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Advantages of In Process Quality Inspections in China



Sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers can appear to be a test of faith. You are trusting your money and the future of your company in the hands of workers who you may not have direct access to. A lot of the times, customers don’t get to monitor the production process directly and even if they do, it is difficult to keep track. The anxiety and hassle of ensuring quality assured products is multiplied when the products are being sourced from a place you have not been to, which is often the case.

Most companies source products from China that have cheaper labor and higher workforce. In these cases, without adequate quality control measures at every step, it can be too late before you notice anything wrong with the products you receive. This is where quality control services come in.

Why are in process quality inspections important to your business?

1. Advantages for your business

Quality is paramount when you're looking to establish a sustainable business for consumer products. Research suggests that proper in quality inspections result in products that satisfy their intended use. Over time, making quality products available to customers offers advantages such as:

- Increased loyalty
- Repeat business
- New customers from referrals
- Fewer liability risks
- Positive seller reputation

Managing product quality is easier than raising quality issues after receiving a bad shipment. You will have made a loss paying an amount and getting stuck with an inventory that's of no use and that you may or may not be able to write-off.

Quality control services are rendered by trained QC professionals who do the quality

2. Product quality assurance

Having someone specifically for the task of quality control can ensure the product undergoes the check at every stage. This is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the supplier. An early stage in process inspection will reveal any flaws in the raw material. This is to ensure smooth functioning once production starts. Such an inspection ensures that at each stage the product meets the expected standards. Early management of mistakes and rectifications can help avoid complications at the final stage and ensure customer satisfaction.

The most important benefit of in process inspection is the assurance of quality. When sourcing products from a new manufacturer, it is important that you ensure quality of products. Low quality products mean not just the immediate loss of money but also your brand name. One of the most important aspects to any brand is consistent quality of its products. In process inspection keeps a regular check on the production process, thereby ensuring quality at each step. Assured quality can boost sales whereas inconsistent quality can lower brand loyalty and affect overall customer base.

3. Better supplier-customer relationship

Manufacturers who are open to a third-party inspection seem more accessible and open to the customers. This increases transparency and increases trust. When a supplier agrees to regular quality checks by an outsider, it emphasizes that the supplier is more invested in customer satisfaction. Additionally, when a professional third party mediates the interaction between a supplier and customer, there is a better chance of communication. This is especially true in the cases of overseas productions, where the languages and culture might be alien to the customer.

What are in process quality inspections? 

In process quality inspections are important part of overall quality control assurance. They are typically done when 5% - 20% of the production process is done. The inspection involves checking if the products meet the customer expectations at this stage of production and identifying any flaws in the process.

By conducting a quality check while the production is underway, any flaws identified can be fixed or compensated for in the rest of the production. Random sampling is done to make sure that all products are evenly taken care of. Details of packaging and labelling are also taken care of during in process inspections, prior to the final quality check.

Are in process quality inspections necessary?

To sell more at online stores and build a good reputation, your products need to match customers' quality expectations for the price. If not, bad reviews and ratings will flood your page, and affect your chances of acquiring new customers. For a new business, an early flurry of negative reviews can be devastating.

Choosing a reliable factory that specializes in making your product helps largely prevent quality problems. In process quality inspection further mitigates the risk of receiving defective items. It's simple to understand but crucial to reiterate.

Even if you've been impressed by the initial sample, the mass-produced items may not be of uniformly high quality. You can live with a minuscule percentage of defective products, but when the factory has been sloppy, you will need a way to resolve the matter quickly.

Such problems are preventable with in process quality inspections. Attention to quality and adherence to product specifications at all stages of the production cycle leads to uniformly good product quality. The factory stays on their toes and any clarification they need but may not have asked for earlier, is sorted.

What does an in process quality inspection do?

In process quality inspection is typically done with the help of a checklist to keep track of the client requirements. The checklist includes quality assurance factors such as safety regulations and function requirements and specialized factors which depend on the type of product.

1. Production status check

Timeline specification is an important aspect of any production process. The client and the supplier should agree on a timeline that is convenient for the client and achievable for the supplier.

Resources also includes the workforce and factory settings. Lack of adequate workers or equipment can result in less than satisfactory products. After these assessments are made during the in process inspection, the production process starts.

With regular in process quality inspections at each stage of production, any changes or compensatory measures can be made before it is too late in the production process.

2. Workmanship check

Workmanship is a crucial aspect of any production assignment. Shoddy workmanship can cause the entire shipment to fall short of the client’s expectations. An in process inspection is an important part for this aspect of production because it involves a comparison of finished products with products still under construction. This helps the manufacturer know whether the workmanship standards are being met and if not, what changes need to be made. Often, third party inspection agency also will select and send a finished sample to the client for review and approval.

This way, the client can know what to expect in the shipment and suggest changes wherever required. The manufacturer also benefits from this, since approval of the workmanship while the production is still happening can be a huge boost in confidence. In case the workmanship proves to be below the client’s expectations, the manufacturer can bring in extra workforce at this point. Additionally, since in process inspection involves random sampling, it also ensures that all batches of products receive the same level of attention.

3. Function check

A function check is mandatory for all production processes. Every product has a specific function, in process inspection conducts random sampling on the products under production for fulfilment of expected functions. For products that undergo assembling at a final stage, in process inspection is especially useful in locating the dysfunction. Each part will be assessed for function check, thereby ensuring a satisfactory product at the end.

4. Packaging and labelling check

Since in process inspection takes place after a section of products are completed, it is also convenient to assure adequate packaging and accurate labelling of the products. The products are analyzed for levels of delicateness and other vulnerabilities. Based on these factors, appropriate arrangements are made to pack and label the products, to withstand the ordeal of shipping. Lack of adequate packaging can result in damaged products at the receiving end, and inaccurately labelled packages can undergo mishandling. conditions.

Barcode verification - Barcode is the most delicate and sensitive aspect of the packaging. It is very important to make sure that the barcodes used in the packaging comply with the standards.

Drop test - Drop test is to test the durability and resilience of packaging. This includes random sampling of a package which is then dropped onto a flat surface from a standard height. This is repeated on the sample for 10 times, from the different sides and angles. The product within the package is unraveled and checked for any damage.


In process inspections are particularly important for a cost-effective manufacturing process. Since the inspections are arranged during production, any flaws are fixed immediately, to avoid reworking a whole batch at the end. This way, no unnecessary expenditure happens in the name of modifications. The customer is assured satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable way to ensure quality products in your shipment, in process inspections are the way to go. A reliable quality control agency emphasizes on maintaining the integrity of the quality check process and keeps you in the loop while your products are being made.

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