How Chinese Custom Products Can Help You Create Your Brand?


插图1.jpgEstablishing one’s unique brand, or range of goods can propel your online organization to new heights. Certainly, establishing your personal brand of unique items on the market may be extremely beneficial if all of the proper measures are taken.

An excellent idea should be carefully studied before it can be applied effectively to be an actual enterprise. This post will give you very important knowledge on how to develop your brand using custom products made in China, which will help you stick apart from the crowd.

Steps for Sourcing Custom Products Made in China

The Chinese manufacturing industry is extremely specialized, and its products are quick and inexpensive, owing largely to the great mechanization of its plants.

1. Having a foundation

It's just something you will like to be certain of before committing your time and resources to manufacture. To assist you to personalize your discussions, undertake a comparative study, or look at things other companies with comparable ideas have been doing to differentiate themselves.

2. Building a supplier list

If you are thinking of getting custom products from China, prepare to invest some months choosing your ideal manufacturing supplier, followed by many weeks completing ideas, making castings, and starting the production process. It can be intimidating, to begin with, nothing when attempting to build connections that will contribute to better industrial cooperation.

Initially, every manufacturer you identify appears to be your sole option.  As you build connections and negotiate with some of the most successful automakers, having a huge list can help to alleviate the sense of shortfall.

3. Make prototype

This is the crucial stage in demonstrating to your prospective provider how concerned you are about this future product enterprise and. They will help you in how to get a product custom-made in China. Because you'll need a finished 3D drawing to ensure the vendor completely understands whatever this "new" object in your mind is going to be.

4. Importance of sourcing

A sourcing agent will monitor your specifications for Benefit, etc., and will continue to find the manufacturer for you unless it is successful. Because they are in the process of localization, they have a better understanding of the firm and are better able to persuade and urge.

If you are unsure of what the manufacturing process requires for the goods, the sourcing broker will be of great assistance.

5. Getting products from China

If you want to get custom products made in China, Maple Sourcing, a professional China sourcing company based in Shenzhen, offers you the service of merchandise sourcing and quality checks. People can effectively acquire goods from China by engaging in Maple Sourcing, which saves the burden.

Maple Sourcing makes sure that the items you order to be manufactured are delivered to your desired destination on time, with high quality. They have quality control inspectors to make sure the quality of the products meets the standards. They make sure you choose the right supplier for yourself.

You can purchase custom products in China with their expertise. You get to leverage their knowledge and efficient strategies in manufacturing your product. They provide assured quality, detail-oriented items, and excellent customer service. They promise the highest level of precision and quality while keeping prices and delivery times to a minimum.

6. Set up the production process

Now to procure custom products made in China, you will have to provide your supplier with all the right specifications of your product so that everything is made according to that. You need to list out everything so that the suppliers don’t make any errors while manufacturing the item. There should rarely be any errors or mistakes.

7. Schedule visits to the factory

A recurring worry in any new partnership with an international provider is that speaking over quite a long distance can lead to misconceptions and significance loss. To know more about how to get a product custom made in China, you will need to visit and see the process for yourself to understand it well.

Before starting the trip, it is vital to have a strong grasp of your item and demands. While a prototype or 3D model is very useful in conveying, many organizations have experts who will collaborate with you to meet your expectations and offer a way, or even develop an item depending on your specifications.

8. Networking in China

You shouldn’t learn only about how to acquire custom products from China, but rather building relationships with people. People in China value faith a lot. They seldom accept strangers and would only pursue commercial opportunities that emerge with suggestions from inside their group. If anyone wishes to be famous, you must cultivate connections.

You will like to hire a trustworthy local partner who can get you in contact with existing networks. If you know anyone who has strong connections in China, then it is the moment to enlist their assistance and obtain access to the connection.

9. Negotiating in China

You must be ready to be tolerant and preserve your sense of humor throughout any discussion. Never criticize or condemn something throughout the procedure because it will be interpreted as a disrespect to their firm. What you have to do is offer your counsel as ideas for development that will result in both of you succeeding.

To purchase custom products in China, negotiation is about developing a foundation for long-term collaboration and issue solving, not merely crafting a one-time contract. In China, bargaining is considered as a continuing activity that takes into consideration actual issues as well as background.

10. Using intermediaries

If you think the process of getting custom products made in China is easy, it isn’t. Strong conflicts can be conveyed in a non-threatening way by engaging a peacemaker. Anything that is extremely advantageous in China, where peace and the safeguarding of one's "face" are critical for a successful business arrangement.

This can be a useful tactic for dealing with a relationship-oriented society. By connection, the confidence and good faith created can be transferred on to you which makes the business more humane.

11. Meeting the suppliers in person

This factor is essential since it portrays an emotional aspect to the contract. A business is a contract, but if you want the manufacturer to understand you properly and make negotiations at a later stage, you should visit them. Personal trust cannot be established until the time is spent face-to-face.

Attempting to close a deal via long-distance conversation will be uncomfortable and time-consuming. Enjoy some time traveling and participating in events to socialize with people, this will create a personal relationship with your dealers. Later on, the business discussion will become smoother and faster.

12. Final agreement

The Chinese consider shift as a perpetual process and a regular occurrence, allowing them to manage duties in a much more flexible manner.  All cases appear interrelated during talks, and if one item alters, all things are negotiable or revision.

It is critical that you stay solid and calm if you are uneasy with living in a condition of uncertainties. You must ensure that this is a variation in style.

13. Skills needed for your product to be made

When your idea is feasible, you have to search for the skills that will be needed to make the product. You should decide whether it should be mechanical, electrical, etc. You have to decide whether you want a small, medium, or large-sized factory depending on the demand and output you need.

You will have to assign the development role to somebody as well. Whether an R&D company will be handling it, or OEM manufacturer, or a trading company with competent engineering attributes.

插图2.jpgFactors to consider while selecting a supplier

You must make note of the following 3 points to select the right supplier.

1. Price

Price is crucial, but don't purchase just because it's the cheapest. What you want from the provider right now is endurance and expertise, as well as the ability to combine value and affordability. So, instead of seeking the cheapest cost, a reasonable amount is preferable at this time.

2. Communication

Rather than just attempting to press you for the sale, a good provider should concentrate on knowing your requirements and being eager to assist you better. Choose companies who write decent English, respond quickly, talk digitally and via skype to give you a guided check of their organization, and so on.

3. Trial quality

The quality of mass manufacturing is usually determined by the quality of the sample. Many vendors will come up with an excuse that the trial is bad because it is a test, and they will perform well in large-scale production. Do not make your purchase until you are completely satisfied with the demo.

Advantages of Manufacturing in China

The process above showed you how to get custom products made in China and the whole process, we will be mentioning some of the benefits as well.

1. Cheaper costs

The main reason many businesses pick China is that it is typically considerably cheaper to have things produced there. Labor costs might be reduced by up to 80%, depending on the complexity of your concept.

Nevertheless, you must also consider transportation and taxes, which do not apply if you produce locally. Remember that all costs are adjustable, so be proactive in your bargaining.

2. Huge output volume and fast income

Many manufacturers in China are renowned for their great output and short turnaround times, allowing them to fulfill huge orders rapidly.  And it is the low labor expenses that are key here. You can hire more workers to attain high-volume tasks.

If your supplier says they can fulfill your transaction in three months, it will most likely be done in that time frame. Yet, there are significant moral concerns when it pertains to low-wage labor, and not all institutions are similarly oppressive. 

3. Opportunities of expansion

Get your goods created in China, and odds are you'll be able to sell them in your home country. And because it is a large market with probable customers, you may expect significant profits.

Businesses that outsource to China do much more than simply monitor the production process; they also monitor the results. It is becoming simpler, quicker, and less expensive to penetrate the Chinese marketplace.

4. Friendlier customer service

Chinese companies desire your company and will frequently go to great lengths to obtain it. What you should take note of is that levels of service may alter after you agree to terms, so you should communicate clearly. 

插图3.jpgVarious Places You Can Find Chinese Manufacturers

1. Online directories

This is a terrific, low-cost starting point. Thousands and thousands of companies' profiles may be found in these web directories. There are many Alibaba-verified producers with excellent success reviews. Because of their great charter score, the site is simple to use and provides a pleasant service.

You should look for producer groups rather than specific factories while using these web directories. Manufacturing is commonly done in regional regions in China. Although online directories can be used to find suppliers, it is essential to visit companies in person. Since many of the best manufacturers will not be on the internet.

2. On foot finding

The advantages of utilizing this method are enormous. You'll get a personal view of their premises and products, which can eliminate a significant amount of danger since you know precisely what you’re receiving.

You will have the chance to expand your network and strengthen ties. You may also discover that many of the greatest firms aren't included on the sites mentioned above, then you may find a great alternative.

3. Trade shows

Visit trade shows in your sector and connect with other customers and vendors as an alternative to seeking. Check out the Canton Fair, China's biggest procurement trade event. There are other trade fairs in the United States with strong Chinese participation.  These trade exhibitions are usually industry-specific.

4. Trade magazines

Begin reading trade periodicals to gain a sense of who the finest vendors are over a period of time.

5. Relying on search engines

When looking on Google, you'll need to utilize a range of search phrases: producer, distributor, reseller, wholesaler, and dealer are all terms that may be used equally, so try various types of queries. So, keep juggling and browsing to find the right supplier.

If you know somebody who knows Chinese, ask them to assist you with looking on This is the Chinese equivalent of Google, and you'll frequently discover that companies that don't appear on Google have a big following on

6. Recommendation

Referrals will provide you with the best prospects, and respectable Chinese manufacturers want to work with those that come highly rated. So, if you have any contacts in the sector, you should utilize them.

7. Agents

If looking for and purchasing individually from a source appears to be too perilous, you might seek the assistance of a commission-based China sourcing broker with knowledge. They will assist you in identifying and verifying suppliers, as well as in facilitating contact.

Do not depend on them to successfully handle quality control or to ensure that operations are completed at a low cost.

8. Service providers

Choosing a sourcing supplier can be extremely beneficial if you are seeking for somebody to assist you through the planning ordeal. Vendor selection, pricing bargaining, inventory control, quality control governance, transportation, and shipment control are some of the solutions they could provide.

9. Factory tours

Numerous organizations provide Chinese factory visits. They will organize your visit after you have studied companies of interest: transportation, hiring an interpreter, organizing lodging, airport pick-ups, and transit to and from facilities.

These excursions can help you visit a lot of factories in a short amount of time. Some businesses will even send an account executive with you to trade shows.

10. Trading firms

Trading companies have several sources to wholesale production businesses thus their prices will be greater. You will probably have difficulty locating data regarding the distribution chain, and you will have to be on the alert for item quality problems.

11. Getting results

You can use these strategies to get the outcome you want for your business. You will contact the suppliers, understand the culture and supplier’s understanding of the product prototype. During the production process, you will have to check the quality and defects in the products to further process them.

Always stay in check with the delivery schedule and time so that they leave the factory on time and are shipped with a handle.  You have to apply for your trademark and patent as well to start manufacturing the items.


Even though this process can be a lengthy and difficult one, if you do proper research and have a basic idea of what you are aiming for, the process will get easier with time. If you can’t handle the operations and finding suppliers easily, it is better to take the help of a sourcing agent to get their advice on things.

Throughout the research procedure, you will need to be diligent. Don't expect to locate the appropriate solution right away - it may take considerable effort to discover your greatest alternative.

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