How Can China Sourcing Agents Help Your Global Procurement?


插图1.jpgChina is known as the business hub of everything starting from small toys to big machinery. Many big businesses love to get their business to reach this destination, as China is a business brand in the world. The country has even become a destination for many start-ups to get the right push towards the business market in the world. 

China is an Asian country with a hold on diverse businesses worldwide. Hence, almost every company wishes to start outsourcing their products and everything else in this hub of manufacturers. The outsourcing companies in China receive requests from hundreds to thousands of companies that are willing to try their luck in the Chinese market. Many outsourcing companies came into existence in China to help such companies.  

Product procurement 

Product development in China will require procurement of the required raw materials from all the sources. China has become a source that can procure the required raw materials from the developing countries around the globe at the best prices. This is not possible for all the product sourcing companies as the China sourcing agents are experts in the field. 

Some businesses can procure such raw materials from different sources on their own as they have been in business for many decades now, but it is not the same with some companies as they are still in their budding stages. Such businesses are medium-sized industries and require help from an outsourcing company in China, as the Chinese outsourcing companies are the right people to help them. 

How procurement procedure works 

The term ‘procurement of the materials’ means the work of an outsourcing agent to locate the suppliers of any required product from the countries that have the required raw materials in the required quantities. In the case of procurement in China, the outsourcing companies will not look for one source and will spread their web worldwide till they find many sources for the required raw material. 

The outsourcing agents in China are the ideal choices for your company if they have the below-mentioned qualities for product procurement. 

  • Best Knowledge about the hubs that manufactures the required materials, especially in the home country of their agents

China is a hub of manufacturers of almost everything. The product that they manufacture is many and you name the product and they have it for your business.

When there is a requirement for any product, the agent that you have hired for your work can start inquiring about all the sources and can get you top-quality products at affordable prices.

  • Best communication skills and also hold on different languages

Every outsourcing company in China should have experts that are not only well versed in speaking the native language, but also should have a hold on English and many other such languages. China is a hub of almost all manufacturing sectors from around the globe and the agent that you hire to do your bidding should be the one that can easily blend into any such business environment without any problem. 插图2.jpg

China is a factory of the world with a cheaper labour sector to work on the best products production. Your China sourcing agents will find Chinese manufacturers easily and get your work done. 

  • Coordination skills are like a bonus 

While securing the best deal in the Chinese marketing sector, the outsourcing agent that you hire should be able to coordinate with each source accordingly. The coordination skills and handling the business friends become mandatory for a business to successfully flourish in the long run, and the sourcing agent that you hire will be your representative in such cases. Hence, excellent coordination skills are mandatory in the agent that you hire. 

  • Awareness of all rules and regulations as set by the Chinese government 

While procuring the materials from any source, especially from another country, some rules and terms should be fulfilled. This is to make sure that there are no legal issues that might arise in the future days while doing business with any company. The procurement agents from your end should be able to fulfil all such roles while doing their part for your business. 

The added requirement in handling all such protocols with the foreign countries while product procurement includes making an in-person visit and dealing with the other party face-to-face. 

Why hire the outsourcing team? 

Here are some benefits of hiring an outsourcing team for your company to procure products from China in bulk.

  • Help your company form better connection with your suppliers 

The outsourcing agents in China will have worked with multiple manufacturers or might be still working with so many sources. Hiring such China sourcing agents to help with your business is like you making a connection with all the businesses, which they are working with or have already worked with in their previous jobs. 

  • Native team is an added advantage 

The native team of Chinese agents for outsourcing the product procurement is like you doing business directly in the Chinese market. They will tackle all the issues that might arise while outsourcing your business in China, including the issue of a language barrier between you and your consumers. 

  • Cost and time will be saved 

Importing raw materials from any source, especially from other countries, has its own set of risk factors that you should understand. However, with the help of the outsourcing agents in China, you can escape from facing such risks, as the team that you have hired will be your representatives throughout the strategic sourcing process.  

The team of outsourcing agents will focus on the quality of the products and will decide what works best for your demand. 

  • Shipping coordination service is like cherry on top

After sourcing the required product from any source, the next step is getting the raw materials to the production house to proceed with the next step. During this step, many protocols should be followed along with finding the best shipping service to get the products back home from their source at affordable prices. 

The outsourcing agents and shipping companies are like the allied forces and will help you get your products efficiently within the required timeline. 

Some qualities that outsourcing agents in China should have 

The Chinese outsourcing service that you hire should have these qualities. 

  • Choosing the best supplier 

  • Selecting a source with top-quality production control 

  • Sample order marketing in the right sources 

  • Shipping at the right time 

  • Drawing the best sales agreement.

  • Auditing the suppliers’ industries if and when required 

Trustworthiness is the key to any business. The companies that require an outsourcing service in China are the ones that cannot personally handle business in the country and hence need a helping source. The China sourcing agents that they hire to overlook their business in China are like the representatives and should be trustworthy. 

插图3.jpgTrust between the companies and the outsourcing agents is formed when there are no hidden transactions. The outsourcing agents should be transparent with their commissions and fees with the companies that they do business with, and the business sector should be transparent with the outsourcing agents about what exactly they are looking for from the latter. 

The agents that work with the outsourcing job in China should be accountable for all the transactions that they do on behalf of the company that they are working for. Here, the main work is not just getting the product to the destination, but also includes making sure that the products that are finalised are the ones that reached the manufacturing sector. 

The important quality that the China sourcing agents should have is the method of concealing anything related to the organisation that they are working with. When it comes to product procurement, many secrets will be shared between both the parties and such information should stay just between the two ends. The secrets should never get out to a third party till the deal between the production and the outsourcing agent is completed. 

When does a company need an outsourcing help?

Many instances will make it necessary for a company to look for an outsourcing service in China. They are listed below. 

  • Not enough dedicated staff to handle the outsourcing job 

Almost all small-scale businesses will not have enough help for the product outsourcing job. Such companies will require help from the Chinese outsourcing services. 

  • Multiple supplier sourcing 

In case of many product productions by a company, it is difficult to handle the work with one outsourcing company as each product outsourcing should be done equally on the market. It is when the outsourcing service working in China is required. 

Some companies that have flourished in some business destinations such as Singapore, the UK, and The US, etc., require outsourcing companies in China as it is not possible for in-person visits now and then and also when needed. Hence, they look for help from such sources that can make their work easier. 

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