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Tips about Global Product Sourcing from China Suppliers



China is known as the manufacturing hub of almost everything starting from small toys to big machinery. The country has even become a destination for many start-ups to get the right products for reselling in the western world. 

Global procurement and sourcing can be complex

Finding a high-quality manufacturer is one of the most important steps of setting up an importing business. The right factory is the bedrock of your business as they mass produce products that are in demand in the markets you sell to. A reliable supplier means quality products, happy customers, positive reviews, and increased sales. 

Navigating global sourcing from China is difficult. Finding and vetting a supplier can be time- and effort-intensive. It is not uncommon for middlemen to pose as manufacturers and charge a high markup to the buyer. This is why importers make it a point to personally visit the factory and speak to the facility manager. They hire a translator to ensure that the meaning and context of what they say is interpreted correctly by the manager and vice-versa. 

Chinese manufacturers are open to providing discounts and favorable terms to buyers that make it clear that they’re interested in a long-term relationship. Maintaining harmony and ensuring smooth communication is more important from the buyer’s perspective as the factory may have many clients that place bigger orders. But this can be tricky for two reasons.

The language barrier is one issue: less than 1% of the population in China speak English. The overlap between professional and social interactions in Chinese business culture and at the same time, the importance accorded to rank and hierarchy, can feel alien to western businesses. 

How procurement procedure works 

China is a hub of manufacturers of almost everything. The product that they manufacture is many and you name the product and they have it for your business.

In the case of procurement in China, the outsourcing companies will not just look for one source and will spread their web worldwide till they find many sources for the required products. 

When there is a requirement for any product, the product sourcing agent that you have hired for your work can start inquiring about all the sources and can get you top-quality products at affordable prices.

Qualities for an ideal product sourcing agent in China 

1. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is the key to any business. The companies that require an outsourcing service in China are the ones that cannot personally handle business in the country and hence need a helping source. The China sourcing agents that they hire to overlook their business in China are like the representatives and should be trustworthy. 

Trust between the companies and the outsourcing agents is formed when there are no hidden transactions. The outsourcing agents should be transparent with their commissions and fees with the companies that they do business with, and the business sector should be transparent with the outsourcing agents about what exactly they are looking for from the latter. 

2. Communication skills

A China sourcing company should have experts that are well versed in speaking Chinese and English. China is a hub of almost all manufacturing sectors from around the globe and the agent that you hire to do your bidding should be the one that can easily blend into such business environment without any problem. 

China is a factory of the world with a cheaper labour sector to work on the best products production. Your China sourcing agents should be able to find Chinese manufacturers easily and get your work done. 

The coordination skills and handling the business friends become mandatory for a business to successfully flourish in the long run, and the sourcing agent that you hire will be your representative in such cases. Hence, excellent coordination skills are mandatory in the agent that you hire. 

3. Accountability

The agents that work with the outsourcing job in China should be accountable for all the transactions that they do on behalf of the company that they are working for. Here, the main work is not just getting the product to the destination, but also includes making sure that the products that are finalized are the ones that reached the manufacturing sector. 

4. Awareness of all rules

While procuring the products from another country, some specific rules and terms should be fulfilled. This is to make sure that there are no legal issues that might arise in the future days while doing business with any company. The sourcing agents from your end should be able to fulfil all such roles while doing their part for your business. 

The added requirement in handling all such protocols with the foreign countries while product procurement includes making an in-person visit and dealing with the other party face-to-face. 

5. Keeping business secret

The important quality that the China sourcing agents should have been the method of concealing anything related to the organization that they are working with. When it comes to product procurement, many secrets will be shared between both the parties and such information should stay just between the two ends. The secrets should never get out to a third party till the deal between the production and the outsourcing agent is completed. 

Benefits of hiring a product sourcing team in China 

Here are some benefits of hiring an outsourcing team for your company to procure products from China in bulk.

1. Help your company better connect with suppliers 

The sourcing agents in China should have worked with multiple manufacturers or might be still working with so many sources. Such China sourcing agents can help you making a connection with all the businesses, which they are working with or have already worked with in their previous jobs. 

If you need to find a manufacturer in China, how do you go about it? You may think of doing a Google search or probably looking up online marketplaces like Alibaba. The internet is going to throw up a massive list of manufacturers in China. How do you find out the right manufacturer for your business? 

Typically, the process begins with you sending an email to the suppliers on your long list. You’ll need to state your requirements (type of product, material, dimensions and so on) clearly to avoid confusions on their end. The supplier will try to find out about your business – if they know you’re buying from China for the first time or that you’re a small company that may not place large orders, they’ll likely offer you less competitive prices. 

On both counts, an international purchasing agent with China sourcing expertise can save you significant time. Depending on the product you want to source, the agent would be able to connect you to those manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing the product you want. The sourcing agent can connect you to Chinese manufacturers who have already been vetted. The agent also plays a helpful role in negotiating the best terms with the supplier. So, when you hire a global sourcing agent, you end up saving a considerable amount of time that you would have otherwise spent on searching for and getting to know suppliers.

2. Verify manufacturer credentials quickly 

It is imperative to verify the credentials of a manufacturer before you start doing business with them. The supplier documents to request are:

- Foreign trade registration certificate, proving that the company can legally carry out foreign trade and to confirm their English name. 

- Bank account certificate, to get details of the company’s bank account in Mainland China and rule out fraud. It will give you the confidence that your payment will go to this account and not to an offshore account.

- ISO 9000 certificate 

- Customs registration certificate 

One way is to pay a professional translator to translate all the certificates to English, but that is going to be an additional expense. What do you do if a manufacturer hands you fake documents? You or the translator have no way of identifying an original document from a fake one.

An experiencing global product sourcing company should be able tell an original document apart from a fake document. They have a good understanding of the requirements that a Chinese manufacturer must meet before they can legally export goods. 

Even if everything checks out, you may still want to tour the factory. Successful global sourcing and outsourcing is not just about keeping prices low. The products manufactured at the Chinese factory must meet the quality standards demanded by your market. 

3. Eliminate the language barrier

Most of the sourcing agents in China are fluent in English and Mandarin. By hiring a product sourcing agent, the language and cultural barriers between you and the Chinese manufacturer become invisible. This is important for the following reasons:

- For your product to turn out exactly how you want, specifications and quality standards should be crystal clear to the factory. To create the right perceptions about their capabilities, Chinese factories seldom seek product clarifications from importers. A global product sourcing agent steps in to make sure that the manufacturer has understood your requirements correctly. 

- Having a product manufactured for the first time? Your product can benefit from experienced-backed inputs on design. Many sourcing agents have professionals in their team who assist with product design and development. They let you know if some of your requirements are not very practical. Or they may make certain recommendations that improve your product.  

- Mass production begins only after a product sample has been approved by the buyer. The ‘example’ product that must be replicated in the required quantities is known as the ‘golden sample’ as it is made to the highest quality. The golden sample may not turn out perfectly the first time, necessitating the global product sourcing agent to emphasize your expectations once again. 

- When the product is being manufactured, the agent can visit the factory or have one of their representatives stationed there to check the quality of a finished item from the first batch. Any issues in this stage can be rectified quickly to avoid hassles after many more batches have rolled off the assembly line.  

- Many sourcing agents, besides having an office in China, have international offices. You can make inquiries during business hours and don’t have to rely on agent representatives working in a different time zone.

As you can see, a global sourcing and procurement agent offers conveniences that make your global outsourcing experience less stressful and increase chances of a successful long-term relationship with a Chinese factory. 

4. Get favorable payment and shipping terms 

Naturally, you want to get the best possible prices and payment terms. While a global product sourcing company won’t tell you how to negotiate, they will clarify your terms and requests to the factory. The terms will also be stated in the manufacturing agreement you sign. This legally binding document will be considered by the courts in the event of a dispute. 

- When it comes to price, you never want to bring it down below the floor price, which is the lowest price at which your product can be sold. Driving prices below this level will affect product quality and that is a risk you don’t want to take. 

- Come to the negotiation table with price data on other suppliers. If you’re aware that you can get better prices elsewhere, you will be in a better position to bargain with the supplier. 

- Successful global sourcing in China is a matter of striking a balance between price, quality, and on-time deliveries. Never discount the possibility that the factory may become lax and stop prioritizing you after they win bigger clients. Investing in relationship-building is essential, and it’s much harder without a sourcing agent. 

- Never pay 100% of the purchase order value before your order has been shipped. Pay a part of the amount as down payment, some after shipping and the rest after you’ve taken delivery of the products and conducted a quality inspection.

- Negotiate the payment method. Options include wire transfers (telegraphic transfers), letters of credit and PayPal. Plan payments so that you’re able to honor your obligations in the event of a cash flow crunch. Late payments can sour buyer-seller relationships and move you to the back of the queue for discounts and favorable terms. 

You will also need to account for shipping costs. The most common shipment term is Free on Board (FOB), where the seller assumes responsibility for transporting the goods to the port of origin, inclusive of the transportation costs and other fees. Once the items are on the ship, liability, and costs (customs, taxes and so on) shift to you. International purchasing agents assist with shipping, and as such, you should be able to save on shipping costs and receive your order on time.

5. Drive business growth

Sourcing agents have boots on the ground to connect you to new suppliers and tap into global sourcing supply chains. When you want to switch suppliers or start selling a different type of product, your agent can help you build more alliances.   

The value of a China sourcing company can be felt in every stage of the buyer-seller relationship lifecycle. By working with one, you ensure that quality control is an ongoing process and not a one-time step. It may not be feasible for you to travel to China to audit factories every time. As sourcing agents have a presence in China, it is much easier for them to perform audits, ensuring that the quality of the products meets your expectations.

With regards to logistics, the sourcing agent can keep a check on deliveries, taking this burden off your shoulders as you expand and grow your business. It includes getting or moving to better shipment terms. When you need to cut costs or scale up, working out a deal with your existing supplier or a new factory quickly and without conflict can be difficult when you’re on your own. As the go-between, the global product sourcing agent can help you tweak terms with minimum stress and fuss.

To forge new business relationships in China, you must engage socially with sellers in your industry. Geographical distance and language barrier come in the way of making contacts that stick. And if you have a China product sourcing strategy, managing various sellers can be challenging. An intermediary who works on your behalf in the country you source from can help you make the most of the available opportunities, smoothing out many constraints in the path of global product sourcing from China.


Global products sourcing offers a cost advantage that domestic outsourcing cannot match. Since 2009, China has been the world's largest exporter. Integrated supply chains, world-class infrastructure and a sophisticated labor force enable the nation’s manufacturers to meet the tight deadlines that international companies operate on. Global sourcing from China is expected to continue strongly in 2024.

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