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Factors to Consider when Sourcing Products from China Online



A benefit that domestic outsourcing can never match is provided by sourcing goods internationally. Since 2009, China has been the top exporter in the world expanding trade ties with both developed and developing nations. The export companies in China can achieve the strict deadlines that international corporations operate on, thanks to integrated logistics chains, world-class infrastructure, and a skilled labour force.

China is currently undergoing changes, nevertheless. Even for small enterprises that virtually only conduct business with China, slowing growth, rising expenses, and increased limitations on global online access are all having an impact. To maximize business profits, the entire world is either purchasing products from China or shifting production there. Since the overall costs are relatively inexpensive there, China is a great spot to purchase the proper items.

When sourcing products from China online, there are various factors to consider ensuring that you get quality products at reasonable prices. These are few most important factors to remember:

Factors to consider when sourcing products from China online

1. Product quality

Product quality should be a top priority when sourcing products from China online. Many China OEM manufacturers offer products at low prices, but the quality can be poor. Therefore, it is essential to find factories in China who offers products that meet your quality standards. You can request samples of products from potential suppliers to evaluate their quality before placing an order.

Quality control is crucial when directly sourcing from China. You should ensure that the supplier has a quality control process in place to ensure that the products meet your standards. You can also consider hiring a third-party quality control inspector to conduct pre-shipment inspection.

2. Price

Price is another important factor to consider when sourcing Chinese products. Chinese manufacturers can offer products at lower price than their Western counterparts, but you need to be careful not to sacrifice quality for a lower price. When negotiating prices, ensure that the supplier is offering a reasonable price while maintaining the quality of the product.

3. Supplier reputation

Before working with a supplier, it is essential to check their reputation. You can search for reviews and ratings of the supplier online or ask for references from previous customers. A supplier with a good reputation is more likely to offer quality products and good customer service.

The supplier's capacity to produce and deliver products is also an important factor to consider. You should ensure that the supplier has the capacity to meet your requirements and can handle any changes or unexpected demand.

4. Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

MOQ is the minimum number of products that a supplier requires you to order. It is essential to consider the MOQ before placing an order because it can affect the overall cost of the products. A supplier with a high MOQ may offer lower prices, but you may have to order more products than you need, which can result in excess inventory.

5. Payment terms

Payment terms can vary between suppliers. Some may require full payment before shipping the products, while others may allow you to pay a percentage upfront and the rest upon delivery. It is important to understand the payment terms and ensure that they are favorable to you.

Payment methods can also vary between suppliers. You should consider the payment methods offered by the supplier and ensure that they are secure and convenient for you. You can also consider using a secure payment platform to protect your payment information.

6. Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery are crucial factors to consider when sourcing products from China online. You should consider the shipping cost and delivery time, as well as the logistics involved in shipping the products. It is important to work with a supplier who can provide reliable shipping and delivery services.

Lead time is the time it takes for the supplier to produce and deliver the products. It is important to consider the lead time when placing an order and ensure that it fits your timeline. You should also communicate any deadlines or time-sensitive requirements to the supplier.

7. Communication

Communication is essential when working with a supplier from China. You should ensure that you can communicate effectively with the supplier, whether it is through email, phone, or video conferencing. Clear communication can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure that the products meet your expectations.

The language barrier can be a challenge when sourcing products from China. It is important to find a supplier who can communicate effectively in your language or work with a translator or interpreter. You should also ensure that all communication is clear and detailed to avoid any misunderstandings.

8. Cultural differences

Cultural differences can also affect the China sourcing process. You should be aware of the cultural differences and be prepared to adapt to them. For example, Chinese suppliers may have different business practices and communication styles than Western suppliers. Understanding these differences can help you build a better relationship with the supplier and avoid misunderstandings.

Cultural sensitivity is essential when working with suppliers from China. You should be respectful of their culture and customs and avoid any behavior that could be perceived as disrespectful. Building a positive and respectful relationship with your supplier can help ensure a successful sourcing experience.

9. Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights can be a concern when sourcing products from China online. You should ensure that the supplier is not infringing on any intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. You can also work with a lawyer to draft a contract that protects your intellectual property rights.

10. Legal requirements

You should also consider the legal requirements for sourcing products online. You may need to obtain certain licenses or permits, depending on the product and the country of import. It is essential to research the legal requirements and ensure that you comply with them.

11. Product specifications

It is important to have clear product specifications before sourcing products from China. This includes details such as product dimensions, materials, colors, and packaging requirements. Having clear specifications can help ensure that the supplier can meet your requirements and avoid any misunderstandings.

Product testing is another important aspect of sourcing products from China. You should consider testing the products before selling them to ensure that they meet your quality standards and comply with any legal requirements.

You can also work with a third-party testing company to ensure that the products meet the required standards.

Tips about saving costs for sourcing products from China online

1. Talk about the crisis

When interacting with the supplier, do not hesitate to discuss the financial condition. Ask for a discount even though he is very likely already aware of it, don't be shy about mentioning it. When dealing with the marketplace, the seller always gives in. Contacting the seller is not something to be afraid of. You can reduce the price by 5~10% by doing this.

2. Replace materials

If you are dealing directly with export companies in China, then ask them to swap out some parts for alternatives. You lower the price of the goods while maintaining quality as a result. Due to its lower cost and environmental friendliness, eco-packaging is becoming more and more popular. Some manufacturers don't provide these options.

3. Negotiate in smart way

Since the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement went into force in 2009 and eliminated import taxes on 90% of products flowing from ASEAN into China, the costs of buying in China should have decreased during the past ten years. Inquire about any tariff transfers that may have occurred.

Feel free to play head games if those production savings made are not being passed on, since products made in China now contain components that can be purchased more affordably in other regions of Asia. Find a new supplier if the cost of your China purchases has increased.

4. Increase production quantity

Make sure the delivery is in a high quantity. As a result, you will get a reasonable delivery charge and the goods will be shipped more cheaply. You can store a lot of merchandise in a special warehouse, where it can be quickly sold for a profit. As a result, you should spread out your investments rather than using the entire sum at once.

5. Arrange logistics properly

Request that the supplier ship the items to the Chinese warehouse of the shipping business. The safety of your cargo must be guaranteed by your supplier, so an untrusted business cannot be suggested. The sender will typically be accountable for all expenses.

Most of the time, it takes between 20 and 35 days to make and deliver the goods. Plan your delivery at least 6 months in advance to ensure that you receive the goods on time. An excellent example would be to buy summer products in December.

In general, there are lots of options to ship and deliver items from China. It is a timesaving, cost-effective, and trustworthy delivery technique. You can select your route and track the movement of your items in real-time. The two biggest ports in China allow for the delivery of products anywhere in the world: Shanghai, Shenzhen. This way of transportation is lengthy compared to other routes, but it is dependable and affordable.

6. Use sourcing agents

You must have heard of China sourcing agents if you have been considering buying things from China. A sourcing agent is a person who assists you in locating suppliers abroad. Most sourcing agencies can assist you in providing high-quality goods at affordable prices. An external entity that functions as an extension of your internal business team is what an international sourcing agent essentially is. You are assessed a commission by the business, which is deducted from the total order amount.


Sourcing products from China online can be a lucrative opportunity, but it is essential to consider the above factors to ensure that you get quality products at reasonable prices. By working with a reputable sourcing agent, understanding the cultural differences, and complying with legal requirements, you can minimize the risks and maximize the rewards of sourcing products from China.

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