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China product sourcing has been highly demanded as business organizations around the globe are looking for low-cost source. While an organization cannot manage everything, they need an agent to ensure successful trade deals. If you need product sourcing from China, we can assist you with our industry know-how in product sourcing. 

As a leading product sourcing company in China, we provide complete sourcing solutions to small enterprises. Right from searching factories, negotiation to get affordable prices, monitoring production to delivering products to their premises, our sourcing team follows a proven process to ensure the accuracy throughout the project. 

Our Process: How Do We Assist You?

Businesses around the world are striving to improve their ROI, customer retention and reduce operational costs. However, it requires professional assistance because the global market nowadays is struggling with rapid changes in the demand of customers. Here at Maple Sourcing, we have formulated a proven process to ensure that product sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery, everything is effective and fast as possible. We ensure the utmost accuracy and quality with reduced costs and delivery time. Here is how we assist you in accomplishing your organizational goals effectively.

1) Understand Your Needs

The first step of project initiation is to get an understanding of your requirements and what are your business objectives. Our professionals start by measuring production and quality and end up gathering information about quality and the issues you had faced previously.

2) Get Quotes from Manufacturers

We are one of the best product sourcing companies in China with a pool of manufacturers which enables us to render high-quality services quickly. Based on your requirements, we get quotes from multiple manufacturers and finalize the one based on quality and cost.

3) Sample Review

After you accept the quotation, we get physical samples per your requirements and send to you for approval. You can thoroughly review the samples, do function check and observe the workmanship. If necessary, you may share the samples with ordinary customers to get market feedbacks. Based on your findings, we make next round of samples until you are satisfied with them.

4) Trial Run

After you approve the samples, we arrange a trial run for small number of products. We discuss the crucial area of the project with the manufacturer after inspecting the products, and we will ensure the same quality during mass production. You may get more samples to double assure the quality.

5) Mass Production

Once you have confidence on everything, we start mass production. My QC professionals will stay online at the time and monitor the quality throughout the production, make sure every detail is controlled per specifications.

6) Delivery

We provide door to door delivery on your demand, by incorporating forwarders to pick up and deliver the products. Along with this, we manage product declaration, documentations, custom clearance, and certification. Once the pickup is done, we track the shipping process and provide updates to you.

Why Choose Us for Product Sourcing from China?

Maple Sourcing offers complete China Product Sourcing services around the world. Our solutions are tailor-made for the companies looking for product sourcing from China. From product manufacturing to quality assurance and delivery, we act like a one-stop destination for all your specific needs. 

Managing multiple suppliers remotely can be challenging and cause inevitable issues during production. As a leading product sourcing agent in China, we understand the value of quality services and manage everything professionally with our sourcing team based in China. We work in a close relationship with Chinese factories to manufacture your products in the expected quality.

What We Offer

  • Product Sourcing

    Supplier verification, due diligence check, product search, price negotiation, sample preparation.

  • Order Monitoring

    Sampling process, order validation, merchandizing control, schedule follow-up, daily communication.

  • Manufacturing Control

    Prototype development, trial run control, mass production control, online monitoring.

  • Quality Inspection

    First article evaluation, in process quality check, pre-shipment inspection, container loading check, lab testing.

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