Advantages for Overseas Businesses to Customize Products in China



‘China-chic’ is a phrase that denotes a style that is centred on China. It indicates how Chinese brands are becoming more popular. Before debating whether the phrase is appropriate or correct and the reasons for this, it's necessary to first determine who the most frequent customers of Chinese brands are.

Generation Z, or those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, have grown up with the internet and social media. They're progressing toward maturity one step at a time. They have become the powerful force that is driving China's consumer market.

Today's youngsters have access to a wide range of domestic and international brands like KFC, McDonald's, L'Oreal, etc. They are not researching foreign brands with a reverence like previous generations. Generation Z individuals pay close attention to their individualised desires because of their strong purchasing power and immersion in a material-rich culture. They're more confident than previous generations, capable of appreciating and demanding high-quality goods. 

As members of Generation Z take centre stage in the client market, brimming with confidence, personalities, and a sense of self-investment, they virtually validate the generation's gift and the future. This is a critical issue in the global economy. Whatever organisation, national or international, pays attention to Generation Z first and serves the group's needs will have a competitive edge. It is Chinese companies, not others, who truly respect the uniqueness of Generation Z's aspirations and proactively cater to their desires.

Customers in a digitally linked environment are far more aware of the products available and what others are buying for. As a result, some people have become pickier about the things they buy and have high expectations of brands in terms of service and product offers. According to Deloitte, 36% of customers expressed an interest in purchasing customized products or services, with 1 in 5 of these customers prepared to pay a 20% premium for such products and services. 

Customers are getting sophisticated and demanding personalized products in comparison to mass offerings. Companies can use customization and personalisation to communicate with existing customers and tap into new demographics. By incorporating these methods into their products and services, businesses can earn profit from the Gen Z clients.

Rising of E-Commerce Market

Old brands have already made their mark, some have lost in the game while some are still holding their position firmly. However old trends need to change with the upcoming demand of consumers. With age and environmental factors thoughts, perceptions, likeability, and perception are changing. Since today’s market is all about customizing and personalizing with consumers, it is good for novice brands to think on a different path.

Today’s market is all about digitization and social media. Ever since the pandemic broke, people are relying more on eCommerce than retail stores. It is a golden opportunity for novice brands to set their individuality among big sharks. Creating your label and line of products will help businesses take their e-procurement business to the next level. Indeed, launching their line of original items on the market could be beneficial if they follow all the requirements. A good plan for becoming a true business should be thoroughly examined, and only then should it be implemented. 

Why Sourcing From China? 

However, running a business is not that easy. It requires manpower and finances to build and manufacture the product. However, today sourcing products is believed to be the easiest way of saving money and cost. Note that sourcing from China is the cheapest way of saving money and getting the job done easily. Why?

The labour cost in China is cheaper than in any other country. They have the desired manpower and inventory. China's market is famous for electrical parts, therefore the majority of large businesses in this sector buy inventory at a cheaper rate and source it from China. Some brands also customize products in China because the labour cost is cheap. 

However, the major drawback for these companies is travelling internationally and the language barrier. Thus, companies also hire a China import agent to ensure a smooth process. These sourcing companies control everything from inventory to the quality of the final product, keeping the business in the loop. They work as a mediator for companies that are unable to travel or send someone for inspection. Hiring a sourcing agent is another way of saving money for frequent traveling and rejecting final products due to quality issues. 


Building a Brand with China 

It's wonderful to come up with a custom-designed product that customers will love. The only disadvantage is that we frequently get lost in the stages of product design. We tend to lose focus once we start looking for a factory for original design manufacturing, developing a product, and putting it together. When you have a great idea, it's easy to get stuck deciding what your brand should look like, what your selling approach should include, and who can design your website for you. 

The problem is that if you focus on all of this before determining where your plan will be manufactured, you aren't going to get very far. If you need to develop a full new customized product plan, the first thing you should do is to choose the right manufacturer. Despite what you may have heard about current Chinese manufacturing issues, customize products in China because it is a fantastic way to bring your design to life. If you haven't examined this option before, there are several compelling reasons to do so now. 

So, before you spend a lot of money on graphic and web designers to create your "look," be sure you have a product to sell that comes from a high-quality manufacturer.

Once you have found a Chinese supplier, you can start the stage of creating your brand. 

How to Create your Brand 

If you want to create a successful brand, you must first:

Logo Printing 

You've purchased a product and would like your logo to appear on it. In industries ranging from electrical appliances to clothes, most suppliers can print a buyer's logo on the items. It's also reasonably priced. While prices vary depending on logo size, colour, and product, the expense of branding has a negligible impact on the bottom line.

Customize Design 

Nothing can make a product stand out unless it has a unique design. However, designing a product from the ground takes time and necessitates a significant amount of product data. Always remember, good quality has no precise definition. Rather, the businessperson must provide the Chinese manufacturer with extremely detailed product specifications. Dimensions, colours, materials, components, product certification criteria, and other quality requirements are needed for suppliers to produce customize products in China.

Product Packaging 

Customers want products that are not only functional but also attractive. The product packaging is frequently the first thing potential customers notice. Therefore, it is important to make first impression positive.

A product's packaging can be labelled in a variety of ways. The simplest, and frequently most cost-effective, option is to have a logo written on normal product packaging (i.e. non-custom design). a business can design their product packaging. However, it is not as simple as it may appear. Tools like expensive injection moulds may be required for custom-built product packaging. This can be the case all the time when creating bespoke plastic packaging.

Many small firms purchase no-name products from Chinese distributors. This can be the case when branded product packaging makes a lot of sense. It allows a businessperson to finish a product without interfering with the manufacturing process. 

A product packaging style should also be compliant with applicable product labelling rules. Product labelling is frequently an element of product safety guidelines, such as cerium in the European Union and CPSIA in the United States. Products with incorrect labelling may be subject to a forced recall. For many small firms, this is a significant loss.

However, you can make things easier. When you order the first package, you can appoint a sourcing agent. This company will double-check that the labelling regulations apply to your goods and that specify exactly what you want to know about the packaging and other manufacturing processes before creating a product packaging.

Create a Brand

There are a few steps in the manufacturing process to keep in mind, and you'll need to find a reliable provider who can produce a good-quality product with the necessary certifications to sell on the market.

Requesting a customized product is frequently expensive and time-consuming. As a result, it's time-consuming to communicate all your specifications with the supplier and to specify exactly how you want that product to be. Therefore, it is best to contact Chinese vendors. You can buy customize products in China based on your specifications because:

• As mentioned above, many companies throughout the world already do this, and Chinese suppliers can provide this service.

• Chinese producers are skilled in transforming current products and creating custom-made products from existing ones. This means you can save time and money by having the suppliers use identical prototypes rather than having to create a new one from scratch. 

• Chinese manufacturers are extremely adaptable, and they can redesign a product in a short period and at a low cost. When transportation costs and custom duty charges are considered, products created in China cost the same as those made in other Western countries.

Once you've found a manufacturing warehouse that will provide you with a fair price, on-time service, and a high-quality product, you can focus on smart marketing strategies to build a positive image of your company online and offline to attract new clients.


Creating Brand While Concentrating on Suppliers in China

The Chinese manufacturing industry is highly specialised, and its manufacturing is fast and cost-efficient. Whatever industry you're in, you'll be able to find a Chinese supplier capable of producing a wide range of custom products. If you're considering taking this step, it's important to grasp the key differences between OEM and ODM products:

• OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) products have more of a personalised design, with customized containers and specific materials.

• ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) products have previously been manufactured in standard materials and parts to which you can add your logo and make minor changes to personalise them.

If you have a small business and want to start a custom product line, it is suggested to go with an ODM product because it will be unique and original while not costing too much in terms of design and production.

Chinese suppliers excel in meeting consumer requirements. Chinese factories are like laboratories that can provide buyers with a manufacturing facility. The mechanism will function perfectly if the business provides explicit and exact specifications, thereby receiving customize products in China. 

Benefits of ODM Products

• You can acquire your merchandise faster since making them is easier. 

• You don't have to provide specifications and too many requirements as you would for custom-made items.

• The production factory is already familiar with the assembly chain, which means that assembly is quicker and less expensive because the moulds are already in use.

• For a provider, it is far easier, less hazardous, and less expensive to supply ODM products, and they can be produced quickly, thus the MOQ (Minimum Order Requirement) for ODM products is lower than the one demanded by OEM products.

If you want to look for a Chinese supplier, check the online sites that work as a yellow directory for Chinese suppliers. Narrow down your list by specifying the product category and choosing a few suppliers that match your needs and budget. This way you will have a list of suppliers to communicate with. 

As China is expanding in technology, it is easier to choose from a wide range of ODM products. Several Chinese suppliers are readily available at a cheaper price due to cut-throat competition. Unfortunately, the sad part is that some of them are scammers who have destroyed the image of the Chinese market. 

Therefore, appointing a sourcing agent keeps your product and money safe. They initiate everything from inventory to product supply. Behaving as a mediator, they keep the business and the supplier in the loop. Don’t compromise, there are endless suppliers in the market, you will get someone of your choice that will work within your budget and provide quality products within the time frame. 

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