, you benefit from a product designed for successful mass produced from scratch and benefit from lower costs and shorter market time.  

In addition to manufacturing metals, plastic, utensils such as kitchen scales, household appliances, Shenzhen has tremendous experience manufacturing a range of products. It is relatively easy to develop new products in China compared to other countries. There are numerous manufacturers who will assist you in developing your new products.

Benefits of product development in Shenzhen

Western companies have been doing outsourcing work in China for many years. Today, Chinese factories have expanded their services to improve product quality and development. In this product development process in Shenzhen, Chinese companies can help you start a business and reduce costs. When you decide to start a product development in Shenzhen, you can achieve the following benefits:

1 - Cost

China has a substantially cheaper labour cost than other countries. The development of products in Shenzhen is very high due to cheaper labor. China places a strong emphasis on the manufacture of household products. Therefore, the manufacture and development of products in Shenzhen is reprehensible.

2 - Increased capacity of products

Many Chinese companies make products for neighboring countries. They have increased their productivity to such an extent that their products are of great importance.

3 - Quality control

Quality control of Chinese products is very important. Respected manufacturing companies perform quality checks, and they are the ones who undergo this quality inspection on factory ground.

4 - All in one solution

Some companies do product development in Shenzhen on different tasks such as logo development and packaging, graphic designing, and layout design services for your website and catalog. For this purpose, you will not have to look for new people for other jobs. 

How to develop a new product in Shenzhen?

Nowadays, develop a new product in Shenzhen has excellent attention. Many entrepreneurs compete for their products. It is a good idea to prepare a new brand-new product such entrepreneurs contact Chinese companies to manufacture their products in this situation. The purpose of writing this article for you is to have exceptional and excellent information on developing the product in Shenzhen. Here is an organized flow for developing and manufacturing products in Shenzhen:

- Have a new idea.
- Create a design product.
- Find a great factory.
- Estimate cost of the project
- Customize a preproduction sample.
- Packaging solution.
- Use sample product to start marketing.
- Massive productions.
- Shipment.

You may have thought of creating a new product from life experience, or you may want to improve the texture design or the quality of the items already on the market. You can develop innovative products with little thought. There are two ways to think of a new product:

1. Brand a new product

When you have a new product in the market, you have no idea whether it will be beneficial or not. So, in this case, you should choose the product at the usual cheap cost. Come up with products that are already on the market and can be improved. Just like, a spoon is needed to make coffee, you can make it better by inventing the mug self-steering.

2. Create a design product

When you think of your product, you also consider its design, structure, and how it is made. Create a product draft with your mind and sketch it on paper. It may be easier to get a better offer than you if you hire a freelancer to make the 3D drawing, as they are a line of business. There are many product development companies that provide their services for a prototype. Such service increases the money for them. So, use these only when you have a lot of money or less time.

3. Find a great factory

When you order products from China, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is significant for consumers entering into agreements between suppliers and companies. The following information may be kept safe by NDA:

- Your company information 
- Your product details
- Your design technical specifications 
- Your order information
- Your packing and labelling information.

4. Estimate the project cost

Product prices depend on product quantity and work. When working with any company in China, you should keep the product amount in the phases of the cost before production, during production, and after production. With all this kept in mind, when you work with a Chinese company, you can transfer money to different products on various processes.

5. Product sampling and prototyping

Before proceeding with bulk orders, it is advisable to request product samples and develop prototypes to assess the product's quality and suitability. This step ensures that the final product meets your expectations and requirements. Consider the following:

Sample evaluation - Thoroughly examine the quality, functionality, design, and packaging of product samples. Request multiple samples for a comprehensive assessment and compare them against your quality standards.

Prototyping - For customized or unique products, collaborate closely with the prototype manufacturer to develop products that meet your specifications. Iterate the prototyping process as needed until you achieve the desired outcome.

Testing and certification - Depending on the product category, consider conducting third-party testing to ensure compliance with relevant safety and quality standards. Obtain necessary certifications or compliance documents for your market.

When your cost is related to your product, you can start making your preproduction sample process. You can also consult your supplier to improve product quality. Once the production of your sample starts, you can also sell your selection in the market before mass production.

6. Design packing solutions

Good package design and packing material play a significant role in the salient features of your product. If the look of your product is adoring, then it will impress people. So, don't save your cost for product packaging design and try to make it as beautiful as possible as it increases your income.

7. Use sample production to start marketing

Your marketing will determine whether your product succeeds or fails. There are numerous products with attractive packaging and high quality in the current world. When making production decisions, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind.

Have a lot of information about your goods on hand. As soon as you get some part of your sample from the factory, immediately take it to the market and sell it. Publish your ads on different channels keeping in mind your budget. Register your domain and build your online store.

8. Start mass production

It is an outstanding success for you when your product has a lot of sales in the market, and you can start massive production on new types of products. You are starting a new product business that can make you a lot of money. Quality and delivery schedules need to be monitored constantly during production. And for shopping, it will be necessary to contact the freight forwarder for arrangements.


We have explained the whole process to develop and manufacture a new product in Shenzhen. Be confident enough to make the decisions to develop products in Shenzhen as this city is the best for creating innovative products. People can easily find raw materials and components for product development.

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