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How to Create Mockups in China Successfully?


How to Successfully Make 3D Models in China?

Prior to starting mass manufacturing, testing and design validation are beneficial. You may require a product concept to present to investors and start your Kickstarter campaign. A mockup is a detailed representation of the finished product, it makes the vision of designers a reality. Creating mockups in China is a crucial stage in creating a new product.

It is difficult to find a good mockup manufacturer in China if you do not know the right procedure. You should have comprehensive, production-ready documentation as well as a skilled China sourcing agent who can locate the ideal factory fast, work out a deal, and examine the order before shipping.

Here are some suggestions to help you create mockups in China if you are seeking manufacturers there.

1. Create your concept sketch

Designing your merchandise should be your first step. It is important that you put your ideas on paper. To present your ideas to others, the first step will involve creating sketches of your product concept. These sketches can be handwritten or can be made using digital tools. This is the very important step for any new product manufacturing. It is also crucial for fund raising.

2. Make a virtual mockup

Before a mockup can be created and tested, a digital drawing should be created on computer. You need to make sure it is effective in accordance with rules and technical requirements. If you are unfamiliar with this, a skilled prototype designer can be able to help you.

Designers typically use CAD drawings and PCBA schematics to create new products. They have the option of designing their items themselves or hiring a design company. You will receive your own blueprints after the design is complete, so you can start.

3. Build a physical mockup

The manufacturer will require this for marketing as well as the fabrication of your items. Your first mockup could either be a hand-made or perhaps 3D-printed miniature version of your product.

Before applying for a patent or moving on to the manufacturing stage, make sure your mockup is functional. You must locate a supplier in China that excels at engineering and prototyping produces high-quality work and is within your price range.

Verifying that all of the product's components can be produced is the second action to do. You must first buy or make the components before assembling a mockup. The intricacy of the mockups influences when they will be purchased.

You must determine whether the cost is manageable and whether some technical issues, such as the inability to get the parts in China, can be resolved.

Custom-made metal and plastic parts can occasionally be created without the need of expensive tooling.

Assembling the mockup is the third action to take. You will start assembling the parts after they are all finished. Assembly is crucial and may require adjustments.

Some problems, such as those with the overall appearance, functionality, and performance, may be discovered during the assembling process.

A few design and prototyping iterations are necessary to resolve all the major problems during this procedure.

4. Create your patent

Be sure to safeguard your design. Make sure your mockup is accurate to your design and at the quality you desire. It is very important to do a certain patent search or getting in touch with a patent attorney in case there is a concern about violation of patent rights.

5. Do market research

Proper understanding of the customers that you want to target is very important. Once the mockup is ready, the next task it to conduct market research for testing the functional sample. Understanding the customers’ desires is the goal.

Show as many potential buyers your mockup as you can and ask them to give their honest feedback on the product's quality, functionality, potential selling price, design, and packaging.

6. Package design

You should include a study of your packaging design of the product in your market research as it is very important. In China, it is not a hard job to do package sourcing for your custom product. However, we suggest that you use a local graphic designer. There are numerous reputable businesses that produce top-notch packaging designs.

7. Production

You are now prepared to order the production of your goods. Look for a reliable manufacturer in China and request a price quote for the finished, packaged item that includes shipping to your nation.

You must have collaborated with an engineer to generate the necessary production drawings, test those drawings by building trial run samples, and then make the necessary revisions to the drawings to make them final.

After the final mockups have been approved, tooling needs are to be ordered. Make sure you have the correct contract before you send money to tooling vendors. Additionally, it is crucial to validate articles created using new tools. Keep in mind to sign off when everything is okay.

If you want to prevent errors in production, you must test and validate. Spend some time testing things like compliance, robustness, performance, and essential features. Avoid jumping right into production. Problems are less expensive to fix if they are discovered before manufacturing starts.

Next steps to manufacturing in China

Finding the right factory to create mockups in China for your project is very important. Forming and sustaining partnerships in China can be challenging due to the country's different business culture. Consequently, you must locate a qualified sourcing firm in China that can assist you.

Make sure to properly test the production samples for fit, function, and finish after you have received them. It is crucial that you properly inspect the sample for any defects because what you see is what you will receive in production.

Following your approval of the sample, the remaining 50% of the moulds or tooling and a 30% deposit for the production run of parts would be transmitted to China.

In addition to the factory's internal quality inspection procedures, you must do a general check of your order once the manufacturing run is prepared.

For an additional cost, you can also use the services of an unbiased, 3rd party inspection company to check the shipment. You would receive a comprehensive written report from the inspection company that would include images.

Challenges faced while creating mockups in China

It is important to communicate when creating mockups. When someone does not understand the Chinese person's level of communication, a problem can occur. You should familiarize yourself with the language and communication skills before sending your drawings. The initial challenge can most definitely be lessened.

Another issue China faces is cost, particularly if you reside outside of China. It is because your regular trip expenses increase the budget for prototyping. Meetings and communications with designers or manufacturers are only a couple of the many reasons why people travel.

When it comes to prototyping, there is no guarantee that Chinese company will not steal your design to stab you in the back. For several Chinese enterprises, the IP issue has been a challenge.

Although China offers businesses various advantages in terms of prototyping, but you must be aware of China's difficulties with mockup manufacturing if you decide to go for it.

Even if they offer less expensive services, the difficulty turns out to be a drawback. Before deciding to have mockup created in China, you need make sure that you can overcome all these obstacles.


We do hope that by reading the above you have got a flavor of creating mockups in China to a certain extent. You can find several companies in China that will be ready to create mockups for you. However, you may get lost, or it may take a lot of time if you prefer to go on your own.

You may need the support of a sourcing company that is familiar with the language and culture of China, and professional in 3D prototyping industry.

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