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Key Factors to Find a Reliable Sourcing Company


Key Factors to Find a Reliable Sourcing Company

Are you a wholesaler? Do you have a shop on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Shopify, Shopee, or Lazada? Are you still confused about how to find the best price and high-quality products to get more positive reviews and repurchase? Are you working with Chinese suppliers?

As the economy continues to develop rapidly, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. How to purchase the most satisfactory products for customers at the most appropriate price in the shortest time has become an issue that buyers are paying increasing attention to and urgently needs to solve.

Procurement usually requires many steps, such as identifying suppliers, determining starting quantities (MOQ), determining prices, determining logistics and return mechanisms, etc. Currently, more and more business owners choose purchasing agents. Especially for business owners in developed countries, they will choose sourcing companies in China (agents) who have global sourcing services because of their high performance. 

A professional sourcing company can help business owners to solve these problems. We candidly introduce the details of the concept of agency. 

I. What is a sourcing company?

A sourcing company is a type of service provider which handles product procurement operations for the buyer, as it’s cheap, efficient, and reliable, it continues to be recognized by more enterprises and becomes a new choice for many businesses to reduce procurement costs.

Over the years, verified sourcing companies have been widely praised by customers for their low price, high quality, and professional integrity.


The answer to the question of which sourcing company is the most cost-effective depends on a variety of factors.  For China sourcing agentthe advantage of economies of scale allows customers to enjoy more competitive prices. Currently, sourcing agency in China has the ability to provide one-stop services, including market research, supplier selection, quality control, logistics arrangements, etc. These professional services help customers save time and costs and reduce procurement risks.

II. Reasons to hire a sourcing company.

1) Professional knowledge and experience

China has a vast territory and rich resources. It is the second largest economy in the world and plays an increasingly important role in the international community.

There are more than 660 cities in China, and every city has its own specialty industry. As one of Shenzhen sourcing agents, what we maplesourcing do is to find the most suitable factories for your business in the shortest time. A complete supply chain process is conducted to ensure the smooth delivery of orders.

The experience of a sourcing company is crucial. In China, many famous sourcing companies have helped thousands of clients to complete the orders over the past 20 years, and a lot of experience has been accumulated.


2) Easy and effective communication

Many Chinese factories specialize in manufacturing, and their products are of superior quality, competitive price, and prompt delivery time. But they don’t have the platform to communicate with foreign customers. Most of their orders are placed by local clients in China.

A sourcing company is a bridge between foreign clients and Chinese factories. They can communicate with foreign clients efficiently, including material, production, quality, function, style, packaging, lead time, after-sale service and so on. Generally speaking, business owners choose purchasing agents to save time or already have experience working with agents. In many cases, China sourcing agent fees are suitable because they are more cost-effective.

One might be a master in his own professional field, but nowadays, teamwork is more and more important, communication is critical in business. Whether it is communication between purchasing agents and foreign clients, or communication between purchasing agents and Chinese suppliers, it is particularly important in the industry of import and export.


3) Supply chain management

If you are going to purchase multiple kinds of items, and delivery time is urgent, you need to spend lots of time to communicate with different suppliers, and you could be concerned about the quality. What’s more, the shipping cost may be expensive if you deliver them one by one. You could be frustrated about all these matters. A sourcing company can help you with all these problems. They can source all these items at the same time, arrange inspection of goods, and deliver the goods all together. A good service provider of direct sourcing from China has a mature global supplier management and delivery system, which will efficiently help business owners complete the procurement work faster than they can do it themselves.

If you have a shipment but are worried about the quality of the products, you can hire someone on the ground to conduct quality inspection for you. A reputed sourcing company can do quality checks prior to, during, and after production, so you can rest assured about quality of the goods.


III. What to look at for a reliable sourcing company?

1) Professional and experienced team

An excellent sourcing company has a lot of experience in product sourcing and quality control. They have a lot of long-term suppliers in their database and can place your orders efficiently. A complete supply chain system can ensure the normal delivery of your orders, and an experienced management team well monitor the whole process, and solve the issues which may happen in the operations. Also, it is very important to communicate effectively with the clients and the suppliers.


2) Prompt and accurate reply

A professional sourcing company can reply to you promptly and accurately via emails, messengers, and video conference. They will source the suitable manufacturers and communicate with them on your behalf. The full details of your order could be confirmed in a short time, so it saves a lot of time for production and transportation.


3) Competitive price

Price is one of the most important factors in business. Reliable sourcing companies can help you find the most competitive price and save money. What’s more, they have long-term and stable suppliers who will give the greatest support. The cooperation has been established for many years, so they are good partners for you. If you have anything in need, they will source many factories, and choose the suitable one with the best possible price for you, without sacrifice in quality and service.

For sourcing agent fees, it is also an important perspective for business owners. When choosing a service provider, business owners must determine the composition of service fees, such as which are basic service fees and which are additional charges. An important advantage of our company Maple sourcing is the transparency and reasonableness of service fees, which helps build trust and long-term cooperative relationships between both parties. As a sourcing agent doing global sourcing in China, we also accept to custom products made in China. Our product prices, service prices and product quality are second to none in the industry.

4) Quality control

Quality is of great significance to both online and offline shop owners. If the products are in good quality, customers will be willing to buy them again when needed. The products can also be recommended to their friends and relatives. A professional sourcing company should have a strong team for quality control. They can conduct factory audit before the bulk production, and will conduct a thorough inspection on every product on production line. Before shipment, they will arrange professional QC inspectors to check the goods and send you written reports. The shipment will only be arranged with a PASS inspection report and gets your approval.


5) Suitable shipping methods

It is very convenient for shipping by air, but the cost is relatively high. If your package is small and light, then it is okay to choose air freight. Sourcing companies can provide suitable shipping methods at competitive prices, as they have long-term relationship with shipping companies. You don’t have to worry about the delivery, as they will handle the shipment operations from the start to the end.


6) After-sale service

After-sale service is very important because it can determine whether the customers will purchase the products again. Five-star reviews will attract more customers to buy the products. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that the package is not damaged, and the product is at good condition. A reputed sourcing company can guarantee that if any defective products are reported, they will provide free replacements immediately.


IV. Conclusion

Finding a reliable sourcing company is more and more important nowadays. As mentioned above, there are several key factors for you to hire a sourcing company. If you have cooperated with a reliable sourcing company, then you can have a lot of time to focus on your main business, such as marketing and sales. An excellent sourcing company has professional industrial and product knowledge, dedicated team, reliable supply chain, strict product inspection procedures, and worry-free after-sales service to ensure satisfaction of your orders. Also, they can provide efficient, accountable, and superior service to you.

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