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Today, there is a prevailing notion that supply chain engage in competition on behalf of companies. The importance of product procurement to a company's long-term viability and expansion has increased. For almost everybody that sells online, a faster time to market, better product and service quality, and lower operational expenses are game-changers.

A product sourcing strategy that lowers uncertainty, ambiguity, and market volatility is especially necessary for buyers who rely on the enormous prospects offered by China, the world's factory.

Finding a supplier from a low-cost country may appear simple on paper, but it is rarely that way, and bad choices might ruin your chances of gaining traction right away.

Knowing what goes into global sourcing from China usually makes buyers more receptive to working with a purchasing agency in China who has contacts in the major manufacturing zones.

What is a China purchasing agent?

A purchasing agent, also known as a sourcing agency, helps customers find manufacturers of goods that are offered at relative low price. The agent contacts numerous producers to find the item you require and earns a percentage of the order's total value. A distributor, on the other hand, buys goods at a discount and marks them up for sale.

You can get the following services from a purchasing agency in China.

1. Finding the right supplier

Coordination with suppliers to western retailers can be done by a China sourcing agency who has been in operation continuously for a few years. Depending on what you are selling, you might be able to strike a deal with a producer who both produces the goods you require and is accustomed to western commercial communication pattern.

A sourcing agent can contact different factories and find the one who can produce the identical item for less money. Utilizing their production capabilities will help you raise your profit margin.


2. Working out the price

Because they speak a different language, dealing with Chinese vendors might be scary. Putting technical specifications and quality expectations in the contract will not be sufficient when you need to express them.

The Chinese vendors’ professional connections are founded on friendship and mutual trust at the same time.

It is a little counterproductive, but it can be resolved with regular interaction and local language talks. Your China supplier will benefit greatly from the assistance of a sourcing agent in learning everything they ought to know about your goods and company.

You will need a representative in China to persuade the supplier to reduce the price by a suitable amount because price negotiations won't take place over the course of one phone call.

A deal will probably be closed more quickly if the buyer can visit the supplier in person rather than negotiating over the phone, Zoom meeting, or email from a distant time zone.

The most valuable resource you will be conserving is time; the earlier work on your product starts, the faster you can bring it to market and generate the revenue necessary to keep your business afloat.

3. Safeguarding your interests

At various phases of manufacturing, a China purchasing agent checks on your product in the plant. Problems with samples or raw materials can be resolved as soon as possible.

If the products failed to meet your requirement,  you can, of course, refuse to pay or come to a different agreement, but you should never be in this position. Working with a reputable manufacturer considerably minimises the likelihood of experiencing product quality disappointments.

4. Supply and delivery management

You must be aware of the lead periods and delivery dates set by your manufacturer if you want to manage your inventory effectively. This assumes even greater significance if you source from an international supplier and if specific clients or orders fall under a delivery priority schedule.

As your sourcing agent is involved throughout the entire production process, they can help your order stay on schedule and maintain genuine open lines of communication with your supplier, ensuring that any unforeseen delays are instantly communicated.

In the worst case, arbitration can be led by your sourcing agency, and mutual concessions can be reached.

The purchasing agency in China can put you in touch with a supplier who is more suitable for your new requirements if your product requirements have changed and you want to stop working with your present supplier.

With a sourcing agent on your side, you can adapt to the ups and downs of business with more flexibility. After all, a good procurement is crucial to your company's success.

5. Demonstrating your green credentials

More than any other generation, millennials are more likely to spend more on environmentally friendly goods. Overall, consumer preferences tend to favour environmentally friendly goods.

With social issues and environmental campaigning influencing consumer attitudes and decisions, perceptions have grown to be quite important.

You, as a buyer, must investigate the factors that influence product purchases. Putting your green credentials on display is a smart business move if you consider sustainability, ethical factory working conditions, and social impact to be influencing factors.

The carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of a provider can be assessed through sustainable sourcing. It can involve making an attempt to procure recycled raw materials, improve the energy efficiency of production operations, or properly dispose of hazardous waste.

There are ways to improve shipping's sustainability, such as reducing air freight, grouping shipments, employing hybrid or electric vehicles for road freight, or taking part in carbon offset schemes.

To buy from China, hire a Chinese sourcing agent

You should always choose a purchasing agency in China if you want to eliminate import issues. It might be best to use a China sourcing agent if you lack import knowledge.

They provide you effective service, great sourcing, a dependable supplier, lower-cost manufacturing, and secure transportation. One thing you must take seriously is paying them extra for the satisfying service.

1. Keep your business safe in China

The sourcing agent is experienced and have extensive knowledge of global sourcing to keep your company secure in China sourcing. Before your products are shipped to your nation, they guarantee every step of the process.

Misunderstandings in communication will be eliminated, and time and money waste will be reduced, by the security of the items, shipment, and payment.


2. Help you properly define your product and supplier

A sourcing agency is an excellent suggestion if you are still struggling to come up with a product idea. They support to customize products in China.

Additionally, they assist you in checking the quantity and calibre of your merchandise. They will offer you skilled suppliers at the best price. Your sales are getting more of your attention and effort.

3. Save time and money and increase efficiency

Time is the most valuable resource in business. You can always generate more value and money with it. Avoid wasting it! Yes, a China sourcing agency charges for its services.

However, with their knowledge, you can prevent costly and time-consuming errors. You can profit from their broad partner network and understanding of the Chinese sourcing market.

They can visit possible manufacturers or sourcing partners for your needs quickly and conveniently because they are based in mainland China and frequently travel between the major commercial centres.

Their responsibility is to negotiate for you, which is typically in their best interests as it frequently forms a part of their compensation (commission).

4. Source high-quality products at right price

You are normally seeking for competitive purchase prices at good to high quality as a western corporation. Because they have expertise working with multinational corporations, sourcing agents are familiar with their basic needs.

They are aware of the kind of data and organisational structure needed for you to approve a sourcing contract and be pleased with the deliverable.

5. Avoid misunderstandings because of cultural differences

Because sourcing agents are fluent in Chinese, they can communicate and negotiate with potential producers and factories without the use of a translation.

This helps to minimise miscommunications, which are common, especially in China and among Chinese people, due to the stark differences in language and culture.

However, more crucially, a Chinese sourcing agent is knowledgeable about Chinese business protocol, especially how to conduct negotiations.

There are a lot more traps than you might think. Similarly, sourcing agents are fluent in English and may give you proposals and product information in your own tongue.

How can you get good agents in China?

Agents come in a variety of forms, including buying agents, inspection agents, and shipping agents. But regardless of the kind you seek, here are some suggestions:

  • Check whether are they a legitimate company having proper business licensing

  • Do they have a very clear track record of performance?

  • Are they focused on a few sets of services or do they claim to do almost everything for everybody?

  • Whether their service agreement and pricing structure are well defined and transparent?

Dealing with a purchasing agency in China without having a written agreement that specifies the nature of the partnership's services, costs, timeline, and other requirements is a serious hazard.

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