4 Consumer Products Made in China: A Guide for New Buyers


70641675 2 copy.jpgIf you are new and considering investing in outsourcing products from China, you might want to read this article. Deciding which product to purchase can seem like a dilemma, especially when you see consumer products flooding international markets.  However, we have simplified this task by bringing you four consumer products in China and sourcing them. These Chinese consumer products are high in demand, but they require a smaller amount of investment.

Before we get into deciding the consumer products you can source from China, let's look at why creative product sourcing from China is trending these days?

Why Source Consumer Products from China?

China has emerged in recent times as one of the low-cost countries for assembling and purchasing consumer products. It is no secret that it is considered the 'world's factory' because of incurring lower labor costs and because China harbors a healthy business ecosystem.  This business ecosystem comprises competitive suppliers, low-cost manufacturers, and efficient distributors striving to operate with low average costs.

Each area in China has developed to specialize in sourcing a particular type of product. For example, northeastern China specializes in making products such as aircraft, automotive parts, and accessories. So you could go for direct manufacturing your products from here or sourcing them, both of which you can get at a low cost.  

Not only is that but, China's taxation policy is also in favor of you when it comes to consumer product sourcing. All exported goods are exempted from V.A.T., which means you don't have to incur any additional import duties. This is also why a lot of people are interested in investing and sourcing consumer products from China.

So what are the categories of consumer products that you can source from China?

Fashion Accessories

With people worldwide becoming more fashion-conscious and wanting to keep up with the trend of fast fashion, businesses and companies are flocking to find suppliers that would churn out fashion accessories for them rapidly, ensuring quality and a low-quality production cost. There are many suppliers of fashion accessories making the market for sourcing fashion accessories from China competitive. This situation can allow you to have some leeway or bargain with suppliers and settling on a cost price that benefits you.

There are three main types of fashion products that you can source from China.


Did you know that American brands such as Nike and Gap have been sourcing fashion accessories from China? Well, China has curated itself to be able to meet the needs of many American clothing brands. Due to its complete supply chain, China has exceeded other countries in the garment sector regarding textile exports.

Clothing and accessories are also popular consumer products to source from China, such as scarfs, sunglasses, and bags, to name a few. This observation satisfies the requirement of looking at the product range which clothing and its related accessories have. The trending analysis of Chinese clothing accessories depicts this in the 'hot season,', especially during April and August. You would also find it important to note that the risk of clothing products failing a compliance test is relatively low in China. The only area where you should be focusing on compliance is when sourcing waterproof fabrics.


Jewelry is another medium within the category of fashion accessories that has tremendously grown in consumer product sourcing. Jewelry wholesale suppliers in China usually hold jewelry exhibitions that you can visit to glance at their product range. March and November are mostly the trending months for jewelry exports which can help you specify which months are best for product sourcing jewelry.

When you're looking to source jewelry, you need to keep in mind two things. The first is the design of jewelry that you want and the quantity. So if you are going for bulk orders, those are more than 2000 units per jewelry piece. It would be best to decide whether you want to go for low-stock jewelry products because these are leftover Chinese consumer products sold to developing countries. So, for these, you will be product sourcing them according to their weight, similar to how you buy fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested in sourcing jewelry, focus on Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Yiwu, as these are the three regions focused on manufacturing jewelry.

Cosmetic and Beauty Care Products

Just like fast fashion, makeup and beauty care products are also in high demand. With more awareness increasing around skincare and the regime of self-care, people from all backgrounds want to get their hands on cosmetic and beauty care products. However, not everyone can afford luxury skincare and makeup products such as Lancôme, Estee Lauder, and Y.S.L. Beauty. If you are into beauty routines, you would be surprised to know that it is sourced from China well.

Other than sourcing skincare and makeup products, makeup accessories such as makeup pouches, cosmetic brush sets, and makeup organizers can be procured at a very lost cost from China. If you are looking to source cosmetic brushes or makeup organizers, you should go for Jiangxi, Shanghai, and Guangdong, specializing in manufacturing them at a low cost.

IMG_0001 2.jpgElectronic Products and Their Accessories

Electronic products such as electric toothbrushes and other consumer products are the backbone of today's era; we wouldn't be able to spend a day without them. But did you know that there is still a huge market opportunity for sourcing consumer electronic products from China? With so many brands in the market, people are looking for the most value-adding electronic product at a low cost.

Consumer electronic product sourcing from China has recently boomed in the international market with the projected growth of just shy of 5% annually. If you are interested in electronic product sourcing from China, you should visit the Huaqiang Electronic World, one of the world's largest electronic markets.

Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and their Accessories

The average amount of time a person spends on their phone alone ranges between 4 to 5 hours, whereas adults and college students spend 8 hours on their laptops and tablets. Hence, it is no secret that smartphones had the largest share of revenue in the consumer electronic market in 2020 at about U.S. dollar 79 billion. This is one of the biggest reasons people rush to source smartphones, laptops, or related accessories from China.

When sourcing mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or their accessories, you need to keep in mind that the Chinese electronic market for this division is divided into three areas. First is outsourcing the entire manufacturing process to a Chinese factory for electronic gadgets. The second is assembling your electronic products in China, and the third is buying smartphone accessories that are already manufactured over there for a fraction of the cost.

Home Appliances

Like mobile phone gadgets, homeowners are also looking for affordable electronics of high quality and light on the wallet. You might have noticed new names emerging in the market of air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators, and washing machines, to name a few that are offering the same home appliances at a lower cost. You may be wondering why Western companies are outsourcing manufacturing to China, well it more than just lower labor costs because this allows companies to focus more on marketing and sales efforts.

Brands like GREE, TCL, and Haier are quite renowned, and they are all Chinese multinational companies dealing with home appliances. Home appliances is another domain with consumer electronic products that has a greater return on investment. In terms of the U.S.A., China is its biggest exporter of consumer electronic products at nearly 42%, which means there is a market opportunity for product sourcing.  

Medical Machines

Surprisingly medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies are also popular choices for Chinese consumer product sourcing. Medical machines and accessories such as hearing aids, monitors, and even artificial joints have been expected to be valued at U.S. dollar 6.6 billion by the year 2025. The increase of risk to various diseases (such as Covid-19), dependency on medical imaging, and the rise in the international healthcare expenditure are some of the causes behind the steady growth of electronic medical products from China.

So if you're looking to source electronic medical products, you should focus on mainland China. However, one of the challenges of sourcing medical products is that they need to be scrutinized properly for quality assurance to prevent a risk of non-compliance, which can be damaging to your business's reputation.

Car Parts and Car Accessories

Car parts and accessories are also one of the top consumer products sourced from China. The reason is that car maintenance is expensive, replacing car parts or importing them from another country. By putting China into the manufacturing equation, the cost of producing car parts has significantly reduced.

The car industry relies on the car parts industry mainly because of the vehicle support category. If you want to source car parts and accessories from China, you need to focus on the six industrial regions; northeast China, Beijing, Central China, southwest China, Chang Jiang Delta, and the Pearl River Delta.

Auto Parts

Auto Parts alone are one of the major categories within the automotive manufacturing industry of China. Not only are the raw materials easily available in China, but the manufacturing costs amount to a fraction of the retail value. In comparison to other countries, the taxation policy on importing car parts of China is quite favorable. So, you would be able to bypass V.A.T. and any other import tax you would have incurred had you been sourcing from another country.

So yes, the auto part industry is huge, and that can be backed by the projection of auto parts' manufacture going up to 35 million units by 2025. If you are interested in sourcing car parts from China, you should look into the Zhengzhou Auto Parts World, a professional auto service market. This market offers not only auto parts but also accessories and car maintenance equipment.

Car Accessories

It is no secret that China's accession into the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.) has paved the way for developing the car accessories industry and auto parts. Be it rubber mats, covers, or a battery to boost your car up, the demand for car accessories has also steadily increased in conjunction with the auto parts industry. More and more people are interested in auto decoration to make their driving experience smooth and enjoyable. Car accessories are produced at a low cost, and they are usually applicable to any car model.

For car accessories, you should be looking at the same regions and markets that manufacture car parts.

Car Maintenance Equipment

The automobile maintenance industry in China has also gradually increased when it comes to units produced and the revenue generated. Car maintenance equipment products are a necessary add-on to purchasing auto parts or car accessories. With the Chinese government's economic development plants' aid, car maintenance equipment is also projected to grow rapidly in the car maintenance industry.

China's car-care product sourcing is also achieved through online wholesale suppliers or by drafting a contract with Chinese factories directly. For car maintenance equipment, sourcing agencies are a great way of connecting you with a verified supplier and ensuring your order is delivered properly to you.

Pet Supplies

Being a sourcing agency, we help you find your desired pet supplies from leading manufacturers in China. Did you know that nearly 850,000 pet product suppliers are just present on the online wholesale market, and that's just one aspect of it? Regarding selecting pet supplies as the consumer products made in China, there are very few regulations regarding safety and hygiene. They are mostly centered on the sub-category of 'pet foods and treats.'

However, if you are sourcing pet supplies to be sold to, let's say, the U.S.A., then you need to be careful about quality assurance checks and update your compliance checklist. This is because changes are being made in the pet products regulations.

Pet Food and Treats

China has been leading when it comes to exporting ingredients for pet foods and treats. Even though earlier in 2007, pet owners raised concerns over pet food produced in China, that concern has been gradually addressed with increasing quality assurance checks and compliance rules.

Other than sourcing pet foods and treats, some businesses like to source vitamins and supplements added to pet foods. Popular brand names such as Artemis and Pet Smart Label have their vitamins from China even though the actual pet food is made in the U.S.A.

Hence, there is a growing industry for pet foods and treats. It would help if you were careful of hygiene and strict quality assurance checks on the pet food sourced.

Pet Toys and Accessories

Pet toys and accessories such as collars, tags, food bowls, clothing, and various types of playful gadgets are consumer products made in China manufactured at low cost. Like jewelry items, they are purchased in terms of weight at a fraction of the cost. Pet owners worldwide want to give their little bundle of joy the happiness and comfort that they deserve, and so pet toys and accessories are in huge demand.

Pet Litter and Cleaning Products

Similarly, most pets are kept indoors, and there isn't any natural habitat for them to answer Nature's call. So pet litter and cleaning products have also risen in demand because they are positioned to be pet and kid-friendly. Flushable cat litter or sand litter is one such example sold by various online wholesale suppliers. Another reason to source this product is not just out of convenience but also because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly, making it a perfect choice for pet owners that want to minimizer pet waste.

网络购物清空购物车素材 2.jpgWrapping Up

Sourcing consumer products from China can seem daunting and tedious, but we hope you have a certain idea of which industry you want to explore more through this guide. Many other products on the Chinese market are projected to have high revenues since China has capitalized on the manufacturing of nearly all products. It all depends on your budget and in which niche you aim to retail the sourced products.

China has capitalized on the opportunity to attract foreign businesses to partner with the Chinese manufacturers and produce their orders with minimum cost and high quality. Now it is your turn to capitalize on this opportunity, and we are here to help you through it.

At Maple Sourcing, we help you connect with local suppliers and do the negotiations on your behalf. You will have a smooth product sourcing experience with us. The company will act on your behalf to provide you with your order promptly. Other than that, if you are interested in having your sourced product monitored or want to make sure it complies with quality assurance, then we also offer those services. 

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