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Golden Rules to Find Kitchen Products Made in China



The world is changing quickly, and you should adapt to it. With the rise of technology, today everyone can find anything they need just with a few clicks of their fingers. When it comes to kitchen products, China has become one of the most popular manufacturing countries in the world. Getting inside this market can be an excellent opportunity for your business to succeed.

The kitchen products manufacturing industry has a diverse concentration with numerous small and medium-sized producers. Kitchen products made in China are rated among the finest around the globe. Many countries depend on the manufacturing capacity of China, as they offer quality, quantity, and affordability.

Clusters of kitchen products manufacturing in China

Kitchen utensils are not a unidirectional category of items, so production isn't focused on a particular region. There are areas of interest to importers of kitchenware, cookware, as well as other food processing products within the following Chinese cities:

- Yangjiang: Knives and cookware made of stainless steel
- Jiangmen: Stainless steel cookware
- Chaozhou: Stainless steel cookware
- Dongguan: Rubber, silicon, and plastic kitchenware
- Jieyang: Cutlery
- Ningbo: Stainless steel cookware
- Yiwu: Plastic culture
- Taizhou: Silicon, plastic, and rubber kitchenware
- Yongkang: Metal cookware
- Xuzhou: Glassware
- Shijiazhuang: Cast iron cookware.

As you see in the above list, most manufacturers of cookware and kitchenware are in the eastern provinces including Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. However, this is only an outline of the regions. Make sure you do a proper groundwork before hopping on your next flight for Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Why China is the best choice for kitchen products?

China is the leading manufacturing base globally, as many of the items you use in your everyday life are made in China. Also, China is the largest producer and exporter of kitchen products. China had an estimated USD$14.72 billions of exports for kitchenware in the past year. This is the highest amount of any country manufacturing or exporting kitchen appliances and accessories in the world.

1. Kitchen utensils production capacity

China is the world's largest producer of kitchen appliances, food processing accessories, and kitchen utensils. Manufacturers from China have the largest production capacity in the world. More than 90 percent of China's stainless-steel tableware and kitchenware production is exported to various countries which do not have sufficient manufacturing capabilities.

The provinces in the eastern regions comprising Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu are where most kitchen factories are located in China. These provinces are strategically connected to major exporting hubs.

China manufacturers work actively with suppliers of raw materials and other critical elements needed for the production processes. They have also developed a strong supply chain for seamless transportation and warehousing. Chinese manufacturers can produce vast orders within the agreed timeframe. They can even take up big orders on a short notice.

There are also manufacturers of medium and small sizes in China that can efficiently handle smaller-scale orders. International customers can order the exact quantity they require, according to the fluctuating demands from of their customers.

2. Modern logistics infrastructures

The Chinese government has invested heavily in improving the logistics infrastructure of China (road, port air, and rail infrastructure) to improve the efficiency of their production and supply. The improvements have, to an extent, covered all the supply chains needed for kitchen products made in China. At present, China enjoys a 20 percent annual growth rate in the sector of logistics, making it the most significant logistic industry worldwide. China is home to a vast and efficient logistics sector. The fact that most parts of products are manufactured in China can result in faster production and delivery of orders.

The automations of most warehouse operations result in shorter time-to-market. This also guarantees that cross-border deliveries of components and goods are on time, which also effectively reduces transportation costs.

3. The benefits of technology in kitchen equipment

The latest technological advancements have enabled the development of modern designs on kitchen utensils and food processors. The current trend of developing contemporary kitchens has resulted in the increasing demand for smart kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, cookers, and other appliances that can be controlled via the internet.

Chinese manufacturers employ the most recent cutting-edge technologies (smart robotics cloud data, automated manufacturing technologies) for their production processes, allowing them to create high-tech products for kitchens and home products. Major factories in China have invested heavily in machines and automated equipment to increase their production capacity. Additionally, full automation has cut down on employees, as rising labor costs will impact the production cost. The entire automation process has helped to reduce human errors.

How to find a kitchen products manufacturer in China?

1. Internet search 

The internet is the default method for many people when they consider sourcing products from China. There are lots of search engine available, such as Google, Bing or Baidu. Baidu is the most powerful and popular search tool in China, where google is banned.  Open Baidu, choose a proper keyword and search, you can find lots of suppliers all over the world.

Another way is searching on B2B platforms. These are online sourcing platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources and Made in China, which connect buyers to Chinese manufacturers. Finding a supplier on these sites is as easy as typing in your requirements in the search bar.

2. Social media

If you are planning China direct sourcing, it is very important for you to find suppliers. A practical way to do this would be through social media. You can use it as an effective tool for finding suppliers in China. Now lots of Chinese suppliers, manufacturers, or trading companies, are realizing the power of social networks and using them to connect with foreign buyers. They have their built own Facebook and LinkedIn pages and personal files. If you type in “kitchen products manufacturer” and search, you might come across some suitable manufacturers. 

Also, there exist lots of Facebook and LinkedIn groups in different industries. You can join these groups and searching through the post threads or asking a question. You will be surprised that you can find so many suppliers without any effort.

3. Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to meet new suppliers and potential clients. These events also provide an opportunity for you to learn about new products, technologies, and trends in the industry. It is also a good place to communicate with supplier and built relationships. If you’re interested in exploring the kitchen products made in China, trade shows can be an excellent place to start your research.

The first step is finding the right trade show for your company. You should consider both size and location when choosing which event is right for your business needs. There are trade shows all over the world. If you are considering buying from China, it is a good idea to attend trade show located in China.

International trade visitors, including end-users and architects, designers' engineers, and retail trade and exporting firms, meet in the trade shows. Some of the biggest Chinese trade shows includes:

Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Technology Exhibition – It started in 1994. The trade show is organized in conjunction with Worldwide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. It is a professional firm that specializes in arranging massive international exhibitions, events, and conferences.

Kitchen & Bath China - This is the most anticipated kitchen and trade show on the calendar for this year. Since its beginning in 1994, KBC has been the largest, most influential, and most robust trade show that offer buyers the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends in kitchen furniture, including built-in kitchens and fittings, and sanitary equipment, and valves. It aims to offer buyers a place to look at the latest items for the kitchen and bath industries. It also serves as a place where sellers and buyers can connect and begin business relationships.

Canton Fair - The China Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, was established in 1957. It takes place in Guangzhou, annually every spring and fall. Canton Fair is the most extensive international trade show with the longest tradition. It's also the largest and most comprehensive exhibition, with tens of thousands of items. Canton Fair boasts the biggest attendance of buyers and the most extensive supply of vendors. The fair offers China a huge commercial turnover.

4. Sourcing Agent

There are a lot of product sourcing agents in China. They can offer end-to-end service for medium and small sized experts. Right from product planning and design, factory audits, raw material sourcing, package sourcing, price negotiation, quality control, to shipment coordination, they can help you solve all the matters. You can import kitchen products or parts from China without having to visit China. All you need is a reliable sourcing agent in China.

Here are other benefits of using a sourcing agent in China.

a. High control on quality standard

Qualified sourcing agents try to deliver the best quality in order as it helps them in building long-term business relationships with their international clients. If you share the product specifications with your sourcing agent, they will narrow down on the top factories having the capabilities of fulfilling your order. They also do a proper factory audit before finalizing the manufacturing contracts.

They can conduct in-coming quality control and post-production assessments. This allows their clients to access the best inventory available at an affordable cost. Here are the steps of quality control:

- Find product details like size, type, and the category.
- Station their professional inspectors at the factories.
- Send the samples to the international clients before proceeding with mass production.
- Initiate the required changes if identified during the sampling phase.
- Check the reports to determine whether the report quality meets the required standards or not.
- Randomly check the finished products, including function checks and appearance checks.
- Keep the clients in loop with the status at the factories and warehouses.

b. Cheap prices are readily available

Since the sourcing agent located in China, they have access to numerous suppliers. They can negotiate prices and finally settle on a single, however affordable cost. The service charge is usually a percentage of the total cost of the purchase. The fee can range from 5% to 10% of order amount.

The sourcing agents help you with things like finding the right factory, speaking with manufacturers on your behalf and making sure you get a good price for your product. If the agent proposes a fair price and meets the quality standard, we will prefer these suppliers. In the end, what do we receive are quality products at wholesale prices. Doesn't this sound like a great deal?

c. shorter periods and more outcomes

The verified sourcing agents help you find an appropriate manufacturer for your product and then help arrange everything from checking samples down to signing manufacturing agreement. Today, everyone is at work. In less time, we must have greater productivity. This is only achievable if we work hard. China always has an effective team, who are available 24/7 to give you the most reliable supplier.

Shipping costs can be reduced significantly thanks to better arrangements and early planning done by the sourcing agents, so you can enjoy less time spent transporting goods from China to your location. This also means fewer resources are needed during this process making everything cheaper overall.


China has a complete supply chain in kitchen products supplies, experienced factories, and many procurement agencies that provide quality services. If you have this demand, you can completely transfer your purchasing needs to China, reduce your costs and increase your profits. We hope that this article is helpful and valuable to you. We know you'll make a good choice and find an excellent supplier for kitchen products made in China because we have shared with you the best tips for making this decision.

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